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What Are Some Obsession Phrases?


Contrary to popular belief, men are not less emotional than women, nor do they desire less emotional connection. Men actually do love a bit of flattery! When women are looking to find a man that can meet all of their emotional and intimate needs, they often forget that men aren’t the only ones who can do the chasing in a relationship.

In fact, sometimes, men need a little boost when it comes to the dating scene. Women who want to get a man to fall in love with them – the kind of delightful, crazy love that’s only ever seen in the movies – will want to try checking “Obsession Phrases”. They’re things that women can say that will not only boost men’s confidence when it comes to pursuing them, but also initiate and express their own interest.

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1. “I want you.”

This phrase is simple and to the point. Some men may like a long chase when it comes to pursuing a woman, but most men would prefer a woman be straightforward. Let your man know exactly what you want – if it’s him, let him know! Not only will this make a man feel extremely desired, confident and wanted, but it will allow women to express what they desire in a way that’s beneficial for both parties involved. Playing coy can have it’s place in the courting process, but letting a man know that he’s desired can have an ever bigger effect.

2. “I love it when you …”

Specificity is key. Men need just as much reassurance in a relationship that women do. Society may have tried to teach men that they shouldn’t be seeking emotional reassurance from their partners, but that’s simply not true. Men are just as human as women, and all humans desire and need reassurance. The best way to make a man feel confident and well-received is to make sure he knows exactly what he’s doing right. Whether this is in an intimate situation or not, when a woman tells a man that she loves what he’s doing, it can improve both sexual and emotional connections between them.

3. “You make me feel safe.”

Sometimes, men need a little push when it comes to monogamy and commitment. Again, this is because society teaches men that those things are more associated to women. But, this just isn’t true. Men can feel the draw and desire for commitment and monogamy just as easily and thoroughly as women do. Sometimes, they just need a little push. When a woman tells a man, “You make me feel safe”, it can awaken a man’s instinct and urge to keep on protecting her. Not only that, but it will boost his confidence and make him even more likely to want to commit.

4. “I’m yours.”

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With so much social media, it’s easy to be in contact with people from all over. Friends on the internet and in real life can make a woman’s life very busy. Some men can get jealous over the amount of attention that their partner’s get – from strangers on Instagram, or old flings from high school on Facebook. In order to boost a man’s confidence and make him feel like he’s really the only one for you, telling him “I’m yours” is a great way to reaffirm your affection and attraction. When he’s not worried about all of the other people you could be with, he’ll be more relaxed and the relationship will go smoothly.

5. “I love you.”

Of course, some men bolt and run at hearing this. After all, it shouldn’t be said lightly! However, a lot of men crave to hear this from women just as much as women crave to hear it from men. While men aren’t the target audience of romance movies, they’ve all secretly enjoyed a rewatch of The Notebook. Men are just as emotional as women, and in some ways more – they’re just told to hide it. So, the best way to make your man feel a burst of love and affection is to offer it to him first. Saying “I love you” will draw him in and make him feel wanted. This is a phrase women should be telling their partners every day, multiple times a day – the effect of hearing it will never wear off!

Obsession phrases may seem silly, but they’re a good way to boost a man’s confidence and connect with him emotionally without having to go into deep talks about his feelings every day. They’re a great way to make a man feel great about himself, while also coaxing him to fall more and more in love every single day. Obsession Phrases are all the things men want to hear, but are rarely going to ask for. Women who use them will find that they’re giving their partners what they need without ever having to be asked.


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