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What Are Angel Numbers?


Angel numbers are a sign that is thought to be from the angelic realm. If you do not believe in angels, then this concept may seem completely foreign and odd to you. For those who do believe, angelic guidance is all around us. According to believers, angels will answer your prayers by intervening directly. They are thought to give you clear guidance in your life or trigger a healing response. In some cases, they are thought to work in hidden ways to synchronize your life.

For people who believe in angelic guidance, the wisdom of the angels occurs through a subtle, unconscious process. They may appear in a dream or it may be a sudden flash of intuition. You may be given a repetitive thought or just overhear something in passing. For people who believe in this, angels are thought to send signs secretly that they are around you. Angel numbers are thought to be the most common sign sent from angels.

What Are Angel Numbers?

An angel number is a number that occurs in a short sequence. This isn’t just any number though. An angel number is one that seems to stand out during a meaningful time or a number that you keep seeing without knowing why. In normal life, numbers carry meaning. Famously, the entire basis of computers is on strings of 1’s and 0’s. Like anything else in your life, numbers are thought to convey information.

Ancient people saw power in certain numbers. For centuries, numerology was practiced in a variety of societies as a way to divine the future, receive guidance and protect yourself. Today, angel numbers are believe to carry a type of vibration that can provide you with information and guidance. An angel may show you a number in a dream, or it may be given in real life as a way to keep your thoughts and outlook positive.

Some people see angel numbers when they are deep in meditation or prayer. The mind is extremely conducive in this mental state, so it is easier to pick up on messages from the world around us. Sometimes, an angel number is just a reminder that you should reconnect to this mental state and focus on spiritual growth.

You can find angelic numbers by paying attention to the world around you. If you continuously see the same number, it may be for a reason. Relax and pay attention. The world is trying to tell you something, and you just have to be open enough to receive it.

How Angel Numbers Work

An angel number isn’t just a street sign or a number on the house. It could be the number on the clock when you look up or a mile marker that you happened to see as you drove your car. These sequences are deliberate. Your angel or angels are trying to bring your attention to these numbers as a sign that you should focus on something. Each number has a different meaning, so you may have to look it up to find out its interpretation.

While you constantly see numbers in your daily life, many of these numbers are not angel numbers. Instead of assuming that everything is a sign, you should pay attention to the patterns. If the number is important, you will keep seeing it again and again. Any number can be an angel number, but it generally needs to be seen multiple times before you know that it is not just a coincidence. Each number has different vibrational meaning, so you just have to pay attention to grow as a person.

Why Would an Angel Communicate Using Numbers?

This is an excellent question. There is no reason why a supernatural being would have to communicate using just numbers. For people who believe in this type of communication, angels are thought to use numbers as a way to answer your questions and provide guidance.

The reason angels are thought to use numbers instead of just talking to you is because of the way they exist. They are on an entirely different spiritual plane that is generally not the type of existence humans exist on or can understand. Human beings are just unable to hear their presence unless they learn to exist on this spiritual plane or raise their vibrations. Until then, filters, differing beliefs and your very humanity will block you from understanding angels directly.

As a result, angels often use number sequences to communicate. You may not be able to hear an angel speak because of their vibrations, but numbers are a powerful tool that gets around all of your mental filters. You may glance at your phone at 2:22 or look at mile marker 333 as you pass by. This occurs because a simple nudge in your subconscious mind was started by an angelic guide. You wouldn’t be able to understand the angels directly, so your subconscious is just nudged into understanding their guidance.

How You Can Interpret Angelic Numbers

Now that you know what to look for, you have to understand what it means. Each day is an opportunity for you to look for messages from the supernatural. As you learn more about the vibrational frequencies of certain numbers, you will be better able to interpret them. To get started, we will help you understand what some of the most basic angel numbers mean.

The Basic Angelic Numbers

0: This is an indication that divine help is unlimited and completely available to you. All you have to do is open your awareness to the divine guidance that is all around you now.

1: Keep a positive outlook and try not to dwell on the negative aspects of your life. Look at what you want out of life and how to get there instead of the problems standing in your way. If you manifest positivity, you can achieve anything.

2: Don’t rock the boat too much because everything is looking good for you. Stay positive because all of the things that you want are starting to come your way. Keep working and have faith. Before long, everything will work out fine.

3: Angels are here to guide you and help your spirit grow. No matter how difficult things are, you should know that they are there with their love and support.

4: Relax! The angels have your back. If you need help, you only have to ask for it. Angelic guidance, support and healing are on your side.

5: Things are starting to change for the better. With the support of your angelic guides, you can start to transform your life and bring about positive changes.

6: The material holds a strong pull for most people, but don’t allow yourself to fall into this trap. Money and things will never bring you true comfort. Release the fear from your life and trust that everything will work out for the best.

7: The number 7 is an extremely auspicious number. It is a sign of good luck, new opportunities and divine magic. If you open yourself up to the opportunities that come your way, good things can happen.

8: Prosperity is just around the corner, so don’t give up yet. You can’t wait for good things to happen though. If you want to achieve infinite abundance, you will have to stay focused on your goals and work toward them.

9: Take a look around you. You already have all of the skills and tools that you need to accomplish your purpose in life. The path ahead may be long, so break your goals down into smaller, more attainable steps. A journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step, so go for it!

11: Your intuition will guide you along the right path. Stay focused on your dreams and have only positive intentions. Remove the doubt from your mind because nervous, negative energy will not help you. The number 11 is also related to intuition, spiritual connections and dreams.

13: This number is a sign of the divine feminine, and it indicates that this energy is on your side. If you give yourself the chance, you can tune into this power and frequency to find new beginnings. All cycles eventually come to an end, so stay positive. When one door closes, another opens. Sometimes though, you just have to look around for a window instead. Take things a step at a time, and your life will improve.

22: While it may not seem like it, your prayers have been heard. Success is possible, you just have to work for it. Be patient, stay the course and you will find that it is easier than you imagined to make your dreams into a reality.

33: While you should always trust your intuition, it is also time to look at the facts. You have to use a blend of reality and intuition to ascend. Powerful support is available as long as you learn from life lessons and focus on your own improvement.

What Does a Triple Number Mean?

When you see three digits of the same number, it is like the same number on steroids. For example, 555 means enormous changes are opening up in your life. Meanwhile, seeing numbers in a sequence like 345 means the combination of the single digits involved.

If you see more than three numbers in a sequence, the meaning starts with the center and works it way outward. The middle number is the core message for you to understand. If you saw 621, then the 2 is the main focus. You would then look at the number 6 and 1 to see the complementary meaning.

For another interpretation, you can add together the numbers in the sequence until they become a smaller number. For example, 431 becomes (4+3+1) 8. A larger number like 988 would first become (9+8+8) 25. You would then compress 25 down to (2+5) 7.

The Ancients Used Numerology As Well

The science (or art, if you will) of numerology has existed for thousands of years. Basically, humans started attaching meaning to numbers since they could count. Today, numerology is a study of the vibrations that different numbers have. Believers in numerology look at the meaning of the numbers and how they can indicate certain qualities in yourself or your future. Many researchers point to the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians as the first believers in numerology.

Numerology can be used to understand angel numbers and what they mean. The numbers 1 through 9 are the most important because all other numbers can be compressed into this basic form. Master numbers like 13, 11, 22 and 33 also hold a significant meaning as well.

How Can Angel Numbers Help You?

Before long, you will start to notice the numbers that appear all around you. These numbers are given to provide guidance and help you connect to your angels. By understanding the meaning of the numbers, you can advance to a more intuitive, spiritual state of being.

When you first see these numbers, you should take time to tune into them and figure out what the angels are trying to tell you. Use your intuition as a guide. At first, it may seem like every number is the same. Before long, you will start to get feelings that certain numbers matter more or have some hidden meaning. Pay attention to your intuition.

When you find a number that seems to convey something to you, give yourself a moment to relax and focus on it. Allow your body to relax and your breathing to slow to an even, steady pace. As you let your mind quiet down, listen to your body and mind. What are they telling you? What sudden thoughts appear in your mind? Does the number make you feel a certain way? You may also want to consider what was happening or what you were doing when you saw the number. Were your activities significant in any way?

Since angels cannot communicate directly, they may send you numbers or subtle feelings to guide you. The way you feel when you see the number is almost as important as the number itself. As your awareness about these numbers grows, you will be able to understand their messages of healing and guidance.

Do not panic if you cannot do this right away. There may be too much meaning for you to really understand, or you may just need more time to grow before you can interpret their numbers. Pay attention and keep trying. If the message was important, it will ultimately get through to you. You just have to open your heart and mind to the message. Angels are constantly trying to reach out to you, so don’t worry if you do not understand the message now. Before long, the angels will try to send you that message again.

The Beauty Behind Triple Number Sequences and Birthdays

Triple number sequences are amazing to receive. A single number sequence has a specific meaning. When you get three of the same number in a row, the meaning is extremely enhanced. In addition, triple numbers tend to be easier to spot than single numbers because they stand out so much. Because of this, triple number sequences are one of the most common numbers sent by angels.

Another special number sequence is your birth date. This date is highly personal, and it is obviously not a common sight in real life. If you see your birth date in a number of places, it could mean a few different things. One of the most common reasons why angels send this message is as a reminder to be yourself. Your birth date is uniquely yours, and seeing your birth date is another reminder to just relax and let yourself be who you are.

If you have been too busy with work or school, it is easy to lose track of yourself. When we are constantly burdened by the daily grind of life, we make choices with thinking about how these choices affect who we are and the person we want to become. When you see your birth date somewhere, take it as a reminder that you should reevaluate your life and make sure that you are living in the way that you want to. If you have gotten off of track, take some time to reconnect with yourself and remember what it is that makes you so uniquely you.

Some people become concerned if they suddenly stop seeing angel numbers. This can be especially disconcerting if you are used to seeing them all the time, and they suddenly stop appearing as often. Do not worry. Not seeing angel numbers anymore does not mean that the angels have abandoned you. Angelic guidance comes in many forms, so it is possible that the angels are just trying to guide you through a different method.

Take some time to think through where you are in life and where you want to be. If you open your mind to the universe, you will find that there are always little signs around that nudge you toward your dreams. Sometimes, you just have to be patient.


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