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What Do I Do If My Boyfriend Tells Me He Loves Me, But Sees No Future With Me?


We all hear things that we don’t want to from time to time. And most of the time we can brush them off or find a solution to eradicate the statements we dislike from our lives. But every now and again we might hear something that we simply cannot move past. These things can be anything really, depending on who you are and what the circumstances of your life are. Though today we are going to solely focus on hearing something unpleasant from your boyfriend or partner. Something that sends shivers down your spine.

my boyfriend doesn't talk about the future with me

Today we are going to put our focus on what you are supposed to do when your boyfriend says he loves you, but he also says that he sees no future with you.

Ouch indeed. That has to sting a little on the ears.

So you have heard it, but now what are you to do? Do you just let it slide? Or do you confront the situation? And what does this mean for your relationship?

These are all probably questions that are running through your mind. It can really turn your life upside down when you hear something like that from the person you love.

Especially when you do see a future with them. It may be shocking to find out that they do not feel the same way as you.

So what’s the next step?

Don’t worry, we know just what you should do. Want to find out what it is? Just keep reading!

boyfriend doesn't think about the future

Think About What You Want

We know that hearing that he loves you, but he doesn’t see a future with you can be detrimental to your relationship. So the very first thing that you are going to want to do is think. Yes, we get that you are already probably thinking a ton as it is. Your thoughts are probably going a mile a minute and your anxiety about the whole situation is out of this world. But there is something else that you should have on your mind.

And that would be the question: What do you want?

Now that you have heard how your partner feels, how do you feel? Is this really something you can move past now that you have it in your brain?

Do you think that you would want to be with somebody that doesn’t feel the way your boyfriend does? Someone who saw a future with you since the beginning?

Or are you sure that you can change how he feels? Do you think that there is a way that you can make him see a future with you?

This is the first thing you should be thinking about when you hear something such as that from your partner.

Talk To Your Partner

Have you decided what you want to do after going through step one? Whatever you have decided you will need to take action on. That means there is going to be a time where you will need to talk to your partner. You are going to want to let your boyfriend know how you feel. And then maybe  he will tell you why he is feeling that way in the first place. Communication is key in this situation. Especially if you have hopes of continuing the relationship. Obviously something is off in your relationship. So therefore the issue will take communication and willingness to fix the problems that lay at hand.

Remember Your Worth

And lastly, remember what you are worth. Just because your current boyfriend doesn’t see a future with you does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. If anything, there may just be something wrong with him. You are not any less because he implies you are. Do not let that statement get to you. Instead really think about if it’s worth it to be with someone who feels that way about you.

i love him but don't see a future

If You Decide To Stay With Him

If you make this decision, you will need to take action to resolve this problem. You will have to work towards getting him to feel like there is a future with you two. You can try couples counseling in this case or just work through your issues one by one on your own.

If You Decide To Breakup

Try not to worry so much. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea and you will find love again. Rent some sappy rom-coms and call up your best friend for a sleepover. All will work out in the end.

Reasons Why He Might Be With You But Not See A Future:

  • He doesn’t want to be alone
  • He is in love with someone else
  • He has commitment issues
  • It’s not serious to him
  • He’s keeping his options open
  • He’s already planning on leaving
  • He doesn’t actually love you


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