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50 Twin Baby Girl Names


When choosing the perfect name for your twin baby girls, you have a few ways to go about it. You could give them names that start with the same letter or have the same sound. You can name them after famous sets of twins. You could also just give them a name that are stylistically the same. For instance, you could give both of your daughters a flower-based name, a name from the Bible or an old-fashioned name.

You should be careful about what you name your daughters. Being a twin can feel like an obligation at times. While they may look cute in matching outfits now, they will want to become their own person some day. They will not want to have a name that is too similar because they will one day need their independence. When you start to consider baby names, be careful. The best option is to choose two names that are compatible stylistically without being overly similar or cutesy. As your daughters grow up, they will thank you for being so considerate. To get you started on your naming journey, we have 50 names for twin baby girls.

50 Twin Baby Girl Names

1. Ambar and Divya

These beautiful names are originally Sanskrit in origin. The name Ambar means the sky, and Divya means divine.

2. Daisy and Violet

Both of these are names of flowers, which makes them great flower names.

3. Charu and Charvi

Both of these twin baby girl names mean beautiful, and they also happen to sound a lot alike.

4. Paris and Norah

These are both celebrity names. The first means gorgeous and the second means shining light.

5. Aasha and Aashita

Both of these pretty names mean hope.

6. Ella and Emma

These names almost rhyme, and they start with the same letter. Ella means beautiful fairy, and Emma means universal.

7. Alice and Freya

These beautiful names actually mean noble.

8. Callie and Cecilia

These names are great for twins since they start with the same letter. While Callie means beautiful, Cecilia means blind.

9. Joy and Merry

Both of these names are associated with the Yuletide season. As such, they are great for babies born in wintertime.

10. Meadow and Amaya

While they may sound slightly different, they both mean night rain.

11. Alberta and Alexandria

If you want your daughters to have similar names, both of these names are from destinations. While Alexandria is a city in Virginia, Alberta is a province of Canada.

12. Aidan and Nadia

These are wonderful names because they are each the same name as the other, except spelled backward. Nadia means hope, and Aidan means little fiery one.

13. Grace and Justice

Since these are both virtues, they make for excellent matching twin names.

14. Valencia and Verona

Valencia is a city in Spain, and Verona is a city in Italy.

15. Scarlett and Penelope

While they may sound different, both of these names mean red.

16. June and Juno

These are excellent seasonal baby names since they both represent the bridal month of the year.

17. Clarisa and Leonara

These lovely baby girl names, and they both mean bright.

18. Savannah and Sierra

These are both pretty names for baby girls that start with the same letter. The first name means from the open plain, and the second name means dark.

19. Haylee and Kaylee

These rhyming names mean hay clearing and pure respectively.

20. Farrah and Muskaan

Both of these beautiful baby names mean one who smiles.

21. Amrita and Dhara

Both of these names are Sanskrit in origin and are beautiful names for twin baby girl names. Amrita means spiritual holy water, and Dhara means constant flow.

22. Celine and Luna

These gorgeous baby names both mean moon.

23. Carolina and Catalina

These destination names are from one of the American states and a city in California.

24. Amethyst and Frost

These seasonal names both represent the wintertime.

25. Tabitha and Trista

These are lovely twin names since they both start with the same letter. Tabitha means beauty while Trista means noisy.

26. Geneva and Georgia

While Geneva is the capital of Switzerland, and Georgia is a country in Eurasia.

27. Fiona and Fallyn

These names start with the same letter. Fiona means fair, and Fallyn means in charge.

28. Anandi and Aeisha

Both of these pretty names mean one who is happy.

29. Diana and Rishima

These lovely names both mean moon goddess.

30. Amelie and Abrienne

These names sound similar and start with the same letter. Amelie means hardworking, and Abrienne is a female version of Abraham.

31. Aashi and Aashita

These pretty names both mean happiness.

32. Ava and Olivia

These rhyming names mean bird and a symbol of peace, respectively.

33. Mohini and Menaka

These lovely baby names both mean beautiful.

34. Ursula and Uma

These baby names sound similar because they both start with the same letter. Ursula means little female bear, and Uma means tranquility.

35. Devina and Devika

Both of these baby names mean goddess.

36. Aditi and Smriti

These rhyming names mean freedom and memory, respectively.

37. Mohini and Shreya

These names are both Sanskrit in origin and mean most beautiful.

38. Rose and Lily

These lovely baby names are both from pretty flowers.

39. Vanya and Tanya

These names are rhyming, but they have different meanings. Vanya means gracious gift of God, and Tanya means fairy queen.

40. Indira and Ivy

These names start with the same letter. Indira means splendid, and Ivy means faithfulness.

41. Blessing and Bliss

Both of these pretty baby names mean virtue.

42. Euria and Flora

These seasonal names both represent aspects of springtime.

43. Heaven and Nevaeh

Nevaeh is heaven spelled backward, and it has been a surprisingly common name choice in recent years.

44. Kabini and Kalindi

These destination names are both names of rivers.

45. Charity and Chastity

Both of these pretty names are virtues.

46. Saffron and Amber

These seasonal names both represent autumn.

47. Felicity and Fidelity

These adorable names are both virtues and are perfect twin baby girl names.

48. Victoria and Vienna

These are both destination names. Victoria is a city in Canada and Australia, while Vienna is a location in Austria.

49. Siri and Iris

These names are the same as each other because they are just the same word, spelled backward. The first name means fair victory, and the second means rainbow.

50. Deliverance and Diligence

These old-fashioned baby names are both virtues.


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