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Walk Away To Get Him Back


We have all been in situations where we like or love someone, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. They just aren’t into us the same way we are into them. Or at least they aren’t anymore that is. And we then can become frustrated. How can we possibly get their attention? What can we do that will get them to reciprocate our feelings? Should we walk away?

leave him alone he'll come back

The answer?

It’s yes. Sometimes stepping away from something is the only way to get it to work in the end. This can be applied to many things, but it can be especially useful when it comes to relationships. Walking away from someone you like or love might be the answer to getting him back. How? Well, we can explain that but you have to keep reading! Now, be prepared, because if you really like him, this is not going to be easy. You have to stay strong. Remind yourself that this is the only option left! Because if you are out here searching for this answer, then you must be at a point where you have exhausted all of your other options.

Why Does Walking Away Work?

We know why you might be a little bit confused by this. You might be thinking, ‘Doesn’t walking away just lead him to think that I don’t want him anymore. Won’t this be the nail in the coffin?

Yes and no.

Yes, he will think that this is the nail in the coffin, but that is exactly why it works. This entire time that you have been chasing him, you have been making yourself much too available to him. Therefore he does not think that you are going anywhere. You are always an option to him and, as far as he knows, you always will be. Walking away from him will let him know that you are no longer playing games. That he can’t have you anytime he wants. And surprisingly this is going to make him put a little more effort into getting you back. Why? Because we always want what we can’t have.

When you give yourself to him too easily, it becomes less fun for him. He might be the type of guy who prefers the chase. And without a little bit of a chase, he just isn’t interested.

So you have to make him go after you a little bit by walking away from him. This is how you will get him back. In most cases anyways. Some cases are not salvageable. But most are. So keep your chin up, doll.

We also said no, it won’t be the nail in the coffin. He will just think it is. It doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship, but at this time that is the idea that you are going to want to put in his head. Essentially we are going to fake him out with this tactic. And, yes, it WORKS!

How Do You Effectively “Walk Away”?

It isn’t going to be as easy as we know you would like it to be. But it is not impossible and we have faith you can do it. Follow these simple steps and soon he will be chasing after you like you are the best thing to ever have come into his life.

i walked away and he came back

Do Not Text/Call Him

We know this is going to be terribly difficult for you, but you must not give into temptation. Stop communicating with him. If you are texting or calling him on a daily or even weekly basis he is going to know that you are totally still into him. You want  him to believe that you are no longer interested in a guy like him. So stop. Lose his number!

Ignore His Texts/Calls

And if he calls or texts you- Do not respond! If you choose to respond, be very vague and disinterested in what he says. And do not  reply to each and every thing. Only respond to one out of every five messages he sends to you.

Tell Him You’re Busy

Even if you aren’t busy, tell him you are! He will start to realize that you are moving on and living your life without him. Let him know that you are spending time with other guys and your friends. And that the last thing on your mind is him!

Show Disinterest In His Life

Once he catches wind of your disinterest in him, he is going to start putting a whole lot more effort into grabbing your attention. Don’t let him. Not yet anyways. Be unphased by the news he tells you about his life!

Use Less Social Media

He is going to start going wild if he doesn’t know what’s going on in your life. You might have been posting a lot to social media previously, but now is the time to stop. This will make him curious and he will soon be texting you to see what you are up to!

These steps are simple, but they work!


  1. He has been acting weird,so we got into an argument and I texted him that I quit, is been one week no reply from him… I don’t understand why he kept silent

    • If he is still silent, it is either because he needs space or the relationship is over for good. Sometimes, saying “I quit” is impossible to come back from. Some people do not ever get over a relationship ending and refuse to get back together, so it is possible that he is one of these people. He may also expect you to apologize and make the first move because he may currently think that things are completely over and doesn’t want to annoy you. The next step is entirely up to you.


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