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25 Weird Questions To Ask A Girl


Have you run out of things to ask a girl? Ideas running slim? Wishing you could get a little bit weirder (in a good way, of course!) with the conversation? Sometimes things can get kind of boring when you’re asking a girl questions. Have no fear, there are plenty of weird questions you could be asking. That’s right! We have them right here in front of you. No, you don’t have to be dating to ask these questions. Try these on any girl, at any time. Some of these questions are a tiny bit off the wall, but they are more than worth asking. You won’t have to worry about your conversation getting boring for a second. Get thinking outside of the box and ask these 25 definitely weird questions:

Question 1. What is something you absolutely hate with no explanation?

Usually if you find yourself disliking something, there’s a reason. Without the reason, hating something might seem a little weird. That’s why this question gives one of the weirdest vibes.

Question 2. What’s the worse topping to put on a pizza?

Most people only ask what the best topping is to put on a pizza. This question is just as random as it is weird! The safe bet is, however, that most people love pizza like crazy so it’s a great conversation piece.

Question 3. What is your favorite cartoon to watch?

Get a little silly with this one. Get a closer look at her inner child by getting her to discuss her favorite animated cartoon show. This question could open up a doorway to a lot of other questions as well!

Question 4. What’s the most awkward thing you have ever seen on social media?

There is definitely going to be a great story behind this question. Surely there’s more than one embarrassing thing she’s seen on the internet, but try to get her to narrow it down to the absolute most awkward incident. This way you guys can have a few laughs.  

Question 5. If you could pick any animal to talk, which would it be?

C’mon, this question is as bizarre as they come. It’s probably a very uncommon thing to ask and totally worth asking!

Question 6. If you could go to any other planet, where would you go and why?

This one requires a bit more brainpower. You’ll have her discussing what she knows about our solar system and get her imagination running wild.  

Question 7. Your most cringe-worthy memory is…?

Yikes. She’s probably grimacing before you even finish the question but if she answers it’s going to get really quirky and get you both smiling.

Question 8. Where is the weirdest place you’ve found something that didn’t belong there?

There’s bound to be a strange story somewhere there. Maybe she found a raccoon in her shower once. You will really never know unless you ask, will you?

Question 9. If you could transport yourself anywhere in the world in just a blink, where would you go?

Obviously, it’s an unrealistic question because teleportation isn’t a real thing, but it’ll keep the conversation light, fun and filled get the two of you dreaming.

Question 10. Name the craziest thing a relative has done?

This question’s a little weird because no one really likes to discuss the crazy things their relatives do. Once they do though, it’ll liven up things and open the door to other fun, family tales.

Question 11. If you could break any law what would it be?

It gets a little strange when you talk about doing illegal activity, but it keeps things imaginative and fun at the same time. Tell her not to worry and that you promise you won’t turn her, even if it’s just a fantasy.

Question 12. What would you like your funeral to be like?

This question is as eerie as they come but definitely an exciting one to discuss! There’s nothing weirder than talking about your own funeral, we promise.

Question 13. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen at a fast food place?

Maybe she saw two old ladies hitting each other with their walkers over a basket of fries once, who knows?! The fun in whatever anecdote she has in store.

Question 14. Is there a movie seen that still gives you the heebie jeebies?

Everyone’s seen a movie seen that’s creepily impacted them still to this day. Ask this one to find out if you’ve gotten a weird feeling from the same movie, maybe you’ll bond over it!

Question 15. What’s a silly tradition your hometown has?

Some towns do some pretty out of the box things that may surprise you and having both laughing out loud.  

Question 16. If you could destroy one landmark/attraction what would it be?

It could very well be the world’s largest ball of yarn or maybe she can’t stand the statue of liberty. This conversation will more than likely draw out a few giggles.

Question 17. Do you believe in ghosts?

There’s nothing more outlandish than taking up a conversation about the undead and the afterlife. This question is more fun than it is spooky, though.

Question 18. What if you woke up and found out you’d been in a coma for 20 years?

This is definitely a more serious question, because it digs up some disturbing feelings, but getting her to open up on this is going to be entertaining.

Question 19. What’s something you did as a child, that you wish you could do now but can’t?

Some people really just wish they could back to the days where they wore a diaper… Totally kidding, but the answer could surprise you.

Question 20. What food could you eat for 8 days straight?

Why 8 days? Because it’s weird and this is a strange question. And if there is a food she could eat for that long, then that’s definitely crazy, too.

Question 21. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard someone say out loud?

Sure, you two may have touched base on the most awkward thing on social media, but now it’s time to find out the strangest things she’s heard in real life.

Question 22. Who’s your favorite villain?

Usually the question asked is what their favorite superhero is. Switch it up and find out her favorite thing about all things evil.

Question 23. If you could be a sea creature, which one would you be?

Get real about the deep blue sea with her for a minute. Find out what aquatic creature she admires the most and would love to be. Maybe even tell her what you would be.

Question 24. Would you rather have a head the size of a pear or of a watermelon?

This question may be odd and slightly pointless, but who doesn’t love a silly would you rather question?

Question 25. Was there a time where you literally “read a book by it’s cover” and judged someone based on their appearance?

This one is a bit cringe-worthy. No one really enjoys talking about the times when they were a tad bit shallow, but it’s a great question to ask nonetheless.


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