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Tinder Conversation Starters To Use On Girls


With social media use being at an all time high, and the internet being (quite literally) in everyone’s pockets, dating has started to change with the times. Before, it used to be strange that people met on the internet. Everyone was hyper aware of the danger of meeting strangers online. Now, it’s an entirely normal concept to have met someone over the internet or on a dating app or even just a social media app.

Tinder is one of the most popular social media apps out there, for both finding friends and relationships. After all, it’s so easy to use – you set up a profile, and swipe left or right to let someone know that you like their profile. There seem to be endless singles to meet all around you to meet. Once you and another person have both “liked” each other, you get matched up and are available to start making conversation.

Many of us who use Tinder have often found that actually getting a conversation going can be one of the harder things to make happen. After all, sending a simple “Hi” or “Hey” doesn’t seem to garner much response. Guys, if you’re looking to start a conversation with girls on Tinder, you may be in need of some serious help. After all, getting a girl to respond to your message can be a little harder than just out and out hitting on her

Try using these tips when beginning a conversation with a girl on Tinder – you’re much more likely to get a response!

1. Be genuine

Make sure that when you send a girl a message on Tinder, you always want to start with being genuine. Try not to show off or be someone you’re not. After all, girls can see your profile, and they’ll be able to tell! It’s okay to have fun, but make sure you’re not pretending to be someone else. When a girl starts have a conversation with you, she’ll appreciate your honesty right off the bat, rather than finding out that you’re not who you say you are later down the line.

2. Mention something on her profile

Not only will this prompt her to way to reply (because who can resist talking about themselves?), but it will also show that you’ve actually read through her bio. After all, guys who just send generic messages to start hitting on girls right out of the gate are showing their hand that they probably don’t really care what the girl is like and haven’t actually read her bio. You can be sure that she’ll read your bio if you read hers. You get what you put into a conversation, after all! So if you’re looking for a great conversation starter, mention something you both have in common, or ask a follow up question about something in her bio.

3. DON’T mention how hot you think she is!

When starting a conversation with a girl on Tinder, the quickest way to make sure she doesn’t read your message is to mention how attractive you find her. After all, she’s probably heard this a hundred times a day from guys who are just trying to get laid. If you want to form a real connection, or at the very least have her acknowledge you, try not to sound like every other guy who’s clicked through into her messages. Once you’ve both gotten to know each other a little better, then you’ll be in the clear for letting her know how stunning she is.

4. Start with a joke

Getting someone to laugh is a great way to endear them to you right off the bat. If you’re trying to figure out a good way to start a conversation on Tinder with a girl, you might want to consider starting out with a joke. Make sure it isn’t too crude, unless she’s made to clear in her bio that she likes that kind of humor. Steer clear of jokes that include misogyny as the punch line. We all know how tempting it is to make a joke at her expense, or at the expense of women in general, but as a general rule, girls don’t really find this to be charming – especially if you don’t know one another. A harmless joke that requires a little bit of her participation can get one foot in the door. After you’ve made her laugh, she’ll probably want to spend more time talking and laughing with you.

5. Start with an engaging question

“How are you?” is not considered an engaging question. You don’t know what another, so she’s not bound to start spilling all the secrets of her soul after that one. In fact, she might just reply “Fine” and that’ll be the end of it. Rather, try looking up some thought provoking questions that require her to really engage with the question itself. It’ll be both a fun get-to-know-you sort of exercise, while beginning a conversation that goes a little deeper than “Hey, whats up?

6. Start light

Getting serious right off the bat might be good for some people, but you’ll probably not be able to tell if she’s got that kind of personality by just her Tinder bio. Start with some light, fun conversation that doesn’t cross the line into too deep or serious right away. The more you get to know one another, the more you’ll find that serious or deep conversation start to develop naturally between the both of you. After all, Tinder is just about meeting people! When it’s time to get serious, you’ll probably have moved the conversation to texts or phone calls.

7. Connect your interests together

Are you both big movie buffs? Maybe you both really love take out food and bad TV shows. Whatever you have in common, try to make those connections. Maybe she likes a certain style of dance that you think would go well with your favorite genre of music. Even if you don’t have everything in common, a good way to start a Tinder conversation is to try and connect the things that you do have in common. After all, she’ll be more likely to respond to your messages if you show her that you’ve both read her bio and are interested in the things that she is – and even if you’re not, you’re interested in learning about them.

8. Cheesy pick-up lines

Now, for this you can’t just use any old pick-up line. It has to be extremely cheesy, one that’s fallen out of fashion and is used entirely as a joke. It might just be silly enough to work. You don’t want to use a pick-up line that she might actually mistake as real. After all, pick up lines don’t actually work. So the way to start a conversation with a pick-up line is to make it as cheesy as possible so that she’ll know it’s a joke, and you can display some of your sense of humor. Who knows, she might even have her own cheesy pick-up line to throw back at you.

9. Send a GIF

GIFs have become their own language entirely on the internet and social media. People use them to communicate, show their reactions, or just connect with one another. Find a good GIF that you think might make her laugh or strike up a conversation. It’s a great and modern ice-breaker that our parents didn’t have the luxury of using – so don’t take it for granted! Share your favorite GIF and she’ll probably have one on hand to send back. Try having a conversation entirely in GIFs, and see how creative the both of you can get.

Tinder can be kind of intimidating, especially when it comes to sending off that first message. It might even feel a little discouraging if you don’t manage to get a message back. Guys, if you’re trying to get a girl to message you back on Tinder, make sure you take these Tinder conversation starters into consideration. You’ll be much more likely to get that exciting message back if you go with something a little more creative than “Hey, what’s up?” or hitting on her right away.

Now that you have a plethora of Tinder conversation starters at your fingertips, it’s time to give them a whirl. Pretty soon, you’ll have more girls responding to your messages than you can possible handle. Use your new power with care!


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