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What Do Long Hugs From Guys Mean?


Hugs are one of the most common things that friends do with each other. They are also quite common among crushes and dates. Unlike a kiss, a hug can happen between just friends and family members. There are many different types of hugs, and each kind of hug has a different meaning.

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While we will cover the general meaning behind different kinds of hugs, keep in mind that these can vary from person to person. If someone was raised in a family that gave long hugs to loved ones, then it only shows that he views you as a good friend. Likewise, someone who was raised in a family that never hugged may view a hug as a sure sign of affection and romantic interest. You have to consider the type of person who is giving you a long hug to really determine what it means.

In general, a long hug is a type of hug that is given by either a close friend or family member. If your crush is giving you a long hug, then there is an excellent chance that he is interested in you. He wants to hold you close and keep you in his arms, so he finds it hard to let you go.

While long hugs from guys generally mean that they are interested, it is also possible that he views you as just a good friend. Obviously, you are the best person to determine what it means. If you are close friends, then it might just be a reflection of your friendship. If you are only casual friends or acquaintances, then it is most likely a sign that he is interested in you.

Touch is a powerful way for people to communicate their romantic interest. In the majority of cases, someone who gives you a long hug and makes excuses to touch you (like on the shoulder or elbow) has some level of interest in you. He might not be in love with you or feel deep passion for you, but he is attracted to you on some level.

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Bear Hugs

Bear hugs are a very personal kind of hug. You rarely see a bear hug by someone that you do not know. This type of hug shows a deep love and a desire to protect you. If you are feeling down and he gives you a bear hug, he is trying to lift your mood and make you feel safe.

One-Armed Hugs

This type of hug is extremely relaxed and casual. It is often used by friends and acquaintances. This is also the kind of hug used when friends greet each other or say goodbye. If your guy is giving you a one-armed hug, then he might just view you as a friend—don’t overthink the hug too much.

A Hug Around the Waist

This is another intimate hug. It is normally done when people are already dating each other. Often, they will give each other a kiss as well. If you are getting this type of hug from your crush, you can bet that he likes you on some level.

A Quick Squeeze

This type of hug is just a quick squeeze before the guy moves on. While it seems fairly simple, it does show that the guy views you as a good friend or a potential date. It shows that he cares, but is in a rush. It is also possible that he wants to hug you, but he is afraid of making you uncomfortable, so he keeps the hug as short as possible.

The Cold Shoulder Hug

This is your basic awkward, polite hug. It is the hug where the guy hugs you, but doesn’t really make any contact with you. Normally, he makes a polite smile at the same time. Often, you will get this hug if the guy is hugging everyone else in the group and does not want to make things awkward by not hugging you. This hug either means that he feels a bit awkward around you or is not quite sure what to think of you yet. He is not entirely sure if he wants to hug you or if you want him to hug you, so he makes it as quick as possible.

The long hug is by far the best type of hug. It is the type of hug that never seems to end as he holds you close and presses his body against yours. While it is not always romantic, you can generally assume that he likes you on some level. This type of hug is also used by family members or friends who seem like family, so you really have to consider the circumstances. If he is not an extremely close friend, then you can basically bet that he likes you and does not want to let you go.


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