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20 Twin Flame Relationship Signs


When you first meet your twin flame, it is like the entire world shifts beneath your feet. Even if you do not realize it at the tie, it is like an existential earthquake occurs. Suddenly, the most important person for your future has walked into your life. You intuitively know that a great change is afoot. If you are fortunate enough to meet your twin flame, you should feel extremely grateful. You are one of the lucky ones who actually gets to be with the person that was meant for them.

While some people immediately know when they meet their twin flame, this does not always happen. Sometimes, you are distracted by work, school or stress in your life. Your logical mind may also get in the way as it tries to tell you that you cannot possibly know that this is the person for you. If you are uncertain if you have found your soulmate, we will cover the twin flame relationship signs you can use to tell.

What Is a Twin Flame?

Your twin flame is your destiny. They are a person that you feel connected to on a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level. This means that he or she is your friend, teacher and lover in this lifetime. He or she can help you develop your spiritual growth and work with you to achieve your soul’s mission in this life. He or she reflects back your deepest shadows, fears, beauties and strengths. They can work with you to access amazing spiritual, emotional and psychological growth.

20 Twin Flame Relationship Signs

You do not just meet your lover. Your lover was a part of you all the time. The hard part is actually finding them. When you are tired, heart broken or disillusioned, it is hard to see your twin flame, even when they are staring right back at you. You may have already met them, but never realized who they actually were. If you want to know if this person is the right one, look for the following twin flame relationship signs.

1. You Are Authentic

When you are with your twin flame, you can be yourself. You are your authentic being and are not worried that they will judge or reject you. When you are around him or her, you never fear that they will persecute you or misunderstand what you really mean or want.

2. You Feel Deja Vu

When you first met them, it felt like you recognized them. While you know that you had never seen him before, it still felt strange. For some inexplicable reason, you felt like you knew him. This type of feeling may manifest as deja vu, or it might just feel like you are meant to be together.

3. You Are Connected to Their Energy

When you have found your twin flame, you are intricately linked to their energy. You are immediately conscious of how happy, forgiving, sad or angry they are. Even when he does not tell you how he feels, you can instantly understand what he is going through. Because of your energy connection, you are extremely empathetic toward each other.

4. You Have an Intense Connection

While you may have been together for just a few days or weeks, it already feels like you have known each other forever. You have an intense connection that formed immediately after meeting each other. This connection shocks you while invigorating all of your senses. It finally feels like you met your other half.

5. You Are Magnetically Drawn to Them

When you meet at the wrong time in your life, it is hard to make a relationship work. Even if you have left him over and over again, you are still magnetically drawn to him. No matter how you try to stop, you remain connected to him and want to to be together. Be careful though not to confuse this with an abusive relationship though.

6. You Are a Mirror of Each Other

When you are with your twin flame, they are a mirror of what you desire and fear within your soul. Often, this results in a sense of balance. If you are prone to anxiety and worries, your twin flame will most likely be relaxed and calm. If you feel like you cannot express yourself, your twin flame is often an artist or creative type. By balancing you, your twin flame challenges you and teaches you lessons about your fears, strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, you do the same thing for your twin flame.

7. You Feel Expanded

When you were alone, it was just you in the world. It felt like you were closed off from everyone else, and you had a limited identity. When you are with your twin flame, you feel a sense of expansion. Suddenly, it feels like you are a part of something much larger than yourself.

8. You Have Found Home

With a twin flame relationship, you are home no matter where you are in the world. When you are with the right person, it feels like you have found your refuge and a safe place to wait out the world. As long as your twin flame is nearby, you feel relaxed and calm.

9. They Make You a Better Person

When you are with your twin flame, you want to be a better person so that you deserve them. They inspire you to do more and strive to be worthy of their love. Likewise, being around you makes them a better person as well.

10. You Learn Life Lessons

Being with your twin flame is a constant learning experience. You learn important life lessons about thins like being open minded, empathy, forgiveness and gratitude.

11. You Feel Like You Waited for Them Forever

Now that you are finally together, it seems impossible to understand how you ever survived without them. You feel like you have been waiting your entire life for this person to be a part of it. Now that you are with them, you could not imagine a world where you were not together.

12. You Feel Like They Will Play an Important Role

Even though you may have just started dating, you already sense that something is different. You feel like they will play a humongous role in your own development and growth. You have no clue how they will end up playing this role or why. You just have a deep sense within your soul that something deeper is going on beneath the surface.

13. You Can Be Yourself

When you are with your twin flame, you can just be yourself. You are accepted for who you are and for the stage that you are at in life. He or she would never try to change you or make you be a different person. While you might want to be a better person because of your twin flame, your twin flame would never make you change. He or she already loves and accepts you for the person you are today.

14. You Can Still Be Free

In bad relationships, people are limited and lose their freedom. They lose their sense of identity because their identity and life is so wrapped up within their partner’s life. This is not a healthy way to have a relationship and leads to chronic unhappiness. When you are with a twin flame, you are completely free. You are bonded and attached to each other, but you still have your freedom to explore your personality, your wants and needs. You are connected to them, but you are both confident enough in your love to let each other fly free.

15. They Are Your Yin and Yang

Before you met him, it felt like you were just one half. You may not have realized it before. Now that you are together, you realize that you were only one part of a greater whole. It is like the concept of yin and yang in eastern philosophies. Each of you balances your dark and light sides with each other. When one is bad at something, the other is talented. When one partner is hurt or afraid, the other partner is strong. By being each other’s yin and yang, you create a beautiful whole that is greater than either half is.

16. You Have a Multi-Faceted Relationship

In a twin flame relationship, you are never just lovers. Unlike other relationships, you have a multi-faceted connection. You are lovers, of course, but you are also so much more. Your twin flame is like your muse, teacher, best friend, confidant, nurturer and lover in one.

17. You Are Deeply Connected

During the infatuation stage of the relationship, it is easy to see deep connections when there aren’t any. Sometimes, people say that they like the same music or read the same book and feel like they are “deeply” connected. With a twin flame relationship, this connection is truly deep. You mirror each other’s goals, beliefs and values way beyond just the surface similarities.

18. One Person Serves as the Soulful Leader

While this is not always true in twin flame relationships, it is often the case. Because you are meant for each other and designed to work together to reach your soul’s mission, one of the twin flames is often more mature emotionally or soulfully than the other person. This individual typically serves as the confidant, teacher or counselor in the relationship.

19. You Can Tell Them Anything

One of the twin flame relationship signs is the ability to tell the truth about anything. Because your twin flame never judges you, you know that you can be honest and he will accept whatever the truth is. You never feel like you have to lie or hide something because you can be completely open with him. Likewise, your twin flame feels like they can be truthful with you, no matter the circumstance or situation.

20. You Feel a Higher Purpose

When you are with your twin flame relationship, it feels like you are drawn to a higher purpose. While you may not know what this purpose is quite yet, it feels like you are being pulled toward a greater meaning in your life. This could be a social, spiritual, intellectual or ecological purpose. Whatever it is, it feels like you were meant to accomplish this purpose with your twin flame.

Our twin flames do not have to always be our lovers in life, but they are quite often the person that you end up spending the rest of your life with. They may arise when you least expect them to. While the relationships may be complicated, this does not mean that you are not twin flames at heart. Until you meet your twin flame in life, you can never be truly complete. Your twin flame is there to complete you on a deeper spiritual and emotional level.


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