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Virgo Woman in Love


A perfectionist at heart, the Virgo woman is known for being intelligent and charming. Because of this, she easily seduces whoever crosses her path. While her admirers say she is discerning, her detractors say that she is a critic. Whatever the case, she is talented at analyzing everyone and everything around her. She has an intuitive sense about people and situations. Her attention to detail means that she is the one person who can organize the chaos of the world.

This is a sign that is governed by earth. Because of this, the Virgo woman in love is extremely practical. Unlike the Pisces, she does not walk around with her head in the grounds. She is firmly grounded in the earth and has a sensible take on life. If you are lucky enough to be with a Virgo, get ready for relaxed vacations. She is the person who thinks to bring pans to a camping trip and a swimsuit to the beach. She is the one person who will remember potluck dishes and all of the details of everyday living. The Virgo woman can and does think of everything.

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The Virgo Woman in Love

As you might expect, the Virgo woman takes her practical approach to life to her love life as well. She is not someone who falls in love instantly. She needs to make sure that you are truly the right choice for her. The Virgo woman possesses an inner strength and a driven mindset. She is not someone who is easily shaken—probably because she knows that she already prepared for any possibility.

The Virgo woman in love is not looking for a fairy tale. She might like her Prince Charming, but she is very practical about the person that she makes. She expects her relationship to be perfect, and she will work to make it so. At times, this can make her passionate and intense.

When she first meets you, the Virgo woman will probably spend weeks or longer analyzing you carefully. She doesn’t mind if you have some weaknesses, but she wants to find out what they are so that they can be worked on. The Virgo woman is also not the type of lady who loves multiple people at once or who cheats on a partner. She will not commit until she is certain that you are perfect for her, and she will generally be 100 percent trustworthy in a relationship.

While she might be stable and practical most of the time, there are rare occasions when she is driven by an impulse. She tends to doubt these impulsive decisions though. If she jumps into a relationship head first, she will become insecure and wonder what you really see in her. This is not because she lacks in confidence. She knows her worth, but she also wonders why you think that she is the right match for you in particular. This tendency means that the Virgo woman generally needs reassurances about how her partner feels. Make sure you let her know how much you love and appreciate her on a regular basis.

Be careful about your reassurances though. She knows her strengths and weaknesses. If you exaggerate or compliment something that is not true, she will know it. This would only drive her further away. She does know her worth, so she will readily accept compliments that she knows are the genuine truth.

If you can make her feel secure within the relationship, she will put her entire heart and soul into making you happy. She will do everything possible to make a loving, caring environment for you at home. The Virgo takes a lot of pleasure in making her partner happy, so she tends to have happy, stable relationships.

The Virgo Woman in a Relationship

Once she is attached, the Virgo is completely loyal. She won’t just attach herself to anyone though. She has to weigh all of the facts before committing. As a rule, the Virgo would much rather be single than with the wrong person. She does have high expectations for a partner, so be prepared to live up to a high standard.

While she might have high standards, she is generally easygoing in a relationship. She is not the type of person to show up late or skip a date because something came up. Once you are her partner, she will rearrange her schedule to make sure that she has time for you. Because of her independence and strength, she is not clingy or needy. While the Maiden has a reputation for needing rescuing, this is actually not the case. In reality, she just wants to find a partner that she cares about. In general, she will work best with Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer men.

She might be easygoing and loving, but she is not someone who is driven to express her emotions. Before you really know her, this can make her seem aloof and stand-offish. She does care, but she just has a reserved nature. If she feels vulnerable, she will try to hide that vulnerability behind teasing or jokes. Take time with your Virgo because it takes her time to open up and feel comfortable in a relationship. She is discriminating in the partner she chooses, so take things slowly so that she has a chance to get to know you.

One common problem for Virgos is lightening things up. She is detail-oriented and a perfectionist, so it is hard for her to relax and laugh things out. She focuses so much on facts and figures, that she is not naturally good at small talk. The good news is that her intelligence and unique abilities mean that she can do just about anything that she sets her mind on. She is extremely rational, so try to use logic in any argument if you want to sway her opinion.

While she might be practical and reserved, she is also quite charming. Her intelligence tends to be quite attractive to a mate. Once she is your partner, she will happily offer you as much help and support as she can. This is not something she does as an obligation. She is truly happy to help you out in any way that she can.

The Virgo Woman in the Bedroom

Since this sign is represented by the Virgin, some people think that the Virgo is a prude. This is a bit of 9a mistake though. She is reserved and aloof at first. In reality though, there is a fire of passion lurking beneath the surface. She just has to feel comfortable with you before she can let her inner fire out.

Once she is comfortable with you, making love will be an exciting experience. She is strong and confident in the bedroom. Her practical, detail-oriented mind means that you can expect well-planned adventures and lovemaking. If you want to surprise her, focus on details like candles, foreplay and romantic dinner. Setting the right environment will really make her happy and help to break down the walls she puts up. Once she does open up, you can expect unpredictable passion and wild fantasies. She might be practical in the rest of her life, but she is more than happy to break away from reality in the bedroom.


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