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100 Travel Agency Names


When you first open a travel agency, you have to register your business, create a domain and find a space for it. You also have to brainstorm travel agency names. Before you choose a name, make sure that there isn’t a travel agency already registered with that name in your state. You will also want to look online to make sure that the domain is available and in your price range. You can use the following list of travel agency names to start brainstorming the name for our new company.

creative travel agency names

100 Travel Agency Names

1. Hitch-a-Hike: This is an adorable option for a travel agency name.

2. Eastern Exposures: If you cater to eastern countries, then this name makes sense.

3. Travelcations: This name is a blend of the words travel and vacation.

4. Far Trek: This reminds me of the Star Trek series, which makes it a more memorable name for a travel agency.

5. Sunset Vacations: This sounds like the perfect name for a travel agency that caters primarily to retired folks.

6. Fancy Flights: This name wins bonus points for alliteration.

7. Oceanic Ventures: This would be perfect if you primarily recommend cruises to your clients.

8. Speedy Getaways: For an agency that specializes in weekend or short getaways.

9. Honeymoon Fliers: If you cater primarily to honeymoon vacations, this would be a great option to choose.

10. Travelrouter: Cute!

11. Travel Right: This name says all that you need.

12. Get-a-Way: This is a cute option.

13. Fly Me: If you sell a lot of flights, this name would make sense.

14. Paradise Travel: This sounds like a pretty name.

15. Travel Fantasies: Because your vacations are more fantasy than reality.

Catchy Travel Agency names

16. Wanderlust: This is a cute, easy option.

17. Exploration Travel: This is a fun name.

18. Globe Trotter: This would work well if you choose an image of the globe as your emblem or logo.

19. Two by the Sea: This is perfect for agencies that cater to couples.

20. Whisked Away Travel: This is an adorable name choice.

21. It’s A-Boat Time: This is perfect for an agency that specializes in recommending cruises.

22. Predestinations: This is such a cute name.

23. Smiles for Miles: After traveling miles with your company, your clients are sure to leave smiling.

24. No Borders: Because borders disappear after you have traveled enough.

25. Rest on Wheels: Cute!

26. Destination Anywhere: Because you can help your clients travel to any destination that their heart can dream about.

27. Reality Escapees: This is a fun choice.

28. Ticket to Ride: Nice one!

29. The Vacation Connection: Because you connect your clients to all of the best vacation spots.

30. A Dream Come True: At your travel agency, you can make everyone’s dreams come true.

31. Wanderer: Fun!

32. Wilderness Explorers: This sounds like a good name for adventure seekers.

33. Escaping Reality: This is a cute option.

34. Golden Years Adventures: If you cater primarily to retirees, this would be an excellent choice.

35. Destination Vacation: It is time to start dreaming and escape reality on your next vacation.

36. Wandering Spirit: This is a pretty-sounding name.

37. Great Getaways: Nice.

38. Gateway Getaways: This is a catchy travel agency name.

39. Quantum Leaps: This is a fun option.

40. Get Lost!: When you are on vacation, getting lost in the world is always enjoyable.

41. Global Getaways: This name wins bonus points for alliteration.

42. Take a Break: This is one of the cleverest travel agency names.

43. Make a Wish: Cute!

44. Triumph Travel Agency: This is a fun choice.

45. Hooray Zone: Because all of your clients leave shouting for joy.

46. Bon Voyage: This is a fun option.

47. Destiny Travel International: You help people fulfill their destinies and their wildest dreams.

48. Reality Escapers: Because it is time for everyone to escape reality.

49. Voyage With Ease: Nice!

50. Homeward Holidays: This is easier to remember because of the alliteration.

creative travel agency names

51. Memory Makers: This is another name with excellent alliteration.

52. To Europe, With Love: It is time to travel and have some fun.

53. World Wide Travel: This sounds cool.

54. Travelicious: It is time for a delicious traveling experience.

55. Goin’ My Way?: This is a catchy name choice.

56. Happy Travels Vacations: This would be an easy name for clients to remember.

57. Take Off: Because it is time to take off and have some fun!

58. Back to the Future: Cute!

59. Peaceful Travel Planning: For clients who want a peaceful respite from normal life.

60. Hipster Tripsters: Nice option!

61. On the Road: For travelers who are ready to be on the road. This name comes from a famous novel title.

62. Fairytale Family Travel: Cute!

63. Corners of Earth: Because you help people travel to all four corners of the earth.

64. Free Spirit: For travel agencies that cater to free spirits.

65. Oasis Travel: Sweet!

Travel Company Names

66. Traveling Pants: This comes fro ma popular novel title.

67. Time Travelers: When you travel, it can feel like you have traveled across time.

68. The Travel Connection: This is one of the cutest travel agency names.

69. Itinerant Traveler: Nice one!

70. Distant Destinations: For travelers who want to voyage to faraway destinations.

71. World Wonders Travel: This is a cool-sounding name for an agency.

72. World Jumper: Fun!

73. Out in Dreams: For travelers who are finally ready to live out their dreams.

74. Spirit of Adventure Travel Agent: Share the spirit of adventure with a name like this one.

75. Wandering Spirit: This is a cute option.

76. Travelites: This is a clever name for an agency.

77. International Adventures Travel: This is a good choice.

78. Summer Vacations: For agencies that help plan out summer vacations.

79. Dreamcasters: This is such an adorable name for an agency.

80. Global Connect: This is a good travel agency name.

Travel Agency names

81. Hot Spot Travel Agency: Fun!

82. Tropical Travel: For agencies that focus on tropical destinations.

83. Dreamy Destinations: This one is easier to remember because of the alliteration.

84. Voyagisms: Cute!

85. Safe Travels Vacations: Because traveling is fun, but it has to be safe.

86. Weekend Getaways: This is an easy choice.

87. Dream Makers: Because you can make everyone’s dreams come true.

88. Eternal Wanderings: Nice!

89. All American Vacation: For people who prefer staycations to foreign traveling.

90. Beachfront Tours: This is a cute-sounding choice.

91. On Time Travel Organizers: This is perfect for a punctual, organized travel agency.

92. Traveler’s Helper: This is a cute, easy travel agency name.

93. Travel Light: For people who like to travel light, this would be the agency to go to.

94. Breathtaking Vacations: Perfect if your agency creates vacations that take people’s breath away.

95. Great Vacation Expectations: This is a play on the Charles Dickens’ novel, Great Expectations.

96. Sky High Travel: This is a cute, memorable name for a travel agency.

97. Passport Planners: This name is easy to remember from alliteration, and it clearly shows what your agency is about.

98. Fly Away Travel Agent: Cute!

99. New Realm Travel: Because traveling can certainly take you to entirely new realms.

100. Backpacker’s Guide to the Globe: This name might be a bit long, but it certainly wins points for being unique.


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