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100 Tiger Names and Meanings


Hopefully, you are trying to name a tiger stuffed animal or a tiger in a short story. While it is definitely possible to care for a tiger in captivity, most animals perform better in the wild. No matter what you need a tiger name for, these tiger names can help you figure out the right naming options for your tiger.

These beautiful creatures are so majestic and awe-inspiring to look at. Sometimes, it feels like you could just sit all day and wildlife documentaries or tigers in the zoo. As you watch your favorite tiger, try to think of some potential tiger names that could work. You could go for famous tiger names or a name based on the tiger’s country of origin. If you choose a name that starts with a “t,” the alliteration will make the name especially catchy.

Other options for tiger names involve picking names based on the tiger’s personality or unique appearance. You can name the tiger off of any unique scars he or she might have. You could give the tiger a cat name to be a bit ironic. Spend some time sorting through this list and brainstorming tiger names to come up with the option that works best for you and your tiger.

100 Tiger Names

1. Tigre: This is a beautiful sounding name for a tiger that comes from Spanish.
2. India: You can always name your tiger after the country it is from like India.
3. Ozzy: This would be a fun name for a male tiger.
4. Felice: This would work well for a female tiger.
5. Tigey: This would be a fun, obvious option.
6. Sud: In Thai, this is a short, simple word that means tiger.
7. Indy: This is a good name if you want to choose something based on the tiger’s origin.
8. Daisy: This would be ideal for a female tiger.
9. Ninja: This would be a creative option for a tiger who reminds you of a true ninja.
10. Mufasa: This would be another fun name for a tiger that comes from the Lion King.
11. Kaplony: This Hungarian name would be an excellent name for a tiger.
12. Thailand: If your tiger was born in Thailand, this would work amazingly.
13. Kip: This is an adorable tiger name that could work for a male or female tiger.
14. Clawdia: This is a clever variation on the name Claudia.
15. Tony the Tiger: This is the name of the famous cereal box tiger.
16. Myanmar: If your tiger is from Myanmar, go with this name.
17. Myan: This nickname would be short for Myanmar and great for a tiger from that country.
18. Saber: This name hails from the famous saber-tootthed tiger.
Alice: Cute!
19. Tigeress: This would be a simple, fun option for a tiger.
20. Daniel: This comes from the name of a famous tiger.
21. Sancheze: This would be another fun name for a tiger.
22. Asia: Asia would be a good name for an Asian tiger.
23. Tora: This name comes from the Japanese word for a tiger.
24. Catrina: Get it? “Cat”-rina?
25. Felix: I absolutely love this tiger name.

26. Babur: This is the Urdu word for tiger.
27. Thai: This would be a cute option for a tiger from Thailand.
28. Bob: This would be a silly name for a tiger.
29. Ariel:: Sweet!
30. Tigris: This is the name of a famous river, but it also happens to be the word for tiger in Latin.
31. Kitten: This would certainly be an ironic name for a tiger.
32. Woody: You could use this name for a male tiger.
33. Nepal: This would work well for a tiger from Bhutan.
34. Tigerman: This could be an interesting option.
35. Sissy: This is a fun option for a tiger.
36. Kimono: This sounds like a fun name for a tiger that hails from Asia.
37. Sheba: This means queen and is an appropriate name for a large feline.
38. Nimer: In Arabic, this is the word for tiger.
39. Mala: This is short for Malaysia and works for tigers from Malaysia.
40. Bruce: This name could work alright for a male tiger.
41. Pawla: This is a pun on the words “paw” and “Paula.”
42. Bone: If your tiger loves to chew on bones, this would be a top name for him.
43. Simba: Strictly speaking, this is the name of a lion in the Lion King, but it would still be a wonderful name.
44. Wilson: This is a fun name for a tiger.
45. Bangladesh: If you can’t think of a name, use this for a tiger from Bangladesh.
46. Rocky: You can’t go wrong with this tiger name.
47. Catarina: Another cat-based pun.
48. Kato: This would certainly be a fun name for a tiger.
49. Puss in Boots: Do you remember this famous cat?
50. Timber: If you have a male tiger, this would be a good name for him.

51. Bhutan: This would be an obvious choice if your tiger is from Bhutan.
52. Bhutana: This sounds like a female form of the name Bhutan.
53. Zara: Nice one!
54. Pawline: This is a clever pun on the name Pauline.
55. Nala: Technically, Nala was a lion in the Lion King, but I think that this still counts.
56. Tom: This would be a good name for a tomcat.
57. Lao: If your tiger is from Lao, go with this option.
58. Garfield: Name your tiger after the most famous cat of all!
59. Malaysia: This would be an excellent option for a tiger from Malaysia.
60. Yulip: Cute!
61. Indonesia: This is a sweet option for tigers from Indonesia.
62. Mittens: This would an ironic name for a ferocious feline.
63. Medusa: This would be an interesting name from mythology.
64. Smokey: A great name for a smoke-colored tiger.
65. Fluffy: Your tiger might look cute and fluffy, but it can be ferocious!
66. River: Very picturesque.
67. Azrael: This is another famous name.
68. Fran: Fun!
69. Blanca: A pretty name for a white tiger.
70. Stripes: This is an obvious naming choice.
71. Misty: Another great option for a white tiger.
72. Tigger: How could you forget this famous tiger from Winnie the Pooh?
73. Cybil: This is a cute name.
74. Cheetos: Because of the tiger’s orange coloring.
75. Snow White: This is another great name for a white tiger.


76. Purrfect: For the tiger that is truly perfect.
77. Hobbes: This famous tiger comes from a comic strip.
78. Bandit: Ideal for a tiger who is always getting into trouble.
79. Ice: For a pure white tiger.
80. Furball: For a cute tiger who seems to consist of nothing but fur.
81. Tiny: This would be an ironic choice.
82. Kitty: Cute!
83. Frosty: Another option for a white tiger.
84. Feeling Fine: This sounds like “feline” if you say it fast enough.
85. Frizz: For a tiger who has plenty of frizzy fur.
86. Scar: This comes from the evil lion in the Lion King.
87. Munchkin: Your tiger looks small as a kitten, but it’ll definitely grow.
88. Snowy: Use this if your tiger is snow white in color.
89. Kit: Cute!
90. Fluff: This is a fun option.
91. Courage: For a truly brave tiger.
92. Saint: Fun!
93. King: Why do lions get to be the kings of the jungle?
94. Pearl: Another great name for an all white tiger.
95. Prince: This is a fun option.
96. Cuddles: Cute!
97. Rusty: For a tiger who is almost red in color.
98. Snowball: Adorable!
99. Minion: An unusual option.
100. Avalanche: If your tiger is all white, go with this name.


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