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Virgo Man in Love


A Virgo man is not always easy to love. He has exacting standards in his work and studies, so it makes sense that he could be just as exacting and persistent in his relationships. This is the type of guy who can’t just double check his work. He has to triple and quadruple check it before he is convinced that is completed property.

While he might be exacting, his persistence and dedication can certainly pay off. These habits tend to carry over to his relationships. If he has decided that you are the one for him, he will be persistent in his attempts to win your heart. Once you have fallen for him, he will be extremely dedicated in trying to keep you happy. Your wish is his command.

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The Type of Woman a Virgo Man in Love Needs

While a pretty face can never hurt, a Virgo man needs someone who has more than just looks. Fancy clothes and pretty jewely will not impress him for long—or at all. He is the type of guy who sees past looks and gazes into your soul. He wants a woman who is the real deal and not just a pretty face. A Virgo man in love needs someone who is confident and knows exactly what she is worth. He is looking for a lady who is secure and stable in her career. If he had to choose between a pretty flower and a strong, independent woman, he would choose strength anytime.

Of course, this does not mean that he makes his decision quickly. When it comes to love, the Virgo does not want to rush into anything. He needs to find the perfect woman, and he is happy to wait for her if he has to. He is not going to commit to just anyone. Before he can even make it exclusive, he has to make sure that you have a strength and depth to your personality. The average Virgo man wants a woman who is confident, intelligent and easy on the eyes. He wants a woman who boost his confidence. Since he has a tendency to get stuck in routine, it would be good to have a lady who gets him to explore and have a few adventures.

A Virgo Man in a Relationship

If you had to describe a Virgo in one word, it would be “perfection.” This is not because he is perfect—far from it. He just wants to achieve perfection. No matter what he is doing, he will keep reviewing his work and life until he can make everything as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, this can make falling in love difficult for the Virgo man. He keeps assessing and re-assessing the situation instead of just enjoying it. He’s the guy you find with a pros and cons list for the relationship as he struggles to decide if you are truly right for him or not. When he finally decides that you are perfect enough for his needs, he will relax enough to actually fall in love.

The good news is that a Virgo is generally quite faithful. If he has actually fallen in love with you, it is because he sees you as perfect for him. After all of that work, the last thing that he is going to do is cheat and ruin all of his efforts. In addition to his faithfulness, your Virgo is also well known as a thoughtful man. He spent significant effort getting to know you, so he already knows what you might like or dislike. He brings his desire for perfection to the relationship as he plans out the perfect date or gift to make you smile. If he wants to surprise you, he will spend hours planning, clearing his schedule and figuring out the perfecting date. He is a man who plans ahead, and he carefully plans his schedule so that he arrives home with plenty of time for his lover and family.

While he is thoughtful, kind and extremely attentive, this is not the man who is spontaneous with his romance. He is relaxed and sensible, so he sees no reason to go to an extravagant restaurant or expensive vacation when cuddling at home makes him just as happy. While this might mean you aren’t flying to Paris anytime soon, don’t discount your Virgo man. He is extremely thoughtful and willing to do anything for the woman he loves. He will always make time for you, no matter how busy he is. Plus, he commits for the long-term and is quite low-maintenance. If you want spontaneity, bring it to the relationship yourself because he has everything else covered.

The Downsides of the Virgo Man

As you may have guessed, there are a few downsides associated with dating a Virgo man. He can be quite picky at times, and this is especially true when he is choosing a mate. He knows what he wants and what will work. If you are not the one for him, he will move on and keep looking. This tendency can make hims seem judgmental at times because he truly is judging whether you are right for him or not. The good news? If he does decide that you are the one, you can be assured that you are exceptionally amazing and passed all of his requirements with flying colors.

Most people believe that the Virgo’s worst trait is his tendency to be overly critical. He wants perfection in his work and studies. The same perfectionist nature extends to other parts of his daily routine. His requests may be impossible at times, even if he does not realize that himself. Some women refuse to be with a Virgo because they find these demands and critiques to be excessive. If his perfectionism does not appear until later on in the relationship, it can end up leading to a messy, difficult break up.

The last issue with the Virgo man is his routine. He is extremely, extremely stuck in his ways. Once he has made up his mind, he will not want to change it for anyone. Perfectionism is who he is and what he wants, so don’t bother to try and change him. All you can do is accept him and love him for who he is.

The Virgo Man in the Bedroom

Extreme rigidness is generally not what you want in the bedroom, but don’t worry too much. This is not a sign that is high in confidence. Because of this, he is generally rigid in the bedroom and likes to play it safe. He would much rather plan out the entirety of your lovemaking beforehand and he wants it done in the right order.

Because of these traits, lovemaking can feel like a train wreck in slow motion at first. Luckily, these issues will go away as he gets comfortable with you. When he feels comfortable around you, his confidence will rise. He won’t mind trying new things and potentially looking silly. Before long, a new passionate, wild side starts to emerge. When this happens, his desire for perfection suddenly benefits you as he becomes a perfect, passionate lover. You just have to be patient, and your Virgo will finally let his inner wild side out.


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