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Difference Between Twin Flame Love and Romantic Love


When you are in a twin flame relationship, you know it. There is a huge difference between twin flame love and romantic love. While you are certainly in romantic love with your twin flame, there are several distinct differences between the two.

As humans, we are born with a need to be loved and accepted. As a child, your parents and siblings were the ones who loved you and made you feel like you belonged. Over the years, your friends became your family. Once you became an adult, you started looking for a family of your own. You wanted to find a true love that satisfied and fulfilled your soul. We all have spiritual natures, so we want a love that fulfills us in a spiritual way.

Finding a deep, everlasting love is certainly not easy. It is one of the hardest things you will ever do in life—and certainly one of the smartest. You have to find someone who is your equal in life and who matches your likes or dislikes. You want someone who is more than just an equal to your personality though. You need someone who is an equal and mirror to your soul. Is that the type of person that you have finally found?

Finding Your Twin Flame

There is an amazing connection that develops between you and your twin flame. It is inspiring to see two souls connected so deeply to one another. They become like mirrors that reflect your true nature back to you.

When you find your twin flame, it is like the universe opens up to you. It is a relationship characterized by total acceptance, love and faith. You never feel like your partner is judging you or thinking badly about you. Instead, you know that they have your back no matter what. You feel the same thing in return.

Often, people in a twin flame relationship feel a sense of deja vu. While they do not know why, it seems like they recognize that person from somewhere. It is like they knew them and loved them in another life. Even if you are only together for a few days or weeks, it feels like you have known them for much, much longer. After a few months, you start to feel like you have known your twin flame forever. There is nothing that you would not do for them.

What Is the Difference Between Twin Flame Love and Romantic Love?

While twin flame love often includes a deep romantic love, romantic love is not always twin flame love. In your life, you have most likely loved your parents, friends and past lovers. While this was certainly love and still is, it is not the same type of love. When you love your twin flame, it is with a deep, abiding love. You realize that this type of love is totally different from anything you have felt before. While you have dated and loved other people, you know that it is different this time.

With twin flame love, you have a bond that no one can break. Even when you are apart for a few weeks or months, you still love them as deeply as ever before. In normal relationships, a few weeks apart may tone down your love or make you realize that the passion is starting to die off. In a twin flame relationship, this does not happen. No matter how long you are apart from one another, the seeds of passion remain alive in your relationship.

This is not to say that you do not realize the limits of your or your partner’s imperfections. You are both well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, you both know that it is these weaknesses and imperfections that actually make you perfect. You would not be the same person without your strengths and weakness, so your partner loves you even more for it.

Twin flame love is never a one-dimensional thing. It incorporates your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical lives together. You are not just puzzle pieces that fit together on an intellectual level. Instead, your needs and abilities perfectly complement your partners in every way. You might get in arguments or fight—every relationship has these moments–, but you both know that you are greater together than you could ever be alone.

The difference between twin flame love and romantic love is not always easy to understand. When you experience twin flame love, you know it. It is that blend of friendship and love. Instead of just being romantic or sexual partners, you connect on a spiritual, emotional and intellectual level. It is like a mystical dance that unites your souls. Together, you are able to accomplish your soul’s missions and live the life that destiny set out for you.


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