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100 Unique Cleaning Business Names


Starting a cleaning business can be exciting. Once you have gathered all of your supplies and found employees, the next thing you have to do is register your business. The only problem is thinking of unique cleaning business names. You have to carry out your business under some name, but the problem is finding the right one. If you are struggling to think of the perfect name, this list can help you brainstorm a new option. Just make sure that your name has not already been trademarked or registered by another company!    Cleaning Business Names

100 Unique Cleaning Business Names

1. Clean Club: Keep it simple like a name like this.

2. The Complete Cleaning Co.: This unique cleaning business name says everything that you need it to.

3. Bonded Building Cleaning: If your company is bonded, show it of with a name like this.

4. Always Sparkling: It might not be sparkling now, but it certainly will be when you are done with it.

5. Green Clean Team: This sounds like the name of an eco-friendly cleaning business.

6. Hygiene Machine: Because your company is all about hygiene and cleanliness.

7. All Seasons Cleaning: You are ready to clean at any time or day.

8. Home Clean Home: This is a play on the phrase, “Home Sweet Home.”

9. Neat ‘n’ Tidy: This is an obvious option.

10. Rag Tag Team: This sounds cute. You could use a Raggedy Anne doll as your mascot.

11. Clean 4 U: This is an easy choice to go with.

12. Bright and Beautiful Cleaning: This is a nice-sounding option.

13. Raggedy Ann’s Maid Service: This is a good option to go with.

14. The Cleaning Bee: Because all of your employees are as busy as bees.

15. Clean Machine: This is an easy, fun option.

16. Minute Maids: There are companies that already have this name, but you could use it if it is not trademarked and in use in your area.

17. A Deeper Clean Maid Service: Deep cleaning is the name of the game!

18. Clean Conscience: This is a clever play on words.

19. Maid 2 Clean: Because all of the maids at your company are made to clean.

20. Magic Rags Cleaning Service: Because you turn homes from rags to riches through your cleaning rags.

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21. Clean Sweep: This is a cute choice.

22. Drip ‘n’ Dry: This is a simple, fun option.

23. Grime Busters: This sounds like the movie Ghostbusters.

24. Clean Break: Hopefully, no one will take the “break” part of your name seriously.

25. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Maid Service: This is a play on a phrase from a cute children’s nursery rhyme.

26. Dust Bunnies: This is by far one of the cutest names, but you will definitely have to make sure that no one else has taken it already.

27. Dust Be Gone Maid Service: This is an adorable name choice.

28. Classic Cleaning: Keep your name simple and easy with unique cleaning business names like this one.

29. Happy Maids Cleaning: Merry Maids is already taken, but Happy Maids will do nicely.

30. Pleasin’ Polish: This is a cute one.

31. The Cleaning Crew: This is one of the unique cleaning business names that wins bonus points for alliteration.

32. Spiffy Clean: This is a fun choice.

33. White Glove Maid Service: This shows that your cleaning service is white glove and designed for more upscale clients.

34. The Dirty Spot: This is a cute option.

35. Twinkle Time: This one wins points for alliteration and is quite cute.

36. Clean Your Clock and Everything Else: Hopefully, no one thinks about the other meaning of cleaning your clock.

37. Dust Busters: This is a play on the movie title, Ghostbusters.

38. Rags to Riches Cleaning Service: This is a cute option.

39. Pristine Cleaning: If you want people to think of your company as exceptionally pristine and clean, this name will work well.

40. Maid in Heaven: This is an adorable, clever name.

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41. Feather Lady: This sounds like a unique cleaning business name.

42. Dust ‘N’ Shine: Because your maids know how to dust and shine.

43. The Cleaning Fairy: This is an adorable choice, and you will have a very clear choice for your company’s mascot and logos.

44. Maid to Perfection: This is an absolutely adorable option.

45. Lemon Fresh Cleaning: Because your team makes everything lemony fresh.

46. Clean and Bright Cleaning Service: This is a simple choice.

47. Happy House Cleaners: The house might not be happy now, but it will certainly be happy when you leave.

48. Magical Maids: Sometimes, it seems like the work that you are doing is actually magic.

49. Millennium Maid: For the modern maid.

50. Spotless Cleaning: When you leave, everything will be quite spotless.

51. Neat and Discreet Cleaning Service: For clients who want a more discrete service.

52. Sparkle Aplenty: This is an adorable choice.

53. The Maid Brigade: Your brigade is ready to serve.

54. We’ve Got a Lust for Dust Co.: This name might be long, but it is still fairly easy to remember because of all of the rhyming.

55. We Mean to Clean Co.: This is a cute choice.

56. You Have It Maid: Once your client hires your maids, they will certainly have it made.

57. Thorough Clean: This is a simple choice, but it works because it says exactly what your company does.

58. Sparkling Clean: Any variation of clean or sparkle will generally work quite well.

59. Peachy Clean: This is a cute choice.

60. Floor-to-Ceiling Cleaning Service: Because your team can do it all.

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61. Load Lifters: When someone is stressed by work, hiring a maid can really lift a weight from their shoulders.

62. Freedom Clean: Because you give your clients extra freedom by doing the dirty work for them.

63. Clean Queen: This obviously works well if you happen to be a woman. For male business owners, change this to the Clean King instead.

64. Let Us Hurt Your Dirt: That dirt will be hurting before long!

65. Heavenly House Cleaners: Simply heavenly!

66. Gleam and Glisten Cleaning: This sounds quite pretty and has a nice ring to it.

67. Dust to Shine: This is another unique cleaning business name that is quite easy to remember.

68. Let Me Do the Cleaning: I doubt that any of your clients would ever disagree with this offer.

69. Filth Fighters: This sounds like a band name. It will certainly be easy to remember!

70. The Clean Sweep: This makes me think of chimney sweeps like in Mary Poppins.

71. We Love the Jobs You Hate: Hopefully, all of your maids agree with this statement, or you could be in trouble.

72. Your Panes are Our Pleasure: This works best for a cleaning business that specializes in cleaning windows.

73. Super Maids: If you choose this unique cleaning business name, you can make a superhero be your mascot.

74. Take a Bite Out of Grime: Some people take a bite out of crime. You get rid of the grime instead.

75. Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness: This popular saying could be a decent option to go with.

76. Rainbow Cleaners: This is simple and easy to remember.

77. All Washed Up Cleaning Service: Hopefully, you won’t actually be all washed up like the phrase.

78. SPARKLEAN: This is a blend of the words sparkling and clean.

79. Perfectly Clean: Keep it simple with a name like this one.

80. Married to the Mop: Some people are married to their jobs. You happen to be married to your mop.

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81. Spic ‘N’ Span: This is a cute, fun option.

82. Any Mess Cleaning Service: There is no mess too big or small for your company to handle.

83. Cleaning by Design: This is an excellent option. It sounds more modern than many names on this list.

84. Dust Buddies: This sounds like the phrase “dust bunnies,” which makes it extra cute.

85. Maid for You: This is an easy choice.

86. Diamond Shine: By the time you are done with their house, it will shine like a diamond.

87. Clean Works for You: This is one of the better unique cleaning business names.

88. Heaven Scent House Cleaners: Because your maids are sent from heaven.

89. Clean Freedom: This is an easy option.

90. Lean Mean Clean Machine: This is a cute choice.

91. Down and Dirty Cleaning Service: Because all of your maids are willing to get down and dirty to get everything as clean as possible.

92. Home Sweet Home Cleaners: This is a fun choice.

93. Magic Moppers: You guys are so good at your job that you make mopping seem like magic.

94. Maid to the Rescue: When dirt is a problem, your maids come to the rescue.

95. Sunshine Cleaners: This is a cute option.

96. Maid in (Insert City): There was a movie called Maid in Manhattan. You obviously can’t copy that name exactly, but you can change “Manhattan” to your city’s name.

97. Sparkling Homes: Cute!

98. Swept Away: Clients will be totally swept away by all the dirt you sweep away.

99. Squeaky Clean: This is an easy choice.

100. The Cleaning Wizard: This is a fun option to go with.


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