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Is the Term “Thunder Thighs” a Good or Bad Thing?


When my little sister was just a toddler, people would always remark on her “thunder thighs.” At the time, it was because she had two chubby little legs that she toddled along on top of. For her, the term thunder thighs just meant that she had a bit of baby fat on her legs. When this term is used for adult women, it does not always have a positive connotation.

Is Thunder Thighs a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Thunder thighs generally means someone with chubby thighs, but it can also mean that the individual has more muscular or toned thighs than average. The way someone uses this term really shows what it means. If they say it derisively, then they probably do not mean it in a good way. If someone says that a lady with well-toned thighs has thunder thighs, then they may mean that she has a powerful, athletic physique. Like most things, the general interpretation of this term is all in how it is said.

If people are talking about a toddler or baby with thunder thighs, they generally mean it kindly. Babies naturally have baby fat that they grow out of, and most babies have thunder thighs as they grow up. Most people just mean that the baby or toddler has cute legs and a little infantile chub left on them.

Is Thunder Thighs an Insult?

Unfortunately, many people use this term as an insult. Often, the people who use the term “thunder thighs” like stick-figure ladies who look ready for the runway. They may like the dreaded “thigh gap” or want women who are unusually thin. Whatever the case, some people use the term “thunder thighs” to reference women who have larger thighs than they find attractive.

The people who use thunder thighs in this way are just a small subset of the population. Many, many people find thicker thighs attractive. In reality, it is actually healthier to have a higher body fat than what you see on the runway. In addition, many of the people with stick-like figures do not have the amount of muscle tone that they need to be healthy. If you are running marathons and have developed quadriceps, then your thighs are healthy, normal and a good thing.

Muscle tone is generally a good thing for men and women. You do not have to be an Olympic weight lifter to gain muscle tone. In addition to being attractive, this type of physique looks healthier. On an evolutionary basis, human beings are drawn to partners who look healthy enough to have healthy children. The only reason why unhealthy physiques are ever popular is because styles change. These fads range from wanting plump ladies (circa a few hundred years ago) to thin-waisted waifs (around the 1990s to 2000s). In general, it is always better to focus on what is healthy for your body than the latest fad of the era.

Context Matters in Determining the Meaning

While many people use it as an insult, thunder thighs can also be a compliment. It all depends on the context and how the person says it. Most likely, you will know exactly what they mean by their look, their hand gestures and their intonation. If you are still confused, think about what the person is generally attracted to or how they normally say things. The context of how this term is said determines what the person meant.

If the person did mean it as an insult, forget about them. They are your thighs after all, and it isn’t like you asked that person to trade legs with you. They should keep their negative attitude to themselves or stay out of your life. As long as you are healthy and happy, the opinion of other people does not matter. Sometimes, you have to cull these influences from your life to stay happy. There are people who only add negativity to your life or insult you, and you do not need them around you.

The Verdict on Thunder Thighs

Ultimately, the verdict is yes and no. Thunder thighs can mean a good thing or a bad thing. It depends entirely on how it is used and the type of look that you are going for. If your date was the one who called your legs thunder thighs, then you need to rethink if you want to be with them. If they meant it as an insult, move on. If they meant it as a compliment, then you may have found the perfect person who already accepts you as you are.

As for my little sister, she ultimately outgrew her thunder thighs. We still have photos of her as a toddler to commemorate her last days as a cute, troublesome baby. With any luck, she will one day have a thunder-thighed baby of her own to toddle about on the same little legs.


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