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Top 200 A-Z Warrior Names From All Over The World


Ever wonder the names of the bravest warriors planet has hold within history? Here in this document I will show you 200 of the world’s best warriors name. In former and specific time a warrior was a brave/experience soldier or fighter, a person commonly engaged to experience warfare, struggle or any sort of conflict.

They committed their life to a specific ideal. They would fight with all their humanity and some of them would even lose families, limbs and friends, but when it comes to ideals, nothing else matters than the ideal itself.

This is what you call sacrifices.

Here are the warrior names from A to Z you’ve been looking for.


  • Agro: A Celtic word that means: “Battle, slaughter.”
  • Aindrea: The Scottish form of the Greek name “Andreas” that means “man, warrior.”
  • Alaois: Means “famous warrior,” Is the Irish form of the French “Aloys.”
  • Alvar: From the Anglo-Saxon “Ælfhere,” that means “elf army.”
  • Ardeshir: Derived from the Old Persian “Artachshatra,” meaning “great warrior.”
  • Ares: Son of Zeus and Hera.
  • Arluin: From the Norman French “Herluin.” It means: “noble friend” or “noble warrior.”
  • Armel: It means “warrior prince” or “bear chief.” It is the French form of “Arthfael.”
  • Artaxerxes: Greek and means “great warrior” or “lion king.”
  • Achilles: Greek, a warrior who fought in the Trojan War.
  • Alcibie: Greek, name to refer a female Amazon warrior.
  • Alexander: A Greek name, it means defender of man.


  • Blair: From any of the places in Scotland. The name refers to a “Battlefield.”
  • Bellatrix: The third brightest star in the constellation Orion, the Latin for “a female warrior.”
  • Boian: A Slavic name used by the Romanians, it means: “battle, warrior”
  • Bhaltair: From the Old High German “Walthere” that means “ruler of the army.”
  • Boris: A Russian name meaning “small,” taken to be “fighter, warrior.”
  • Baron: A person with a rank which is designated by an overlord to held any task.
  • Bandi: From the Hungarian “András.” It means “warrior, man.”
  • Bogatyr: It means “hero, warrior.” It is a spelling from Russian language.
  • Borislav: A composed Slavic name, using the elements of bor- “battle” and slav- “glory.”
  • Bushi: A term for a Samurai, Japanese.


  • Cahal: Irish Gaelic “Gathal” that means “battle ruler.”
  • Cuauhtemoc: Emperor of the Aztecs. Made Hernan Cortés’s life extremely difficult.
  • Clancy: Irish origin, means “son of Flannchadh,” an ancient Irish name meaning “red warrior.”
  • Cahir: From the variant spelling of Cathaoir, it literally means “warrior.”
  • Cathal: It means “mighty warrior.”
  • Cahira: Irish female given name that means “warrior.”
  • Chester: Derived from the city named Chester from the Latin Castra that means “legionary camp.”
  • Chien: The Vietnamese word for “warrior, fighter.”
  • Cronos: In the Greek mythology he was the supreme god until dethroned by Zeus.
  • Cochise: Leader of the Chihuicahui, in North America.
  • Chlothar: The German for “loud warrior.”
  • Ctibor: It means “battle of honor.” It comes from the Polish Czcibor.
  • Clodoveo: A name from Spain, it means “famous warrior.”
  • Clovis: From the German Hlodovic, means “famous warrior.”


  • Donnchadh: Means “brown warrior” in Gaelic Irish.
  • Drew: The short version of English Andrew. It means “man, warrior.”
  • Duilius: Means “war” in Roman Latin.
  • Dries: The short form of the Dutch Andries, meaning “man, warrior.”
  • Dreng: A free tenant who held under a partly military and partly servile in ancient Northumbria.
  • Dieter: Old German composed name that means “warrior of the people.”
  • Didi: The pet name form of the one above.
  • Duncan: From the word Donnchadh, it means “dark or dark haired, or dark warrior.”
  • Demostrate: A Greek name composed with the elements such as demou- “of the people” and stratos- “army.”
  • Dalibor: The Czech meaning of “distant battle.”


  • Earl: A name that has suffered the waves of evolution, from the Old English that means “nobleman, prince, warrior.”
  • Ernest: The English for “battle to death, serious business.”
  • Einar: From the Old Norse, a name given to warriors who died in battle and ascended to Valhalla in Norse mythology.
  • Enre: The Hungarian form of the Latin “man, warrior” (Andreas).
  • Eskiminzin: A local chief of the group Aravaipa band in western apache during the Apache War.
  • Ermanno: Italian form of the German “Hermann” that means “army man.”
  • Eferhilda: The English meaning will direct towards: “bear or warrior maiden.”
  • Eudeyrn: Old Celtic variant of Cadeyrn, meaning “battle lord.”
  • Erle: From the English Earl. It means “nobleman, warrior, and prince.”
  • Eibhear: From the Old Norse Ivarr, meaning “bow warrior.”
  • Einarr: Old Norse composed name that means “lone warrior.”


  • Finn: In Irish legend, is a leader of the Fenian warriors and the father of Ossian.
  • Flamma: An Ancient Roman gladiator.
  • Fenyang: An African baby name and it means “conqueror.”
  • Flannchadh: Irish Gaelish compoused name using the elements of Flann- meaning “red” and cath- meaning “battle, war.” It can be translated into “Redwarrior.”
  • Finian: It is an Irish baby name meaning “Fair.”


  • Gába: Pet form of Czech Gabirel meaning “man of God” or “warrior of God.”
  • Gabirel: From the Hebrew Gabriyel meaning “God is my strength.”
  • Gabriel: The Anglicized form of the Greek Gabriel meaning “man of God” or “warrior of God.”
  • Gedeon: The Russian form of the Hebrew name Gidown meaning “cutter down” or “mighty warrior.”
  • Gianluigi: An Italian composed name using the Gianni- “God is gracious” and Luigi “famous warrior.”
  • Gundisalv: From Nordic mythology is a word composed by two elements. They together will refer to “battle genius; war elf.”
  • Gunnar: Scandinavian form of the Gunnarr. It means “soldier warrior.”
  • Galtero: A Spanish baby name that means “strong warrior.”
  • Geraldo: A Spanish baby name that means “the one who rules by the spear.”
  • Gurgintius: Name of the legendary king of the Britons. It vomes from the name Gurganus, meaning “ferocious warrior.”
  • Gunter: From the Danish Gunther, it means “soldier, warrior.”
  • Geronimo: An American apache Indian chief.


  • Herebeorht: The Anglo-Saxon equivalent of Old High German Heribert. It means “bright army.”
  • Herb: The English short for the German Herbert, also meaning “bright army.”
  • Harvey: It is an English surname from the old French Hervé meaning “battle worthy.”
  • Harlin: From the Norman French personal name Herluin. It means “noble friend” or “noble warrior.”
  • Hariric: Old German composed name using elements that will translate directly into “power ruler” or “army ruler.”
  • Herman: In Dutch it is the form from the German Hermann, and in English it is a name derived from the Latin Hermanus. Both means “army man.”
  • Harimanna: In German, the name means “warrior maiden.”
  • Hida: A name in German language, it means “warrior.”
  • Hondo: An Egyptian name that means “war.”
  • Hector: The most famous Trojan warrior.
  • Humbert: A Germanic compounded given name. It uses the hun- “warrior” and beraht “bright.”


  • Indra: A Vedic deity in Hinduism, a guardian deity in Buddhism. A god of lightning, thunder, storms and else.
  • Igor: From the Old Norse Yngvi which is a name of a god and/plus herr which means “army.”
  • Ívar: Icelandic form of the Old Norse Ivarr that means “bow warrior.”
  • Ivor: Swedish and Norwegian form of Ivarr.
  • Ingvarr: Variant spelling of the Yngvarr meaning “Ing’s warrior” in the Old Norse.


  • Jari: Pet form of The Finnish Jalmari. It means “helmet-warrior.”
  • Junayd: It means “small army” in Arabic.
  • Jalmari: It is the Finnish form of the Scandinavian Hjalmar. It means “helmet warrior.”
  • Jabari: A masculine name that comes from the Swahili language and means “the brave one.”
  • Jelani: African-American origin. The baby boy name means “Migthy.”


  • Kane: It means “warrior” but it is subject to multiple identities. Cain, a biblical bad boy but in Welsh it means “beautiful,” while in Japanese will mean “golden.”
  • Kilián: Czech form of the Irish Gaelic Cilín which means “little warrior.”
  • Khshayarsha: The variant spelling of the Persian Xsayarsa. It means “great warrior” or “lion King.”
  • Kerbasi: Basque name that means “warrior.”
  • Kemp: Originates from the pre 7th century word “cempa.” It means “champion warrior.”
  • Kedehern: An Old Celtic Variant form of the Welsh Cadeyrn. It means “battle lord.”
  • Kathel: Variant spelling Cathal. This means “battle ruler.”
  • Kijani: From Swahili origin, this name would commonly be given to boys. It means “warrior.”
  • Keon: It possess origins from both Irish and Hebrew, the meaning of Keon will translate to “God is gracious.”
  • Kempe: Derived from the Middle English, Kempe translates into “champion, athlete, and warrior.”


  • Luther: Derived from the Germanic personal name Meaning “people” and “army.”
  • Louise: A baby girl name from French origins. It means “famous warrior” or “renowned fighter.”
  • Lovisa: Placed in the Swedish calendar, the name means “fighter.”
  • Loyce: A German baby name that directly refers to a “renowned warrior.”
  • Lutalo: African American name that means “fighter, warrior.” It is commonly used on boys.
  • Luthais: This is a Scottish baby name. The name means “famous warrior.”
  • Luijzika: A German female name that means “renowned warrior.”
  • Labhaoise: Irish baby name, the meaning of this name is “warrior maiden.”
  • Laran: The meaning of this name is yet unknown. But, there is a male god from Etruscan that holds this name, and he is a god of war.


  • Maia: According to Greek mythology, Maia is a female name from the Greek origin. The name means “great mother.” Also Maori “brave warrior.” In the other hand we encounter the Roman tradition, where we found that she would be an earthly god from springtime. The month May is named in her honor.
  • Marcello: Italian baby name derived from the Latin Marcellus that means “hammer.”
  • Melankomas: An ancient boxer from the area we now call Turkey.
  • Marcella: The feminine version of Marcello, it means “warlike, martial and strong.” The origin is Latin and can also be translated to “young warrior.”
  • Martin: A Latin baby name that means “Of Mars” (the Roman god of war).
  • Marcus Cassius: The toughest Roman ever, decorated Centurion in Cesar’s army.
  • Maximus: An Ancient Roman masculine given name derived from the Latin Maximus meaning “greatest.”
  • Matilda: This name is originated from the Germanic Mahthildis which means “strength in battle.”
  • Marco: An Italian baby name. It is the Italian references towards “mars” the Roman god of war.
  • Murty: A pet name of the English Murdock that means “sea warrior.”
  • Mordecai: A Hebrew baby name, the name in Hebrew means: “Warrior.” Follower, one who worships Marduk, a Babylonian deity.
  • Murchadh: It is originally from Gaelic form meaning “sea warrior.” Nowadays you can hear it as Murphey.
  • Marta: In Hebrew, the name means “the lady.” The Romans would refer to Marta to someone “dedicated to Mars,” due to be a female name given to dedicate the being to the Roman god of war.
  • Martel: A pet name form of English and German usage. It refers towards Martin or Marta.


  • Necalli: Let the Aztec make an appearance over here. The name Necalli is Aztec, and it means “battle.”
  • Naois: A Celtic baby name. The meaning of the name is “mythical warrior.”
  • Nassor: The name Nassor is an Egyptian baby name. The meaning of this name is “Victor.”
  • Neoptolemus: Found as a Greek name in Greek mythology. This name was hold by the son of Achilles. The name is composed with neos- “new,” and polemos “war” which directly translates into “new war.”
  • Nolan: Evolution has adapted this word to a forename use. Anglicized form of O Nualláin meaning “descendant of Nullán” which translates to “little champion” or “little fighter.”
  • Noland: A variant spelling of the English Nolan. It has the same meaning.
  • Noisiu: Of an unknown meaning, this name is a variant form of the Irish Gaelic Naoise. In Mythology, this is the name of the warrior nephew of king Conchobar.


  • Odysseus: A great warrior in the Trojan War.
  • Osiris: This name is the Greek form of the Egyptian Asar which holds an unknown meaning. The Egyptian mythology mentions that Osiris was the god of the dead and the judge of the underworld.
  • Oliver: This name is originated from French; it probably means “elf army.”
  • Ojore: A name used in African American countries, it means “warrior, man of war.” Can refer to someone who was born in war times.
  • Ormarr: Old Norse name that holds the elements such as orm- “serpent” and herr “army.” That leaves us with “serpent army.”
  • Ondrej: The Slovak form of Greek Andreas, meaning “man, warrior.”
  • Osborne: An English name strongly influenced by the Old Norse Asbjorn. The name means “god bear.”
  • Oli: The short version of the English name Oliver.


  • Patton: An English baby name, in this case, the name means “from the warrior’s town.”
  • Perseus: From the Greek mythology, He was the hero who killed the half mortal Medusa. The name orientates a meaning of “destroyer” or “soldier” by profession.
  • Prahasta: You may find this name from the Hindu epic Ramayana. The holder of this name was a powerful rakshasa warrior. He was the chief commander of Ravana’s army of Lanka and son.
  • Pridbor: A Slavic compounded name that translates directly to “foremost warrior.”
  • Ptolemy: The short form of the Greek Ptolemaios that means “aggressive warlike.”


  • Reginhard: An Old German compounded name. Its elements will translate directly towards “wise and strong.” Elements such as: ragin “advice” and hard “brave, hardy.”
  • Ragnar: The Scandinavian version of the German Reginar. The name means “wise warrior.”
  • Ra: The sun god and supreme Egyptian deity. He will be primarily identified with the noon sun.
  • Regner: Danish form of the German Reginar. It holds the same meaning wich is “wise warrior.”
  • Rocky: A name used by the boxing champion Rocky Marciano as an English form of the Italian Rocco (rest) thinking that the name would be suitable as a name of a fighter.
  • Ranjeet: Variant spelling of the Hindi Ranjit, meaning “Victorious in battle.” Would refer to someone who achieves victory when battling or as he grows up within the world.
  • Raiko: The poetic name of Minamoto Yorimitsu, a celebrated Japanese hero of the 11th
  • Razmig: Armenian name that means “fighter.” Suitable for a person how’s duty is to fight.
  • Rinc: An Anglo-Saxon baby name commonly used on boys. The name means “mighty warrior.”


  • Samurai: Any of the members of a powerful military/warrior caste in feudal Japan. Specially one of the daimyos.
  • Serilda: This name is a German baby name. The name in German means “armored battle maiden.” It is a name given to a female.
  • Sinuhe: It is considered one of the finest ancient literature works of Egypt.
  • Shogun: From the feudal Japanese times, a Shogun is a hereditary commander in chief. It was the real ruler of the country until feudalism was abolished.
  • Sostratus: The Latin form of the Greek Sostratos. It means “safe army.”
  • Straton: A Greek name that means “army.”


  • Teutates: Was a Celtic god in ancient Gaul and Britain.
  • Timur Lenk: The Tartar conqueror in southern and western Asia.
  • Takeshi: A masculine Japanese given name. A name used by a notable people such as Takeshi Inoue, mixed martial artist.
  • Thanatos: According to Greek mythology, he was the personification of death. It means “to die, be dying.” He was a minor figure.
  • Taisto: A Finnish name that means “battle.”
  • Tero: The short version of the Finnish Antero. It means “man, warrior.”
  • Takeo: A common masculine Japanese given name that means “warrior, man.”
  • Thane: In Anglo-Saxon England the name will translate to a man who was granted with a land by the king. In Scotland, it will be a man often to be a chief of a clan.
  • Thorir: A given name that means “Thor’s warrior.”


  • Valeska: It is a Slavic baby name. The name means “glorious ruler.”
  • Valtteri: It is a name of Finnish origin. It generally means “ruler of army.”
  • Vercingetorix: A king from the Arverni tribe. The one who united the Gauls in a revolt against Roman forces during Julius Cesar’s Gallic Wars.
  • Valda: This is a Norse baby given name. The meaning of this name is “rules.” The one who rules.
  • Victoria: Is the Latin word for “victory” or “conqueror.” It is used as a feminine from the corresponding Victor. In the Roman mythology, it was the name of the goddess of victory.
  • Victorio: This name in Spanish will mean “conqueror.”
  • Volundr: The Old Norse of German Wieland. It means “war territory” or “battle field.”
  • Víghardur: Icelandic equivalent of Wigheard meaning “hardy warrior.”
  • Vidar: From the Norse mythology. It is a masculine given name shared within Swedish, Danish, Norwegian mythology. Was the son of Odin and Grid meaning “warrior.”
  • Volker: A German baby name that translates to “people’s guard.”


  • Waneta: It is a Native American baby name that means “Charger.”
  • Wigman: An English baby boy name that means “warrior.”
  • Werner: A personal name composed of Germanic element. It will translate to “guard army.”
  • Wido: Ancient Germanic usage will refer to someone who deals with wood.
  • Weit: Dutch and North German personal name. It would be a short and altered version of Wouter, the Dutch form of Walter.
  • Wally: It is a Scottish baby name. The name means “stranger, Welshman.”
  • Waldhar: Of German origin, variant from Waldheri. It means “ruler of army.”
  • Walt: A short version of Walter, an English name that means “ruler of army.”
  • Walthari: An Old High German name composed by elements that will directly mean “ruler of the army.”
  • Warner: An English surname transferred from the German personal name Werner. It means “covered warrior.”


  • Xiahou Dun: A military General who was servant of the warlord Cao Cao in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.
  • Xena: A Greek baby name. It means “hospitable.”
  • Xavier: Male giving name from an Arabic word meaning “bright.”
  • Xandinho: Portuguese diminutive/pet name of Alexandre.
  • Xandra: Dutch short version of Alexandra.


  • Zandra: English baby name meaning “defender of mankind.” Being the feminine version of Alexander.
  • Zelda: A nickname of the feminine name Griselda which originally have meant “dark battle.”
  • Zuberi: An Egyptian baby name that means “Strong.”


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