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10 Warfare Prayers


Modern life is so hectic, that we all are guilty of forgetting to start our day off with a prayer. When you skip a breakfast, your grumbling stomach reminds you to eat. While your soul might not growl or grumble, it feels just as hungry for spiritual nourishment. Throughout the day, you will confront many spiritual trials where you have to make the right choice and act in a godly manner. By starting your day with prayer, you can make sure that you have the strength you need to make it through the day.

These warfare prayers are designed for spiritual warfare. Their goal is to give us strength so that we can face whatever comes our way during the day. It is similar to the way knights use to put on armor before they went into battle. These spiritual warfare prayers are meant to keep you safe and strong so that you can resist any temptations throughout the day. Before you get out of bed or as you make breakfast, say one of these prayers to help protect your heart, mind and soul from everything that you may encounter during the day.

Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayers

1. Heavenly Father, I worship and praise you in all things. I pray for protection from the world as I surrender my spirit completely to you. Each part of my life is for you to use for your greater glory. I stand against all of Satan’s workings and anything that would hinder me from growing closer to the true and living God. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I reject Satan, all of the demons and any temptation in my life. Lord, you are worthy of all glory, honor and praise. I come to you for guidance and support. No matter what spiritual warfare I encounter during the day, guide me and protect me from all harm so that I may continue to work for your greater glory on earth. Amen.

2. Lord, I am thankful for your love and mercy. Through Jesus Christ, our sins were forgiven. You sent your only son into the world to give us strength and eternal life. Help me to follow Christ’s path in life. When I am confronted by evil and spiritual warfare, help me to be strong and steadfast. Thank you for being my daily source of strength and help. Amen.

3. O Lord, I pray that you will open my eyes to your greatness and infinite love. Help me to follow your example and to love everyone as you do. When wicked spirits and evil powers try to work against me, give me the strength to confront temptation and to follow you. I am thankful for the great victory that Jesus Christ won on the cross. In his honor, I strive to follow you in truth and righteousness. Help me to be your servant on earth and to follow you in all ways.

4. Lord, thank you for the armor you have given me to protect me during the day. I wear the breastplate of truth, the sandals of peace, the girdle of salvation and the helmet of righteousness. Help me to be shielded by my faith from the evil one. Use your power against the forces of the evil one so that I may continue to love, know and serve you better. Amen.

5. Heavenly Father, I believe in your word, so I choose to live each and every day in the light of your word. I choose to be obedient to you so that I can enjoy greater fellowship with yourself. If I have offended you in any way, I ask that you open my eyes to it. I pray that you will work in my life so that Satan cannot gain a foothold against me. Reveal any of my weaknesses to me so that I may learn strength. Arm me with your love, hope and strength as I battle the evil one. Guard my heart today and for always so that I may always serve you. Amen.

One warfare prayer

6. Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for my sins. As a child of God, I am holy, strong and redeemed. The enemy has not rights to me. Through your strength, I know that the evildoer cannot touch me. The blood of Christ cleansed my from my sins, so I no longer have to live under condemnation. Thank you for saving me through your grace.

7. As I start this day, I pray that you will fill me with your holy spirit. No matter what spiritual warfare or attacks I encounter during the day, cover me with your protecting wings. Keep me safe from all harm. You have said in Isaiah 54:17 that weapons formed against your servants shall never prosper, and tongues that rise against us in judgment shall be condemned. Help me to only say the words you want me to say and only act in the ways that you wish. Through your power, strengthen me for any struggle that I may face during the day. Amen.

8. Lord, help me to do your will throughout the day. Bless everything I put my hand to and help all of the peoples of the world to love and know you better. Guide me during the day so that every word I say or deed I do is done in your honor. Thank you for guiding me and protecting me from all obstacles. Amen.

9. Heavenly Father, help me to have a spirit of gratitude for all of my blessings in life. Thank you for granting me salvation so that I may hope of living one day with you in eternal life. Protect me from the evil one. When I am tempted, guide me and help me to reject sin in all forms. Amen.

10. Father, grant me the spiritual armor I need today. Protect me from all harm and support me when I stand before the enemy. Cover my heart and mind so that I do not fall into sin. When the evil one tempts me through his lies, open my eyes so that I can see your truth. Help me to stand firm against the devil so that I may share your good news with everyone. Amen.


  1. God bless you… thank you for this messages of hope…. it restores my faith and keeps me going….. more Grace

    • Thank you for sharing your positive and supportive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Milka!


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