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120 Walking Team Names


Sometimes, you need a group of people to help you get motivated. Walking every day sounds easy at first, but sooner or later you run into a day when you just do not want to get out of bed. When you have other people to walk with you, it is much easier to motivate yourself. Even if you do not want to exercise, you know that you have to meet the rest of your teammates.

If you have made a walking team to motivate yourself, you need to think of the right walking team names. These could be funny names or motivational names that help describe your group. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of 120 different walking team names you can use.

walk team names

1. Call Me a Cab: After a long walk, this might be the first thing you say when you are done.

2. Original Roads Scholars: You are quite literally a road scholar if you spend all of your time walking on the road.

3. Sole Survivors: This sounds like an inspirational walking team name.

4. A Dozen Disco Divas: Obviously, this name will work best if you can get 12 ladies to join your running team.

5. Rapid Thigh Movement: At night, you go through a stage of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is a play on that. Honestly, I’m not sure if you could ever call my walking speed rapid though.

6. The Fat and the Furious: Get furious and the fat will melt off. Soon, your walking team name will just be the Furious.

7, Dozen Dashing Dames: I think this is one of the walking team names that would give me an ego boost.

8. School of Walk: This is a play on the School of Rock. Personally, I think it is one of the cutest walking team names.

9. Han Non-Solo: Once you are on a walking team, you will not be solo anymore.

10. The Poor Unfortunate Soles: My soles certainly agree with this team name.

11. The Cereal Killers: Take this literally. Kill the cereal and sweets from your diet. It’s time to start walking!

12. Charge of the Lemmings: I think this team name was based on the classical composition, Charge of the Valkyries.

13. A Case of Winey Women: This reminds me of Sherlock Holmes chapter titles, so it is one of my favorite walking team names.

14. Road Kill Grill: I am not quite sure what this team name is going for.

15. The Holistic Chicks: Take a holistic approach to your life by adopting walking as an exercise.

16. Mixed Bag of Nuts: I feel like this is the name of a walking group of primarily guys.

17. Mountain Rangers: If you like to walk up mountains, you could use this name. I would also personally like to ask why.

18. Gator Bait: This is for the walking teams that are in the Everglades.

19. Moon Over My Hammies: This is one of the cutest walking team names.

20. Walk the Walk: You first got to walk the walk before you can talk the talk.

21. WTF? Where’s the Finish?: This is exactly how I feel in any running race.

22. Banking on a Cure: This is good for walking teams that compete in races to support cancer research.

23. Scrambled Legs: This is certainly how my legs feel after walking too much!

24. Sugar Shakers: Get rid of the sugar and start walking!

25. Pimp My Stride: Got stride?

walking challenge team names

26. Soleful Strutters: I think this is an absolutely adorable walking team name.

27. Making Strides: With each stride, you get much closer to your fitness goals.

28. Elvis Has Left The Van: And so have you!

29. Sole Train: You can make so many different names using plays on the words “soul” and “sole.”

30. Quads of Fury: If I am walking up mountains, this is certainly how my quads feel.

31. Wood to Coast: This could describe your daily walk.

32. Sole Sisters: You go, girl!

33. Knights of the Buffet Table: This could be used as a reminder of why you are actually walking in the first place.

34. Dude . . . Where’s My Van?: This is a play on the movie title, although it also describes how I feel after a very long walk.

35. Law & Disorder: I think this is one of the more fun walking team names, although it does not actually reference anything related to walking.

36. Hot Mother Truckers: This is a PG version of a very explicit team name.

37. Strangers in the Night: This is for walking teams that use sites like meet-up to get strangers to walk together.

38. Lactic Acid Droppers: If you skipped dairy in your new diet, this could be your team name. Plus, it makes you sound fairly hip and edgy because of the reference to dropping acid.

39. Coast Busters: This is for walking teams that like to walk along the coast.

40. Take a Hike: Most people do not mean this literally, but your walking team does.

41. Team Victorious Secret: You have the secret for becoming victorious.

42. Never Say Never: You have to walk before you can run. Right now, you are taking the first step toward a healthier, happier you.

43. Tenderfoots: This is certainly how my feet feel!

44. Swift Justice: Swift is not the term I would use to describe my walking style.

45. Sole Mates: This is one of the sweetest walking team names.

46. Agony of De Feet: As long as you keep walking, you might experience the agony of de feet without having to experience the agony of defeat.

47. It’s All Gouda!: That’s what all of my extra pounds say. Cheese is my downfall. If someone could make a diet based on just cheese, I would sign up today.

48. Tater Trots: This is a cute team name.

49. The Pace Makers: This is a fun team name for all of those walkers out there.

50. In Agony But Looking Good: While not the most motivational name, it does get extra points for being true.

good name for a walking team

51. Another Bad Idea: This is how I felt about my first marathon.

52. 12 Pack O’ Whoop Ass: Enough said.

53. Chafing the Dream: Skip chasing the dream and start by chafing your dreams.

54. Hell Hath No Fury: Walk away that fury!

55. Far From the Van Again: This is how I feel on every out-and-back run. For some reason, my mind never understands that if I run a long way in one direction, I’ll have to run back sooner or later.

56. Too Stupid to Stop: I hate to say it, but this might describe me.

57. Manic Mommies: This is for teams of mothers who walk together.

58. Chemochameleons: I think this describes people who walk for cancer research or who walk with fellow cancer survivors.

59. Glucose Patrol: Beware the glucose!

60. Go Nads: This would be a motivational team name for a group of guy walkers.

61. Run Like the Winded: Unfortunately, this team name describes my running style fairly accurately.

62. Keep on Truckin’: Don’t give up!

63. Blister Sisters: This is one of the best walking team names for a group of lady walkers.

64. Running for Shelter: When your walk is rained out, this is an apt team name.

65. The Newlyweds, the Over‐Feds, and the Nearly‐Deads: This covers just about everyone, right?

66. Too Inspired to Be Tired: I feel like this is just untrue.

67. Terror in Meatspace: Your extra meat will run in terror if you keep up the walking!

68. Happy Feet: My feet rarely feel happy after a long walk, but I guess this is intended to just be inspirational and cute. Realistic? Not so much.

69. Nerd Herd: This is a cute team name.

70. Ants in the Pants: That would certainly explain the speed walkers out there!

71. Chicks With Kicks: I think this is an adorable name option.

72. Phat Chicks: You might start out as the “fat chicks,” but your walking will make you into the “Phat Chicks.” (Pretty Hot and Tantalizing)

73. Law and Odor: Unfortunately, this describes me after a walk on a hot day.

74. Together We Perspire: Together, indeed.

75. Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts: I think this would work for a walking team that is mostly guys.

clever walking team names

76. Slow Motion to the Ocean: Slow motion is just my style!

77. Little Steps of Hope: Each step is a little bit closer to your goals!

78. Pink Ribbon Racers: This is a cute name if you like to run (or walk) for a cause.

79. Dark Nights of the Sole: I love this play on words.

80. Team Hope: This is another name that is great for people who like to run for a particular cause.

81. The Young and the Rest of Us: This is such a cute name.

82. Tramps Like Us: This works on two levels.

83. Coastbusters: If you like to walk along the coast, this is a good team name. It is a play on the film, “Ghostbusters.”

84. Your Pace or Mine?: Your place or mine?

85. Thong Distance Runners: If you like to walk in flip-flops, use this name.

86. I Believe in Miracles: If you keep walking, you can make your own miracles.

87. Pushin’ Tushins’: This one gets bonus points for rhyming.

88. In It to Thin It: Another rhyming name that is also a cute walking team name.

89. I Thought This Was a 5k!: This is the worst feeling ever. When I did my first marathon, I forgot that it was 26.2 instead of 26 miles. That was the worst 0.2 miles ever.

90. Walking Wounded: I hope that this rarely describes you.

91. Chafed Junk: This is a team name for guys.

92. Road Trash: Hopefully, this is not true.

93. The Young and the Wreckless: I love this team name.

94. Out Chasing Booty: Keep walking and the booty will be yours!

95. Off Like a Prom Dress: You must be pretty fast to have this walking team name.

96. Molasses Man and the Raiders of the Lost Toenails: If I ever lose a toenail from walking, I’m out.

97. Captain Underpants and the Wild Wedgies: This is cute, although a bit too long to actually use.

98. Retired Hooters Girls: You go, girl!

99. Four Score & Seven Blisters Ago: This is a play on the Gettysburg Address, but it certainly describes what my feet look like after a long walk.

100. T-Wrecks: This is cute.

names for walking teams

101. Young Tarts and Old Farts: I like this name for being cute and for rhyming.

102. Tears for Beers: If I have to walk so hard I cry, there had better be some beers at the end.

103. Got Legs?: Cute and to the point. I like it.

104. Six Cheeks to the Wind: This is a play on the phrase, “Six sheets to the wind.” It would be ideal for a group of six walkers.

105. Something Wicked This Way Runs: I think that this is one of the most adorable walking team names on this list.

106. Team Por Que: That is exactly how I feel before, during and after a long walk.

107. Half Fast: Half-fast or half-past?

108. We’re Bringing Sexy Back!: If you keep walking, this inspirational team name will be entirely true before long.

109. Smells Like Team Spirit: It smells like something—that’s for sure.

110. Team Kickin’ Asphalt: Keep kicking the asphalt, and you will reach your walking goals.

111. Luke Skywalkers: This is perfect for walkers who are also Star Wars fans.

112. Dead on Arrival: This is how I feel after a long walk or run.

113. These Boots Were Made for Walkin’: If you choose this walking team name, you will automatically get a theme song for your group.

114. Blood, Sweat and Beers: You have to work through the blood and sweat before you can get to the beers.

115. Walking Warriors: This is a motivational name.

116. Gently Rollin’ Hills My Ass: This is exactly how I feel about even the tiniest of hills. If there is an incline, my attitude declines.

117. Holy Walkamolies: I absolutely love this one. This might be in my top five favorite walking team names on this list.

118. The Quick and the Dead: I’m firmly in the second category.

119. The Walkie Talkies: This works well if you like to talk as you walk.

120. Pavement Princesses: This is a great walking team name for a group of ladies who walk together.


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