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Types of Kisses and Their Meanings


A kiss can mean a number of different things. A simple kiss on the forehead might show affection or friendship, while a kiss on the hand might show a more chivalrous nature. Each kiss is a type of connection that is made between two people. Whether it is a kiss of friendship or a more passionate embrace, it shows something about how you feel about someone. The way your lover kisses you can betray how they really feel about the relationship. To learn more about the types of kisses and their meanings, read on.

what different kisses mean

1. The Hand Kiss

different types of kissing

A kiss on your palm or the back of your hand sends tingles through your body. This is a very sensitive part of your body, so you can easily feel the kiss. A kiss on the hand often shows that the kiss-er has a chivalrous nature. Depending on the purpose, it may even have sexual undertones behind it.

2. The Wrist Kiss

This is one of the more unusual types of kiss and is surprising to receive. Like the hand, the wrist can be an extremely sensitive part of the body. It shows that there is a sexual undertone or attraction to the kiss. Often, this kiss happens when the couple is not quite comfortable enough to do something more sexual, but one partner wants to show their affection and attraction.

3. The Forehead Kiss

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When you get a kiss on your forehead, it tends to show admiration. This is a gentle kiss that is often given by friends and family members. If you are in a romantic relationship, it is just a gentle show of love and a promise for more passion later on.

4. The Vampire Kiss

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This kind of kiss is extremely intimate, and it is only used by a small group of people. It is a deep kiss on the neck that may include a bit of biting and sucking. Just watch out for hickies!

5. The Air Kiss

The air kiss is what you see in old French films. It is often used as a greeting or a good-bye. Basically, you kiss the ear next to someone’s cheek. This can be done on both sides of the cheek or just one. In general, this is just a friendly, non-romantic gesture.

6. The Single Lip Kiss

This is a simple kiss where you sandwich your lips between your lover’s kiss. It is basically a very suggestive kiss that shows that your lover is extremely into you. It may also involve a little sucking as well.

7. The Spiderman Kiss

This comes from the infamous scene where Spiderman is upside down while Mary Jane is right side up. They are kissing each other upside down. You don’t have to hang from a web to do this kiss though. You can also just do this using a bed or couch to create the same angle.

8. The Leave a Mark Kiss

This can be just about any kiss, and it only requires lipstick. The girl puts on her lipstick and leaves a kiss on her partner’s neck, cheek or lips. The kiss leaves behind a red lipstick mark on her partner. In general, this is normally a sign of playfulness in your partner.

9. The Eskimo Kiss

The wrongly named Eskimo kiss is probably something you learned in childhood. Your nose rubs against your partner’s nose in a back and forth motion. This is generally a sign of affection, so it is often used by parents and children. According to the stories behind the Eskimo kiss, this kissing type developed in colder climates where an actual kiss would risk your lips stuck together. Whether this origin story is true or not, this is a very lovable, affectionate kiss to do.

10. The Lizard Kiss

This type of kiss looks like what it sounds like. The tongue rapidly goes in and out of the individual’s mouth in quick strokes. It is considered a really passionate kiss for hot and heavy lovers, but we think that its name detracts from any of the passion.

11. The Earlobe Kiss

The earlobe kiss is a good one for lovers since the ear area is a top erogenous zone. You just have to nibble or gently kiss the earlobes on your partner. This is an extremely intimate, romantic gesture, so it is only done between lovers.

12. The Cheek Kiss

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This is a very simple type of kiss. It just involves a simple peck on your cheek. Often, this kiss is combined with an embrace or a hand on your arm. Depending on your culture and your relationship, this kiss can mean a number of different things. In some areas, it is just a way of saying hello or good-bye. In other areas, it is used as a sign of affection.

13. The Nibble and Bite

Subtle nibbles or bites on your nose, chin or cheeks serve as a kind of foreplay for a more romantic kiss. This is generally an intimate, spontaneous expression of passion between two lovers. Often, it is a sign of erotic desires and romance in a relationship.

14. The French Kiss

different types of kisses and their meaning

The French kiss is all about tongue action. This is the kiss that teenagers often practice for before their first kiss. It involves the tongue, the mouth and a lot of passion. If you are French kissing someone, it is safe to say that they are romantically interested in you.

15. The Secret Message Kiss

This occurs during your typical French kiss. Through a squeeze of the arm, a nudge or something else, your partner implies a secret message that the people around you are not aware of. Obviously, you have to have a pretty deep relationship for you to understand these messages or be willing to French kiss the person.

16. The Jaw Kiss

types of kisses and their meaning

This is a sensual kiss that involves gentle kissing your partner’s jaw. This kiss only happens between partners who are already intimate, so it is just another sign that you two are very close to one another.

17. The Kiss of an Angel

This kiss is extremely sweet. You kiss someone’s eyelids. In addition to being something that happens between an intimate relationship, it is also a sign of a deep love and affection. While you mostly see this among couples, parents also sometimes use this kiss for their children because of their deep love and devotion.

18. The Butterfly Kiss

This is often interpreted in two different ways. Some people say that a butterfly kiss is when your eyelashes brush your partner’s eyelashes when you are kissing. Other people (us included) say that it is when your butterflies gently brush your partner’s cheek or other body part. This kiss causes a tingly sensation on your skin and is a way to show your infatuation and intimate relationship with each other.

19. The Lingering Kiss

A lingering kiss can be just about any type of kiss. It generally happens with a lip-to-lip kiss after you have kissed for a while. When you kiss this long, you do not want to stop expressing your intense passion for one another. As your kissing session ends, neither of you want to stop, so you let the kiss linger. This type of kiss is especially common with the infatuation of new love.

20. The Seductive Kiss

This is the kiss where you do a French kiss, but more subtly and with less tongue. It is done in a teasing, seductive way to win someone’s heart over.

21. The Collarbone Kiss

The collarbone is an unbelievably sexy part of your body. To do this kiss, start by kissing your partner gently on their collarbone. From there, you can use your lips to trace a line up to their mouth, their ears or down to their stomach. Where you go from the collarbone determines how intimate this kiss becomes.

22. The Fruity Kiss

Spice things up by putting a piece of fruit or some berries in your mouth. Then, go in for a French kiss and pass the fruit along to your partner. If you want, you can also hold the fruit still with your lips so that you can both nibble of it.

23. The Melt Kiss

With this kiss, put an ice cube in your mouth and then French kiss your partner. Exchange the ice cube back and forth while you see how long you can keep exchanging it before it melts.

24. The Keep-Away Kiss

This is a seductive kiss that is best reserved for intimate relationships. When your partner leans in to kiss you, pull away gently. Then, tease them by almost kissing them. Nibble or kiss the skin on other areas of their face and body before you lock your lips with theirs.

25. The Back-of-the-Neck Kiss

neck kissing

Kiss the back of the neck or your partner’s back. This is mostly just a fun place to kiss that is used by partners who want to try kissing new spots.

26. The Tease

Get ready for some fun with this kiss. You and your partner are locked in an epic battle. The person who actually kisses the other first loses the game. You can do whatever you want to get your partner to kiss you, but you cannot kiss them or you will lose. This is a fun game for romantic partners who enjoy extended foreplay and teasing before kissing each other.

27. The Finger Kiss

If you want to spice things up, lick or kiss your partner’s fingers. You can run your lips or tongue along their fingertips to gradually get them interested.

28. The Hot and Cold Kiss

This is a modification on just making out. Lick your partner’s lips, and then blow gently on them to create a sensual, cooling sensation.

Specific Kiss Meanings

For an easier, shorter list of kiss types and meanings, we are going to include a few of the more common options and what they generally mean. Different cultures and different people may interpret kisses in unique ways, so these kiss meanings are just a guide for what your partner might be thinking as they kiss you.

The Cheek Kiss: I want to know you better.
The Eskimo Kiss: You make me happy.
Butterfly Kiss: You are so sweet.
Peck: I like you a lot.
Forehead Kiss: I care a lot about you.
Nose Kiss: I think you are so cute.
Hand Kiss: You are so lovely.
Hot and Cold Kiss: I might be slowing the pace now, but not for long.
Single Lip Kiss: You are hot.
Back-of-the-Neck Kiss: Let’s explore each other.
Lizard Kiss: I feel comfortable with you.
Hickeys: You are mine.
French Kiss: I feel goo with you around.
Finger Kiss: Each discovery about you is better than the last.
Jaw Kiss: I love your face.
Eyelid Kiss: I feel very close to you.
Bellybutton Kiss: You are fun to be with.
Wrist Kiss: Each part of you is amazing.
Collarbone Kiss: You are so beautiful.
Lipstick Mark Kiss: I want you to be mine.
Melting Ice Cube Kiss: You are so delightful.
Spiderman Kiss: We should try something new.
Kiss in a Text Message: I am thinking about you.

Advice on Kissing

No matter how you plan on kissing, your goal is to make it an enjoyable, pleasurable experience. Whether you are on your first date or have been dating someone for years, kisses are a way to bring intimacy and passion into your romance. The best advice is to just relax and enjoy the moment. Forget about whatever you have to do later and give yourself time to enjoy being with your partner.

If you are new to kissing, relax. Everyone has had their first kiss at some point. You probably are not as bad as you think. Each person kisses in a different way, so it is normal for couples to take a bit of time to learn how to match each other’s kisses well. This is true for new and experienced kissers, so don’t worry! Just relax, have some fun and you will be kissing like a professional in no time!


    • This person is in a relationship. Do not continue to nourish this relationship. Focus your emotional energy elsewhere. If his relationship naturally ends and he reaches out to you, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Poppy!

  1. My boyfriend kissed my self harm scars and it sent tingles through my wrists and entire body. What does it mean when someone kisses your scars?

    • It is clear that he cares about you. His behaviors were indications that he wants you to feel comfortable and secure with him. Nourish your relationship with your partner by spending additional time together in person. If you want to speak with him about your past, then do so. If not, then focus on the present moment and future.


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