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100 Twin Baby Boy Names


You expected one bundle of joy, but now you discovered that you are actually getting two! Having twins is an exciting experience. Since twins are quite similar and sometimes identical in the way they look, it makes sense to chose names that are fairly similar. You can use names that are from the same origin language or have the same type of meaning. To help you find the perfect twin baby boy names, check out our list of 100 different options.

100 Twin Baby Boy Names

1. Colin and Colm

These names sound similar, but have different meanings. Colin means cub, and Colm means dove.

2. Arnan and Asher

These have similar meanings. They mean joyful and happiness, respectively.

3. Charlie and Riley

Charlie means freeman, and Riley means courageous.

4. Ian and Ryan

These rhyming names mean gift from God and little king, respectively.

5. Landon and Logan

Both of these adorable twin baby names start with the same letter.

6. Rory and Woodrow

These both conjure up images of the fall and are great seasonal-sounding names.

7. Javier and Joaquin

Both of these names have a similar sound and are Spanish in origin.

8. Ahil and Rahil

These Indian names mean guide and traveler, respectively.

9. Ketan and Chetan

These rhyming Indian names mean home and life.

10. Meridian and Merit

These names have a similar sound.

11. Carter and Cooper

Interestingly, Carter means a cart maker and Cooper means a barrel maker.

12. Melchior and Michael

These mean city of the king and humble.

13. Frederick and Milo

Both of these names mean peace.

14. Abe and Abraham

These are both variations on the same Biblical name.

15. Oron and Osher

These mean joy and happiness.

16. Aidan and Caden

These rhyming names mean little fire and spirit of battle.

17. Jayden and Jaylen

Their meanings may be different, but they sound quite similar!

18. Ash and Auburn

The first name is a type of tree, and the other is a color from autumn time. Both names call to mind the vibrant beauty of fall.

19. Elijah and Isaac

These Biblical names are both Hebrew in origin.

20. Mohan and Rohan

These Indian names mean charming and ascending, respectively.

21. Sachit and Rachit

These are Indian in origin. They get points for rhyming and mean consciousness and invention.

22. Hitesh and Ritesh

These rhyming names mean lord of goodness and lord of truth in India.

23. Trenton and Washington

Both of these are location names.

24. Santiago and Sebastian

Santiago is a term for Saint James, and there was also a Saint Sebastian.

25. Preston and Weston

These names sound similar, but they actually mean priest’s estate and from the western tower.

26. Julian and Aaron

These mean youthful and exalted.

27. Sanket and Sankalp

The names mean signal and determination.

28. Alden and Ramona

Both names mean wise.

29. Orlando and Rodrigo

These names both mean famous.

30. Leon and Leonard

Leon and Leonard mean lion and as brave as a lion.

31. Lalith and Lohith

These names have a similar sound.

32. Bob and Max

These mean bright fame and greatest.

33. Graham and Sam

These lovely names rhyme.

34. Parker and Porter

We love these names. They mean keeper of the forest and gatekeeper.

35. Nathan and Nicholas

These mean gift from God and people of victory.

36. Justice and Loyal

These represent two virtues.

37. Nishant and Vishant

These mean dawn and a epithet for Vishnu.

38. Madhur and Milan

These Indian names are perfect for twins.

39. Abhainn and Achaius

They sound the same, but they mean river and horseman.

40. Jaden and Zikomo

These are names of Thanksgiving that mean God has heard and thank you.

41. Brandon and Bryan

These mean broom-covered hill and strong.

42. Roman and Rowan

These names have beautiful, similar sounds to them.

43. Daniel and Nathaniel

These mean God is my judge and gift of God.

44. Jackson and Madison

These mean God has been gracious and gift of God.

45. Noah and Noel

These are great names for babies born around Christmastime.

46. Oliver and Orson

These names sound quite similar.

47. Louis and Walter

Both twin names mean warrior.

48. Tapan and Tapas

These names mean sun and heat.

49. Harsh and Sparsh

These rhyming names are Indian in origin.

50. James and John

Both names are strong sounding and start with the same letter.

51. Manav and Abhinav

These Indian names mean man and innovative.

52. Hector and Albert

Both names are Greek in origin.

53. Kent and Laredo

These are both destination names.

54. Ethan and Evan

These similar sounding names mean strong and the lord is gracious.

55. Aaron and Abel

These Biblical names mean exalted and breath.

56. Faine and Felix

These names mean happy and fortunate.

57. Girish and Harish

In India, Girish means god of the mountain. Harish is another name for Lord Shiva. G

58. Essex and Eugene

These names sound the same. The first is a place in England, the other means well-born.

59. John and Jonah

These are both Biblical names.

60. Rhett and Brett

These names rhyme, but actually have different meanings.

61. Mohit and Rohit

These Indian names mean one who is attracted and red.

62. Kamal and Vimal

These Indian names mean lotus and pure.

63. Forest and Frost

These are both great names for children born during the wintertime.

64. Casper and Jasper

These twin names rhyme and mean treasure and keeper of treasure, respectively.

65. Hunter and Jake

These names were both used by the sons of the model, Niki Taylor.

66. Gale and Gaye

These names mean cheerful and merry.

67. Ariel and Atwood

These names mean lion of God and forest dweller.

68. Mridul and Mukul

These similar names mean soft and blossom.

69. Henry and Rufus

These are the names of the sons of James Taylor, the singer.

70. Jacob and Joshua

These Biblical names mean holder of the heel and Jehovah is generous.

71. Reason and Revere

These names are both virtues.

72. Prashant and Sushant

These similar names mean calm and quiet.

73. Adolf and Albin

These Polish names mean noble wolf and white.

74. Bright and Brio

These names mean shining and life.

75. Wilson and William

These mean son of Will and resolute protection.

76. Taylor and Tyler

These names are cute and sound similarly.

77. Jordan and Justin

These lovely names meaning flowing down and righteous.

78. Caio and Caius

These mean joy and rejoice.

79. Christian and Christopher

These popular names mean follower of Christ and Christ-bearer.

80. Cyrus and Samson

Both of these names mean sun.

81. Barclay and Benton

We love how modern and hip these names sound.

82. Anuj and Tanuj

These are adorable rhyming names that mean younger brother and rising son.

83. Henry and Harry

Both of these names mean estate ruler.

84. Jarrett and Barret

These rhyming names mean spear and brave as a bear.

85. Carl and Calvin

These are adorable names for twin boys.

86. Winter and Wynter

If your babies are born in winter, these would be great names—although they are a bit too similar.

87. Pinank and Piyush

These are adorable names from India.

88. Sanjeev and Rajeeb

These mean giving life and achiever.

89. Achal and Amar

These cute names mean constant and immortal.

90. Melbourne and Mitchell

These similar names mean from the mill stream and one who is like God.

91. Carmello and Othello

These rhyming names mean fruitful orchard and prosperous.

92. Dexter and Frank

These were the names used for the twin sons of Elvis Costello and Diana Krall.

93. Gil and Gilon

Both of these names mean joy.

94. Walden and Wildon

These mean woods and from the wooded hill.

95. Asher and Felix

Both of these names mean fortunate.

96. Hemal and Heman

These mean golden and gold.

97. Valentino and Matteo

These names were used for the sons of the popular singer, Ricky Martin.

98. Benjamin and Braxton

These similar sounding names are adorable for baby boys.

99. Jonathan and Jack

These are two strong, traditional twin baby boy names.

100. Zen and Zenith

While Zen means a state of calm, Zenith means the highest peak. Both names can be symbolic for tranquil mental states and virtues. Plus, they found fairly similar and start with the same letters.


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