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150 Funny, Good, Clever and Cool Volleyball Team Names


You want to think of the perfect volleyball team names. You want it to be unique, clever and the perfect fit. Brainstorming the right name can be hard, so we have compiled a list of cool volleyball team names that you can use.

good volleyball names

1. SWAT Team: This is a fun volleyball team name.

2. Bump, Set, Dismember: If you want to strike fear into the heart of the other team, this is the name to go with.

3. It’s Gotta Be Da Shoes: It couldn’t be your natural talent, right?

4. Rescheduled: This is a cute name.

5. Extreme Volleyball: If you want to showcase your talent, go with this option.

6. Pandemonium: For volleyball teams that just cause pandemonium on the court.

7. Hit for Brains: This is a play on words that is a bit more PG than the alternative.

8. Sunfire: This is a cute name.

9. The Fighting Amish: Of course, the actual Amish would never fight, which makes this a fairly ironic team name.

10. Killer Serves: Fun!

11. Thrill Seekers: This is why you got into volleyball, right?

12. Balls in an Uproar: This sounds like the perfect volleyball team name for a group of guys.

13. Sets in the City: This is an obvious play on the popular television show, Sex in the City.

14. I’d Hit That: We would, too.

15. Sand Blasters: This is for volleyball teams that play on the beach.

16. The Bumping Maniacs: Bump, set, spike it!

17. The E! True Volleyball Story: This might be a bit too long to really be a good volleyball team name, but it wins points for being exceptionally clever.

18. Block Party: Cute!

19. Kinky Sets: The other team will definitely think that you said something entirely different.

20. That Hurt?: For those killer volleyball teams out there.

good volleyball team names

21. Sets on the Beach: Who doesn’t like sets on the beach?

22. We’ve Made Better Passes in a Bar: This doesn’t say a lot about your ego when you choose this team name.

23. Postponed: Hopefully, you won’t actually have your games postponed.

24. Safe Sets: This sounds like you care about something other than volleyball a bit more than the game.

25. Swarm: This is a popular volleyball team name.

26. Set for Life: This is a cute volleyball team name.

27. Hit-Eating Grinners: This is another play on words that sounds like a common curse word.

28. We’ve Seen Better Digging in a Graveyard: This is one way to say that you are better than the other team.

29. The Spike Attack: Get ready to have some fun with this team name.

30. Bump, Set, Decapitate: Nice!

31. This Won’t Take Long: If you want to intimidate the other team, try this option.

32. The Home Team: Even when you are away, you always play like the home team.

33. Twelve Bad Knees: This doesn’t bode well for your future volleyball success.

34. Norfolk-in-Chance: Try saying this aloud, and you will get what it means.

35. Vertically Challenged: For shorter teams.

36. Flying Without a License: Fun!

37. Tipping Maniacs: This is a cool volleyball team name.

38. Illegal Animal Experiments: If this describes your players, the other team better watch out.

39. Air Traffic Control: Cool!

40. High Impact: Watch out for this team!

41. Bumpin’ Uglies: This is a cute play on the “bump” in volleyball.

42. Outlaw Volleyball: This is the team to beat.

volleyball team name ideas

43. The Sand Slingers: Use this if you like to play beach volleyball.

44. Renegades: This is a simple, easy option.

45. Volley Girz: For girls who turn into beasts that say, “Grr” on the court.

46. Volleyball Crush: Fun!

47. Team Extreme: This is a fairly simple option. You could probably do better.

48. Team World Class: Nice!

49. Lost Boys: This is a cute team name for a group of guys.

50. Smack Your Balls: You might want to rethink joining this volleyball team.

51. Bump, Set, Impale: Keep your eye on a team that has this killer name.

52. Set to Kill: Watch out for this team!

53. Monster Spikes: Cute!

54. Major Carriers: This is a fun option.

55. Served Hot: What can we say? Some like it hot.

56. Scared Hitless: This is another volleyball team name that is actually a play on a curse word.

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57. Drunk, Stupid, and Clumsy: If you prefer drinking to actually playing, try using this volleyball team name.

58. Spike Punch: This is a cute play on the phrase, “spiked punch.” It works even better if you tend to bring along spiked punch to your games.

59. Busta Spike: Some people like to busta move. You like to spike it.

60. Six Pack: Is it your abs or the six-pack in your hands? You decide.

61. Ball Control: Nice!

62. Shoot the Hits: This is another play on words.

63. High Performance Volleyball: This sounds like a type of volleyball gear or clothing brand.

64. Things That Go Bump: This should strike fear in the hearts of the other team.

65. Team Mojo: This is an easy option.

66. Over the Top: Because all of your spikes go over the top.

67. Arm and Hammer: Fun!

68. Team Ibuprofen: If this is what your team needs to play, then the other team probably is not that worried.

69. Planet Volleywood: This is one of the more clever volleyball team names.

70. Vision Quest: Vision quests might bring spiritual enlightenment, but they probably will not help your game that much.

71. We Need Sets: We do.

72. Bump, Set, Wound: The other team better watch out if you have a team name like this.

73. Diggin’ and Swingin’: For teams that always come out swinging.

74. EZ Pass: If only all of the passes were that easy.

75. High Tech Volleyball: This sounds like the name of a volleyball team from Silicon Valley.

76. Smashers: Cute!

77. Twisters: This is an easy team name.

78. Serves You Right: It does, indeed.

79. Block and Awe: This is a play on the phrase, “shock and awe.” The other team better watch out with this volleyball team name.

80. Net Results: In basketball, you want nothing but net. In volleyball, you want the opposite, unless you are talking about the other team.

81. Dirty Half Dozen: Dirty Dozen sounds better, but it’s not like you can play with a dozen teammates on the court.

82. Hit the Roof: Cute!

creative volleyball team names

83. Sand Storm: This is for beach volleyball teams.

84. The Fury: Watch out for this team!

85. Heads in the Sand: This is a cute team name for a beach volleyball group, but it doesn’t bode well for your future success.

86. Hitting Bricks: Fun!

87. Civil Disobedients: This is one of the more clever volleyball team names.

88. Diggers With Attitudes: Nice!

89. Ball Busters: This sounds like the team name for a group of girls that regularly takes down co-ed and all-male teams.

90. Blockheads: Fun.

91. Hit-Men: This is a good way to describe your playing style.

92. Folly for Serve: Cute!

93. Tandem Volleyball: This is a cute team name.

94. Fight Club: Even if you lose, you want to go down fighting.

95. Volleybrawler: Hopefully, you focus more on winning on the court than brawling off of it.

96. Junior Slammers: Fun!

97. Protected Sets: This is a cute team name.

98. Sonova Beach: Try saying this one aloud, and you will get what it means.

99. Notorious DIG: This is a cute team name for a notorious team.

100. We Always Get It Up: This sounds like a fun, clever team name for a group of guy players.

101. Sun MicroSpikers: This sounds cute.

102. Dig This!: You definitely should include the exclamation point.

103. Hit-Heads: Fun!

104. Tender Loving Carry: This is a cute team name.

105. Sloppy Sets: Hopefully, only your sets are sloppy. The play on words might make it harder for you to pick up a date after the game is over with.

106. Block Magic: Nice!

107. Bump Uglies: There are a lot of volleyball team names that are variations on bumping, setting or spiking the ball.

108. The Shorties: Use this volleyball team name if all of your players are fairly short.

109. Sizzle Your Pits: Fun!

clever volleyball team names

110. World Domination: First step, you win the game. After that, your next goal is world domination.

111. S*M*A*S*H: We love this team name. It is a play on the popular television show, Mash. If you have never watched that show, stop playing volleyball and go watch it.

112. All-Net: You don’t want to hit the net, but perhaps this team name is describing what will happen to the other team.

113. Death by Bumping: Or death by spiking. Either way, a name like this shows that the other team is going down.

114. Canceled: This is how the other team will feel after you are done playing.

115. Hit and Miss: Hopefully, your team’s main goal is not to win if this is your team name.

116. Victorious Secret: In all honesty, this is probably an excellent team name for just about any sport, but it also works well for a volleyball team.

117. We Showed Up: This does not bode well for your future success if this is your achievement for the entire day.

118. Dig This: We dig it.

119. The Uncardables: This is such a cute team name for your volleyball team.

120. I’d Hit That: Cute.

121. Disqualified: Hopefully, this is not a name that predicts your future.

122. Defaults: This is what you will make the other team do.

123. Clever Beaches: Try saying this team name aloud, and you will get why it is one of the cleverest volleyball team names.

124. Death from Above: The other team had better watch out when you name your team this.

125. Hit Me: Hopefully, no one takes you up on this offer.

126. Net Servers: Your team might need to refocus their game with a name like this.

127. Invasion Volleyball: Watch out for this team!

128. The Triple Hits: Or the Triple Threats. Either name would work well.

129. Prime Time Players: Nice!

130. Size Matters: This definitely sounds like the name of a group of guy players who have a bit of an ego. Or just wishful thinking.

131. Will Work For Sets: Cute!

132. Death at the Net: This describes what will happen to the other team.

133. Pink Panthers: Fun!

134. Joy of Sets: Say this aloud. It is a play on a popular book title.

135. Mustangs: This is always a good name for a sporting team.

136. Shoot to Thrill: This is a fun play on words that is one of the more clever volleyball team names.

137. Volleyball Stars: Show off your all-star volleyball team with a name like this.

138. Full of Hits: Say this aloud, and you will quickly understand the play on words.

139. True Volleyball Story: What will your team’s story become?

140. Bad News: When you walk onto the court, the other team is thinking that they just walked into some bad news.

141. We Can’t Dig: The other team is not going to be afraid of you with a team name like this.

142. Two Blocks Away: Before long, your team will get the blocks it needs to succeed. You just have to keep trying.

143. Elite Volleyball: This is a fairly standard volleyball team name.

144. Game On: This is the type of name that shows everyone that your team is ready to play and plans on winning.

145. Hitlist: The other team is on your hit list.

146. Chaos: Hopefully, this is not how your team looks on the court.

147. Setting Ducks: This is how the other team will feel once you start playing with them.

148. Touch and Go: This does not bode well for your playing success.

149. Block or Bleed: This shows that your team has a do or die mentality when it comes to playing a match.

150. Natural Disasters: For teams that bring disaster wherever they go.


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