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What Do Guys Like In A Girl


When you’re trying to meet a guy, it’s not that easy. Sure, you may see a guy that you find is attractive, but how do you know if they’re into you? What do guys actually look for in a girl? You probably think that they’re only into girls with big boobs or plumped up lips, but there’s more to it than just that. So, what is it? What are the traits that men find most attractive? Well, I’m going to show you now, but don’t worry, you already have them, you just didn’t realize it. Let’s not waste anymore time – here we go.


Laughing is a huge part of what men will find attractive in you. They want a girl who’s going to laugh and enjoy their company. Many women think that men want mysterious girls and maybe they do for the beginning but not in the long term. They want to be able to find someone who’s going to be their friend as well as a lover. So, they’ll want someone who they can relax around. If they accidentally let out a fart, you’ll share a good laugh instead of being grossed out.

Fresh, clean glow

They want a woman who’s clean. We all want someone who is hygienic and fresh, so don’t take this personally. That fresh glow you have, that makes men go wild. You want to look healthy and vibrant as that what attracts people. There’s something about a girl with bright eyes and teeth that make you fall in love. This should be something you should focus on for yourself. With a vibrant glow, you’ll feel healthy and confident about yourself which makes you sexy.

Excitement for life

People like to be around those that are positive and want to do something in their lives. There’s nothing worse than sitting next to a Debbie Downer. They want a girl who’s excited to go travelling, check out local festivals and try new things. Isn’t that what life is all about? Living? Exactly! So, if you have that love for life, then let it show. The guys will love it.


Of course, no one wants to be with someone who is a complete twat. We all have our dumb moments, but guys want someone who they can talk to about a variety of topics. No, this doesn’t mean you have to know about sports, but, don’t be afraid to talk about topics that you’re passionate about. As these are the moments where your intelligence shines.

Sense of humor

We, women, all look for a guy who can make us laugh. So, why wouldn’t they want the same thing? Of course, guys want to be with a girl who can make them laugh just as much as they make her laugh. The girls they men find alluring are ones who can take a joke and aren’t afraid to give it either. A sense of humor is huge for everyone. Can you imagine being with someone who never makes you laugh?


You need to be confident in yourself. I know, this is easier said than done, but you shouldn’t be doing this for a guy. First and foremost, you need confidence in yourself because of you. When you have that, the guys will notice it. They all love a woman who clearly loves and values herself. There’s something very sexy about a woman who walks into the room with her head high, and a sway in her hips. She knows who she is and what she wants in life and that’s hot as hell.


Though men do like to spoil the women they’re with, they also want to know that their girl is able to take care of herself. You don’t want someone who isn’t able to do things on their own and have their own life. This isn’t a comforting feeling. Instead, you want a woman who has her own life and does things on her own without needing your help. Of course, there will be times where you’re going to need his help which isn’t a bad thing. But men like women who don’t need them, it drives them nuts.

Facial expression

You’re not a doll or a wax figurine. Don’t be afraid to show your true emotions. If you’re happy, laugh. If you’re angry, you can look displeased. You can show move your face, girls! Your face can get a conversation started with just a smile or a wink. So use the face you have. If he walks by you, make eye contact and smile. If he sees this, he’ll know that you’re interested and he may make a move. So, don’t be shy. If he doesn’t make a move, don’t get discouraged, there are plenty of other guys around.

Your inner beauty

Sure, men like when we dress up and put on some lipstick, but that’s not what makes them stay with you. What makes them stick around is your inner beauty, your soul. Like everyone else on this planet, men want a partner who’s kind, generous, and trustworthy. Of course, these are just a couple of traits, but you get what I mean. They want to be with a good person. Being a good person has nothing to do with the lipstick you’re wearing or how much cleavage you have. It’s all within.

A mix of femininity and tomboy

Men want a girl who can look natural and beautiful in a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt but also can dress up and look like a knock-out when needed. It’s that blend of both femininity and tomboy style that they like. Now, if you’re more feminine or more of a tomboy, it doesn’t mean you won’t be attractive. Men, just like women, like a variety of things so you don’t have to go change yourself in hopes of finding a guy. If a certain style makes you feel sexy and comfortable, then stick to it.


This is really important for you to have. Not because of the guy, but this is for yourself. Before you can fall in love with someone, you have to be in love with yourself. Self respect plays a huge part of how people see you and how you see yourself. So, if you don’t love yourself, you won’t find someone who loves you the way you deserve. So, don’t put yourself down in order to make him feel good, a real guy isn’t into that.

It’s all about the smell

Men love a woman who smells good. But don’t we all love things that smell good? You’ve probably walked by a guy who smelt amazing and was starstruck for a moment. That’s the effect you want. So, find a fragrance that you love and that you feel smells good on you. When you go out, make sure you have a little dab of it on you and you’re ready to go. When the guys walk by you, they’ll take a whiff and will love it. Smell is highly correlated to attraction and it a huge part of our biology.

An opinion

You’re a human being, not a robot. Of course, you have an opinion about things that are happening in the world. If a man doesn’t want your opinion, well, then you’re with the wrong man. A real man wants the opinion of a woman, they want to be mentally challenged and stimulated. So, if you have an opinion, don’t be scared to say it. Let them think about questions you pose to them. Let them come up with an answer and then discuss it. This is what makes a relationship strong. This is what makes a man really into you. Men are looking for someone who will be by their side but will also be honest with them.


Men want a woman who will tell them the truth. Women want men who will tell them the truth. Honesty is a huge part of what men find attractive in women. Now, I’m not talking about brutal honesty, you don’t have to hurt the guy’s feelings. But by being honest, you show him that you respect him. That’s another thing that men find attractive in a woman. If a woman is constantly feeding a guy lies, he won’t be around much longer. So, don’t agree with him just to agree with him. If you like or don’t like something, say it.

Now that you know what men are looking for in a woman, do you notice that you have these qualities? It’s not a huge secret I’m revealing, you probably say these qualities in you. We all have them, however, some of us are just scared to show them. Don’t be scared. If you want to find a guy who really appreciates you for you, then let your inner beauty shine. Men love these qualities because they’re real, so be real.


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