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Weird Things Guys Do When They Have a Crush


Everyone expresses their feelings differently. When it comes to a crush, most people have a problem playing it cool. He is infatuated with you, and just being around you takes his breath away. He wants to act calm and collected around you, but he can’t help it. There are a number of weird things guys do when they have a crush. They want to win your affection, but they just aren’t sure how to move forward without scaring you off.

1. Avoid Your Eyes

This actually goes either way. If he has a crush, he may stare at you constantly when you are not looking because he cares about you so much. Likewise, he may do the exact opposite. He is afraid that you will realize that he likes you if he stares, or he may be afraid that you will find him creepy. Either way, he might try to avoid your eyes. He may even do this so much that you think he hates you instead of likes you.

2. He Shows Off by Doing Stupid Things

When a guy likes you, he wants you to think that he is attractive, smart and super amazing. He will tell you all of the best things about himself and boast about all of the amazing things that he has done. If someone dares him to do something, he will do whatever it is so that you do not think that he is a chicken. It is a stupid thing to do, but he can’t help it.

3. He Never Talks to You

Rejections are tough. Guys are just like girls when it comes to fearing a rejection. He doesn’t want to be rejected, and he also does not want to come across as too pushy. When some guys like you, they will actually avoid talking to you. He can’t be natural because he cares about you, and he is afraid you will realize how he feels immediately if he actually talks to you. Obviously, this plan could backfire because you could easily think that he hates you.

4. He Waits for an Hour or Two to Text You Back

The last thing he wants to do is seem over-eager or clingy. When you text him, he is striving to play it as cool as possible. Instead of immediately texting you back and seeming over-eager, he holds off and waits to respond.

5. He Flirts With Other Girls

Guys who do this are either immature or manipulative, so you should generally stay away from them. This is, however, one of the weird things guys do when they have a crush. He is hoping that flirting with someone else will make you jealous and interested in him. This plan tends to backfire. At the very least, it means you start off a relationship mired in jealousy, which is never a good foundation for a healthy partnership.

6. He Becomes Your Friend

As a girl, I can tell you how much it hurts to realize some (or all) of your guy friends are only friends because they wanted to date you. Unfortunately, this is often the case. Even if he decides that he likes being friends with you and wants to remain just friends in the future, he may have initially become friends because he wanted to hang out with you and win your affection. This plan can backfire if you actually thought he wanted to just be friends, which can make things awkward for both of you.

7. He Drinks Too Much

Talking to your crush can be terrifying. When you like someone, it seems impossible that they could ever like you back. While it is never a good idea, some people use alcohol or drugs to calm their nerves. They want to relax enough to talk to you and flirt with you. Initially, this may even work. For a few minutes or hours, he is “in the zone” and able to flirt with you confidently as his liquid courage takes effect. Before long, he has consumed too much alcohol and become a sloppy drunk.

8. He Grows Silent Whenever You Are Around

Right now, he is talking and laughing in a group of friends. When you walk up, he suddenly falls silent. You think that he must hate you a lot to avoid talking around you, but that might not be the case. Sometimes, it is just too hard to talk around your crush. He isn’t even talking to you, but he still can’t think of anything to say. Your very presence intimidates him and makes him worried about whether he is saying the right thing. While he wants to be interesting and fun to talk to when you are nearby, he just cannot get over his nerves and relax.


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