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51 Whale Puns


Whale puns and jokes can be a lot of fun. Whether you just love sea life or actually work with whales, these whale puns can crack everyone up. You can use the whale puns to inspire your own jokes or just steal a few of your favorites from this list.

Whale pun

Whale Puns

1. Did you hear about the killer whale that could fly? They say it’s really a whale of a tale.

2. What happens when you blend a whale and an elephant? You get a submarine with a built-in snorkel.

3. What is a whale’s favorite kind of candy? Blubber gum.

4. What did the brother whale call its baby sister? Little Squirt!

5. What do whales love to eat for lunch? Fish and ships.

6. How are a marine biologist and a dog similar? One likes to wag a tail and the other tags a whale.

7. Why was the boy banned from going to Sea World? Because he tried to Free Willy.

8. Have you ever seen a fish cry? No, but I’ve seen a whale blubber.

9. How can you circumcise a whale? You use four-skin divers.

10. How do a group of killer whales make a decision? They just flip a coin.

11. How do fish travel across the ocean? They just whale (hail) a cab.

12. How do you weigh a whale? You take it to the whale weigh station.

13. What type of whale can fly? Pilot whales.

14. I heard a whale pun the other day. It was a real killer.

15. What did the fish say to the whale? What are you blubbering on about?

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16. What is a whale’s favorite movie? The Humpback of Notre Dame.

17. Why did the whale decide to cross the road? It wanted to get to the other tide.

18. Hey, baby, do you like whales? Because we could always humpback at my place.

19. Why wouldn’t the doctor let the orca leave the hospital? He wanted to make sure that he was whale rested.

20. What do you call a whale that has a bad stomach virus? A be-loogie.

21. What time is it when a whale crashes into a boat? Time to buy a new boat.

22. What happens when you mix a whale and a cow? You get Sha-Moo.

23. Why was the whale arrested? His alibi was a bit too fishy.

24. How can you make fish laugh? You just tell then a whale of a tale.

25. Where did the killer whale go to get braces? The orca-dontist.

26. What is the investment banker’s favorite kind of fish? White whales.

27. What do orcas watch when they have a party? Whale of Fortune.

28. What is the saddest animal in the ocean? The blue whale.

29. What do orcas do when they see a bunch of fish? They line up and go in for the krill.

30. What is a whale’s favorite James Bond movie? License to Krill.

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31. Why was the little whale failing his class at school? He really had a lot on his brine.

32. What did the polite young orca tell the kind man? You’re whale-come.

33. Who named the sperm whale? Seamen.

34. Why was the young whale so popular with all of his ladies? It must have been his kriller personality.

35. What did the orca right on his Valentine’s Day card? Whale you be mine?

36. Why did the two whales decide to break up? They were just drifting apart.

37. How did the barber advertise his underwater barber shop? He made a sign that said, “We help shave the whales.”

38. Why is it always a good idea to party with a group of orcas? They really know how to have a whale of a time and a killer night out.

39. What do you call a grandpa whale? A hunchback whale.

40. Why are whales great hackers? They are great at breaching security.

41. Did you hear about the boxing whale? He was really popular until his promoter told him to take a dive.

42. What should you do with a blue whale? Cheer it up, of course!

43. What do you call a pod of whales who play music? An orca-stra.

44. What did the mother orca tell her babies after she saw the fisherman? Don’t worry because everything whale be alright.

45. Why are whales at Seaworld the smartest sea animals in the world? Because within three hours of arriving, they can train a human to stand at the side of their pool and feed them.

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46. Should you be worried about the spot on the whale’s tail? No because it’s just a flue.

47. What did the little whale say after breaking a vase? I didn’t do it on porpoise!

48. What is an orca’s favorite kind of nut? Whalenuts.

49. How do dolphins travel on land? They use the whaleway lines.

50. What do you call an ocean with security cameras? An Orwhaleian nightmare.

51. Why are whales great at playing baseball? They really know how to dive for the ball.


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