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8 Twin Flame Relationship Stages


When you finally meet your twin flame, you instantly know it. It seems like the entire world has opened up to you, and nothing else matters. Even when you have a stressful day at work, you feel relaxed because you know that everything will be fine once you are with your twin flame again. A twin flame relationship is all about acceptance and understanding. You know that your twin flame sees you for who you really are and sees their soulmate within you. Your relationship is defined by a deep connection, and you never feel the need to change each other. There is no judgment or criticism. Instead, you are able to just exist and be happy with one another.

8 Twin Flame Relationship Stages

While every relationship is a little different, there are a few common stages that happen in a twin flame relationship. These 8 twin flame relationship stages are experienced in almost every twin flame relationship. If you experience these stages, then there is an excellent chance that you have already found your twin flame.

1. You Become One

In Hollywood movies, a guy and girl meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. People are fond of saying that this is a myth, which is somewhat true. There are always problems and stresses in life, so a true “happily ever after” ending is probably not in the cards. At the same time, there are some parts of the myth that are entirely true.

When you meet your twin flame, you become one soul. It seems like you were waiting forever to find the one. Most likely, you had given up trying before you met him or her. You were told that you would find “the one,” but each relationship or failed date only disappointed you. At some point, you stopped trying or believing that you would actually meet the one. When you first started dating your twin flame, you did not think that the one would actually exist. As you continued to date, you opened your mind to the possibility that he could be the one for you. You realized that the myth of true love was quickly becoming a reality, and you still could not believe that this type of relationship could be possible.

2. You Realize Why You Both Exist

Some people are unlucky enough to meet their twin flame when they were not ready for them yet. When you are stressed out by work, family or your course load at school, you are not paying attention when your twin flame walks through the door. If you are not paying attention the first time, your twin flame will return to your life at the exact moment when you are ready for them. They appear to help you learn something amazing about yourself and to impart great wisdom. Sometimes, you are already in a relationship when this happens. You realize that your twin flame arrived to finally nudge you into ending the relationship that you already knew was truly over with. You realize that this person exists for a reason, and their purpose in life is to help you find a more authentic, fulfilling existence.

3. You Fall in Love With Them

This is the next of the twin flame relationship stages. It happens in essentially every twin flame relationship. While you can love anyone, you are only in love with certain people. You love your family members, past lovers and friends. When you finally meet and fall in love with your twin flame, you realize that these relationships never prepared you for true love. You love in an entirely different, deeper way.

A twin flame is never blinded by reality or illusions. When you finally fall in love, it is based on something deeper than reality or fairy tales. It is the type of love that is pure ecstasy. He allows you to love unconditionally and loving him feels easy. You do not have to force the love because it is just there for you as soon as you fall for him.

4. You Learn Other Parts of Yourself

In theory, you already know everything about yourself. After all, you are yourself, right? In reality, most people do not understand why they feel passion or aversion for certain things. The human mind is incredibly complex, so it is not always easy to figure out why you do certain things or feel certain ways.

When you meet your twin flame, you finally start to learn all of these hidden things about yourself. Initially, you won’t discover these aspects of your soul as you experience the passion and infatuation of the early relationship. As you move on to the next twin flame relationship stage, the passion subsides. In this stage, you learn more about yourself and what you want in life. Your twin flame mirrors the best and worst aspects of who you are. Through this mirror, you learn how to forgive yourself, heal and discover new aspects of your personality. This is true for both the light and dark parts of your soul. With the help of your twin flame, you are able to mature as a spiritual being and learn more about every facet of your soul.

5. You Feel Afraid and Want to Run

This is a completely normal feeling to have. Suddenly, the deep, passionate love that you have seems impossible to handle. You are afraid of where it could lead and what could happen to you. You are already starting to realize that this relationship is going where none of your relationships have gone before. You may feel afraid that you will lose yourself in the relationship. You could also be anxious of how devastated you will feel if the relationship does not work out. Anxiety and fear are perfectly normal at this stage in a twin flame relationship. The only question is if you can work through them and continue the relationship.

6. You Surrender to the Relationship

While you were afraid of the depths of your feelings, you ultimately have two options. You can either run away in fear or surrender completely to the relationship. At some point, you realize that it will take some time to adjust and work through the challenges of the relationship. You have to learn how to set your ego aside so that you can accomplish great things together. Then, you are able to dissolve your fear and connect with the deep love of your relationship. At this stage, you start to find a deep peace and tranquility within the relationship.

7. You Start to Challenge Each Other

Now that you are peaceful and comfortable in the relationship, you are able to start growing as a couple. You settle into a healthy relationship pattern. When you in this stage, you learn from your partner and support them as they make major transitions. Through mutual respect and a deep love, you are able to journey through life together.

8. You Are One Soul

Your ego is gone. You no longer see yourself as a separate being. Instead, you face the world as a couple. You and your twin flame are now one being of compassion, love and empathy. Your love is contagious and obvious to the people around you. Through your love, you are able to make a major difference within your lives.


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