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15 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend


If you want to keep your romance alive, then you need to find a way to make your girlfriend happy. While fancy dates and romantic, candlelight dinners are always great, it is more important that you take steps every day to show your girlfriend how much you care for her. Little things like sweet notes, a loving text or flowers you picked on your walk to her house are all ways that you can show her that you care and make her happy.

1. Flowers

Most women love flowers. If you want something cute and are on a budget, pick some flowers on your way to her house for a date. You could also do something even cuter. Give her a bouquet of flowers with 11 live flowers and one fake one. When she asks her about the fake one, you can tell her that you will love her until the last flower dies. Plus, she will be able to keep the fake one and the romantic thought that went with it to remind her of you throughout your entire relationship.

2. Show Her You Are Thinking About Her

When it is busy at work, it is understandable that you cannot talk to her or text her all the time. Keep in mind that she is probably thinking about you and wondering why you are not messaging her. At the very least, getting a message from you will bring a smile to her face. Take a picture of yourself as you are leaving work and attach a cute message saying how sad you are that you have to work and can’t spend every moment with her. This will make her smile when she realizes that you are thinking about her, and it will also help her know why you could not text her constantly throughout the day.

3. Plan a Night That Is All About Her

To do this idea, you really have to pay attention to her and spend some time sneakily picking up clues about what she likes and dislikes. When you know what she loves to eat and do, plan an entire day around it. If she loves oysters, red wine and hiking, plan an outing that includes all of those things. If she prefers cuddling and watching a movie after a homemade meal, make her an amazing dinner and snuggle up with her favorite movie. Ladies love a guy who can cook, so you will get extra brownie points for at least trying to make her dinner.

4. Play Her Favorite Song

Most couples end up having a special song that they share together. When she isn’t paying attention, set that song as the alarm clock on her phone. When she wakes up, she will hear your song together. If you really want to make her smile, leave lyrics from the song hidden in notes throughout her house. If you want to make her morning even better, find a love poem or write your own to leave on the pillow next to her.

5. Buy Her Favorite Snack

If you are about to meet her at her house, you can quickly and easily show her that you care. Just buy her favorite snack, treat or coffee to bring to her.

6. Help Out With Chores

Most people hate doing at least one chore at their home. If she hates doing dishes or mopping the floor, do it for her. This is a great option if you are short on cash because it does not require any money. All it takes is a little extra time for you to show her just how much you care about her. Plus, doing one of her chores will mean that she has less stress and more time to spend with you!

7. Make Her Feel Pampered

If she has had a long day at work, pamper her! Give her a foot massage or a back massage. To really make this romantic, light some candles, turn on a movie or music and make her a drink.

8. Shower Messages

If you only have a few seconds to spare, this option is a great one to do. Wait for a day when she is taking a shower as you leave her or your house. While she is in the shower, the mirror will start to steam up. Write a message on the mirror using your finger and then sneak away. When she gets out of the shower, she will smile as she thinks of you.

9. Write in Her Calendar

If your girlfriend uses a calendar, then make notes in it. As long as you are sure that she won’t mind the love notes in her calendar, write a note on every day of the year. Each day, she will open up the calendar to see another loving message from you or a compliment.

10. Make a Scavenger Hunt

Is her birthday coming up? If you are not sure what to get her, pick a bunch of little presents. Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead her from one present to the next. At each stop, she gets another little gift and a clue to the next one. At the last stop in the scavenger hunt, she will find you—and whatever romantic dinner or picnic you have planned in store for her.

11. Change the Wallpaper on Your Cellphone

It is extremely flattering to see your face as the background on someone’s cellphone. Don’t point out to her that you have changed your phone because then it seems forced or unnatural. Instead, let her notice that she is your background randomly. When she does, tell her that you want to be able to see her all the time, even when she is away, so you have her on your phone.

12. Hide Notes in Her Clothes

If you know what she will wear the next day, hide a note in her pocket with a sweet, loving message on it.

13. Write a Love Letter

For an old school romantic technique, writer her a love letter! Instead of leaving it on her pillow, mail it to her with snail mail. She will never expect a letter from you to arrive in the mail, and that will make her even happier and more surprised to open it up to find the love letter.

14. Design a Photo Album or Collage

Make a photo album of her with messages on each page. You can actually design a photo album online with photos of the two of you—if you are short on time, this is a great and fairly cheap option. If you are doing the scavenger hunt in one of the previous tips, this could also double as a present in the hunt.

15. Make a Coupon Book

This is an easy, cheap gift that you can give your girlfriend. Write out coupons for things like a free massage or a romantic dinner. You can also include sexual coupons, chore coupons or other ideas. If you are not sure what she will want, make sure that you include a blend of different options. Just make sure that you are ready to follow through on any of the coupons in the book!


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