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Three Types of Love in the Bible


While the Greeks are known for having four main types of love, there are three main types of love in the Bible. Whether you are a Christian or just want to learn more about other religions, it is important to learn more about these forms of love. In earlier translations of the Bible, the three types of love were considered Agape, Eros and Philos. These types of love are for different types of relationships and different levels of relationships.

In Hollywood films, we think of love as the romantic infatuation you experience when you first fall in love. While this is one of the types of love, it is certainly not the only one. After the earlier stages of a relationship, the infatuation love ends and then other types of love take its place. If other forms of love do not develop, then the couple eventually breaks up as there are no true feelings left in the relationship. If you want to learn more about the types of love in the Bible, read on.

Jesus commanded his followers to love one another, so it seems logical to start by learning about the different types of love in the Bible. Once we know the types of love, we can learn how to nurture those feelings and become better, more wholesome people.

eros love in the bible

1. Eros

Eros is a Greek word that is said to mean longing or desire. As we already mentioned, this is the kind of love that you typically experience when you are infatuated with someone. It also happens to be the name of the Greek god of love. Later on, Eros became the root word of the modern word, erotic. Basically, this is a selfish form of love that tends to be associated with sexual matters. It is the strong feeling you have for someone during the initial stage in the relationship. Often, Eros develops based on someone’s physical traits. For the relationship to continue, you have to develop other types of love. When Eros is not balanced, it can even lead someone to become possessive.

2. Philos

Philos is a common type of love to experience. It is said to be the kind of love that you have for a close friend or companion. Basically, it is like loving someone like your sister or brother. It is the love you have for a friend who you feel like a brother to, and it often develops after two people share intense experiences together. This is the type of love that Christians are supposed to practice toward one another and the rest of the world.

3. Agape

For Christians, Agape is considered a divine love. It is like the love that God had for his son, Jesus Christ. It is the love that Christ had for all human beings when he gave his life to redeem them from their sins. This is considered by many to be the best type of love in the Bible.

This is the love that God commanded all Christians to express for the rest of the earth. In your own life, you may have experience Agape for your spouse, parent or child. It is the kind of unconditional love that is never based on how someone looks or what they can do for you. It is an almost sacrificial type of love where you are willing to hurt yourself or take a risk if it means that you can help the one you love. You do not have to feel Agape to express it, but it is a wonderful kind of love to experience.


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