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What a Man Is Thinking When He Ignores You


Nothing is worse than being ignored. The only thing that makes it even worse is when the person ignoring you is supposed to be the most important person in your life. When your significant other stops listening to you, you start to wonder if there is a reason for it. If he always listened to you and suddenly stopped, then you are right to be a bit concerned if there is no obvious reason for his behavior. If he has always ignored you like this, then it is just the same thing happening all over again. Still, you may wonder what a man is thinking when he ignores you all the time. Does he not care or is he just distracted?

Depending on the way he acts and how he normally acts, a man may be thinking different things when he ignores you. We will cover some of the most common reasons why he might be ignoring you.

What a Man Is Thinking When He Ignores You

1. He Is Distracted

One of the most obvious reasons why he might be ignoring you is because he is distracted. He might be busy at work or be experiencing a major problem with his family. Something is taking up all of his focus, so he is not able to pay attention to you completely. Think through everything he has said about his day and what you know about his life right now. If you know that he is busy or stressed out about something, then do not worry. He is just distracted and will be able to focus on you better later on.

2. He Is Tired

Whenever you are totally exhausted, it is much harder to pay attention. Your mind can barely stay awake, so you cannot even try to focus on what someone is saying. If your guy normally pays attention to you, then suddenly ignoring you might not be anything to worry about. It might just be a sign that he is too tired to pay attention to anything. Even if he is trying really hard to pay attention to you, he just can’t focus because his mind is exhausted.

3. He Is Bored

Men love the excitement of flirting with women and having some fun. If you just started dating a guy, he might be quickly boring of the relationship. Or, you are just doing something boring right now, so he does not know what to do. If he is ignoring your texts or calls, then he might just be bored with the relationship in general. You guys might not have enough common interests for him to feel enthusiastic about the relationship, so he has stopped putting any effort into it.

4. He Was Not Trying to Show His Interest

If you have just met the guy, then ignoring you might be a sign that he is not interested. Initially, he may have thought that you were interesting to talk to and just wanted to be friends with you. As the days progressed, he realized that you had feelings for him and he did not feel the same way. He may have felt uncomfortable or awkward about just telling you how he feels. Instead, he decided to ignore you so that you would take the hint. While it might be childish, it is definitely a sign that he is not interested. While a husband may ignore his spouse from time to time, a new beau is never going to ignore a woman he has yet to woo unless he is not interested.

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5. He Is Angry at You

If you have been dating for a while, then there are other reasons why he might be ignoring you. One of the most obvious and common reasons is because he is upset with you for some reason. Perhaps you made a snide comment that made him upset, or you had an actual argument with him for some reason. Until he has cooled off and forgiven you, he may continue to ignore you.

6. He Is Annoyed

He might not be angry with you, but he could still be annoyed. As you date longer, you gradually get used to each others habits and idiosyncrasies. During this time, it is normal for certain habits to start to weigh on each other. He may be annoyed with the way you eat or something else that you do. If you did not notice that he was annoyed and try to solve the problem, then he may be ignoring you out of anger.

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7. He Is Lost in Thought

When you have something serious to think about, it is normal to ignore someone. It might not be polite, but it is easy for your thoughts to distract you from everything else. If you find that your date or your boyfriend is ignoring you, just ask him what is on his mind. This is the easiest way to find out what he is thinking about and to make sure that there isn’t a more serous reason why he is ignoring you.

Does He Want to End Everything?

When a guy is ignoring you, one of the most common fears is that he wants to break up with you. While this is not normally the case, it can happen. Look at how he normally behaves around you. If he is normally attentive and suddenly stops listening to you, then it is important to figure out why. He might be ignoring you because he is just upset or distracted, but he could also be ignoring you because he wants to end the relationship and just does not know how yet.

If he normally ignores you periodically, then there probably isn’t anything to worry about. As long as it is his normal behavior, it is not a sign of a break up or anything more serious. Some guys just have a habit of ignoring other people when they are lost in thought. He might just stop paying attention when you start talking about things that he is not interested. If this is the case, then his actions are not a sign of anything that you should worry about.


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