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Tongue Piercing Dos and Dont’s


Tongue piercings are cool, always on-trend, and undeniably sexy; they just give a guy or gal that instant sex appeal that can’t be dismissed. But much like any other piercing on the body, one might be a little nervous when it comes to the actual procedure. You aren’t entirely sure how the procedure is done, how much it might hurt, and of course you aren’t aware of how the aftercare is supposed to be. To help you into your journey of the tongue piercing, we’ve come up with a must-know list of the dos and don’ts of tongue piercings.

First, let’s start with the DOS

1. Find a Reputable Piercer: Finding a reputable piercer is absolutely essential when getting your tongue pierced. Why? Because these people actually know what they are doing and are much less likely to mess anything up.
2. Make Sure They Are Sterile: If you’re at a reputable piercing shop, they are more than likely to use sterile equipment. Still you should keep an eye open and ensure your piercer is opening the needle and all other equipment from a sterile, unopened package.
3. Get Rid of Germs Beforehand: Before you have the procedure you will need to clean your mouth out thoroughly. This means brushing your teeth, gums, and tongue as well as you possibly can. You will also need to use an antiseptic mouthwash such as Listerine before having the procedure done.
4. Ask Your Piercer Any and ALL Questions: This is your tongue. This is your piercing. If you have ANY questions at all, do NOT hesitate to ask your piercer! Getting a procedure done like this without having all of your questions answered is just simply ignorant, and trust me- your piercer won’t mind your questions. He is ready, willing, and more than happy to make sure you’re confident in your piercing. He wants you to be completely sure of yourself!
5. Choose the Correct Jewelry: When you get your tongue pierced, you need a larger bar to accommodate the swelling that comes with a tongue piercing. Your piercer should already have one ready for you at the time of the procedure.
6. Reduce Pain Afterwards: Let’s not pretend that it’s not going to hurt- it will. So when you’re struggling with pain afterwards, simply put some ice on your tongue. This will also help reduce swelling. If the pain is still too bad, take an Ibuprofen or Tylenol.
7. Eat Soft Foods: Try to eat only soft foods after your tongue piercing. This will be less painful and will help you get used to the new jewelry in your mouth.
8. Keep Mouth Clean: This is IMPERATIVE. To reduce possible risk of infection, clean your mouth after every meal by brushing your teeth. You should also rinse with a mild salt solution (water with some salt tossed in. Make the water warm) several times throughout the day.
9. Don’t Mess with the Barbell: Try not to touch the barbell or play with it in your mouth too much. If you need to touch it to clean, make sure you WASH YOUR HANDS first.
10. Watch for Infection: Keep an eye out for infections. If you notice heat, excessive swelling, pus, sharp pains, throbbing, or a fever, contact a medical professional.

Now, onto the DON’TS

1. Don’t Let Your Inexperienced Buddy Pierce You: This is a no-brainer. Even if they’ve done it before, there’s a big risk in letting your unlicensed friend give you the piercing.
2. Don’t Go to an Unhygienic Shop: They probably won’t do a very good job at sterilizing their equipment, which means you will be putting yourself at risk of an infection.
3. Don’t Take Aspirin: Taking a Tylenol or Ibuprofen is OK, but you should stay away from Aspirin as this medicine prolongs bleeding.
4. Don’t Smoke: Smoking can seriously irritate your new piercing, so don’t smoke right away.
5. No Acidic Beverages or Alcohol: Both of these beverages can irritate a new piercing, so stay away from them until you are completely healed.
6. Don’t Use a Harsh Mouthwash: A harsh mouthwash such as Lysterine is great for before your new piercing, but using it afterwards can cause plenty of irritation as well as pain.
7. Avoid All Oral Contact: Until your piercing is healed you should not engage in any oral activities such as kissing. This can cause irritation as well as potential infection from germs.
8. Avoid Contact: Try not to play with your piercing whether it’s with your hands or in your mouth. It can be very tempting seeing as how there is a new piece of jewelry in your mouth and you may want to play with it against your teeth or roof of your mouth, but this can be very irritating to a brand new tongue piercing.


At the end of the day, getting a tongue piercing is entirely up to you. Just make sure you always follow the aftercare guidelines to ensure your piercing heals properly. Always go to a reputable piercer in a piercing shop and make sure all equipment used is sterilized before being used on you. When all is said and done and your tongue piercing heals in a few weeks, you will be left with a new piece of jewelry that charms and dazzles from the inside of your mouth and you won’t have to worry about kissing, foods, or acidic beverages any longer. If any infection occurs please contact a medical professional ASAP or the problem may become worse!


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