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12 Good And Fun Third Date Ideas


So The third date is coming up, huh? How exciting!

Yet you’re probably having trouble figuring out what to do next. It’s not easy to think of things to do to keep your potential partner interested. The third date is definitely one of the most important ones and should be planned out very carefully! We get that and that is exactly why you have come to the right place. Check out these 12 following good and fun third date ideas to have the best third date of your entire life!

Let Your Inner Athletes Out

By playing a sport together. Unless one of you are fairly competitive. If that’s the case then it might be a terrible idea to put you two in competition. Pick the sport that both of you like the best and go play together! You can play most sports at your local YMCA or other community center. Otherwise you can visit your local parks, which are usually set up with tennis courts, basketball courts or soccer fields.

Playing a sport together is a great third date idea because it creates a chance for the two of you to practice team building. You also might not hate seeing one another glistening with sweat! It’s a great way to bond.

Or Exert A Little Less Energy

By playing mini golf, bowling or driving go karts. These are great physical activities that don’t require that much actual physical activity. This is great date idea if one of you has a health condition or if neither of you really find yourself  to be sporty people. Doing these activities is a lot of fun, but is even more fun when it’s one on one with someone special. It’s a very intimate atmosphere, but also feels as if it’s really social. That’s because you are around people, but at the same time you are doing your activity alone together!

Get Wet

By swimming, fishing, kayaking or doing something else on the water. These are awesome third date ideas because they invoke a lot of fun having! You get to spend time doing something out of the house and you get to wear your bathing suits for the first time in front of each other. That definitely helps with creating intimacy between the both of you. Boating, canoeing or kayaking gives you a chance to talk with each other and enjoy a beautiful view. Swimming gives you a chance to do something physical in the sun and have a more intimate activity to do. Fishing is just fun and if you like it then it’s a great third date idea for sure!

Cook A Delicious Meal

By staying in and cooking with each other or going to a cooking class. This is perfect if you love to eat! And, really, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to eat!? Cooking is another great team building experience to go through. This lets you both get to know each other a lot better. It gives you an idea of what types of things you prefer and how handle doing productive things with each other.

Also, you get to have a nice meal together when it’s over. Which is perfect for a third date, don’t you think?


Or Watch Netflix and Binge On Takeout

So maybe you don’t like to cook that much. That is more than okay! Not everyone is a star in the kitchen. Or maybe you both had a busy day and you just want to do something where you can relax. We feel you! That is why we put watching Netflix or some other type of platform and eating take out on the list of the best third date ideas. You can spend some quality time together snuggled up under the covers. That is always a good time. You two have finally reached the third date. This is about the time you will be letting your guards down with each other a little bit more than ever before. You can finally do something a little more intimate. Like cuddling. Eating takeout and cuddling. We can’t think of a better way to spend the day with someone you like!

Have A Treat Night

By going out for dessert. You have probably already had dinner with your new potential partner. You may have even eaten meals together for the first two dates. Now it’s time to do something just a tiny bit sweeter together! Go out to your local bakery or cakery and have a sit-down dessert date as your third activity! You can have conversation and feel elated from all the sugar! Doesn’t that sound just tasty in every way?

Not really a fan of sweets? That’s okay! Go grab coffee or some other equally delicious delight. Dates don’t always have to be dinner and a movie! There are definitely out of the box ideas such as this one that you can try!

Laugh Your Bums Off

By seeing a comedy show. Nothing brings people closer together than by laughing together! Science tells us that relationships last much longer when you and your partner laugh with one another. Not only that but laughing boosts your happiness levels. It creates a positive environment and leaves the two of you feeling good when the date is over. You can both decide which comedian you want to see. Maybe your favorite one is visiting near by soon! Or you can choose to go to a comedy club or an open mic night. Any one of those are an extremely fun time, especially for a third date.

Hike Somewhere Beautiful Together

By visiting a national park or a mountain and taking a long walk together. You can pack a lunch and just get lost in nature. There is nothing more romantic than that, is there? Immersing yourselves in nature gives you a chance to bond without any other distractions. It’ll just be the two of you enjoying what our beautiful mother Earth has to offer to us!

Eat Outside In The Park

Maybe you aren’t really outdoorsy people. That’s definitely no problem, because you don’t have to do anything crazy to go outside and enjoy fresh air on your third date. You can pack a picnic and go to your local park to eat it. This is much more leisurely than actively hiking, but still gives you the feeling of doing something outside. Maybe the two of you can hit up the swings and let your inner children out!

Be Good Samaritans

By volunteering at your local pet shelter or your local nursing home. Not interested in either of those things? There are plenty of other places that you could go volunteer at! Not only does volunteering boost your moral, but you are helping others while spending time with the person that you like. This is a great bonding exercise to do with someone you are getting to know. It opens a doorway for you to see the kinder sides of each other. When the person you like does something nice it definitely makes you more attracted to them!

See All The Cute Animals

Or you could go to the zoo.This is always an amazing date idea, as long as you are not against zoos. It’s great because it is an extremely low cost date and sometimes they even have free zoos! You can spend hours just walking around and looking at super cute stuff together.

Get Thrifty

By  thrift shopping or visit garage sales with the new love interest in your life. This is a super fun third date activity for you to do together. You get to shop, which is also a well known way to relieve stress, but you get to do it affordability. It’s wonderful if either of you, or both of you, are on a tight budget. Who said dating had to be expensive? It’s also fun to find cool, old stuff and talk about it! This gives you a chance to discover what kind of things that you have interests in and what you don’t.



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