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What Do Orbs in Your Pictures Mean?


Orbs are ghostly apparitions that you can see in person or in your pictures. Millions of people throughout the world have noticed that opaque circles appear after they take a flash photograph. At the time, you may have just dismissed it as a malfunction in the camera or something else. In reality, those orbs in your pictures could be a sign from a spiritual being.

 Once digital photography was created, there was finally a way to discover evidence that they exist. When you see orbs in your pictures, it is a sign that the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you. Depending on different aspects of the picture, you can figure out the specific messages that are trying to be conveyed. The orbs may have a high velocity, a degree of consciousness or an ability to expand and contract surprisingly quickly.

How Orbs Work

Orbs are not spirit beings on their own. In reality, they are an emanation of a spiritual being. It takes a very minute amount of physical energy for the orb to be recorded when you use the flash on your camera. To make it easier to see the orb, the orb directs all of its energy into the camera. This is why you cannot see a faint glow in the air around you. A glow would require massive amounts of energy to happen. By lasering the focus of the energy toward just the camera lens, the orb can be seen with very little energy expended.

While orbs often appear in digital photographs, they can sometimes appear in photos that are taken with basic emulsion film. It only requires a little physical energy for them to appear in a digital photo, so this option tends to be much easier. Often, orbs will respond to your request for them to appear in your photos. If they do not expect that the viewer will notice them in the photograph, they are less likely to appear.

orb in photo

Where Do the Orbs Come From?

There is no way to know with 100 percent certainty where the orbs come from. We can only speculate on their origin based on the information and evidence that we have. From how the orb functions, we can tell that it is a sentient, conscious being that exists outside this realm or from another world. Ultimately, what we end up seeing is physical evidence through our cameras. Basically, these pictures are an imprint of the intentional energy sent from another reality. We know that the images are intentional since they are only sent when someone is likely to notice them.

We hypothesize that these orbs are the emanations of spiritual beings. Judging by the orbs, our reality does not end where we stop seeing it. Our understanding of physics like particle physics or gravity is too limited to understand these other realities. There are other realms that include intelligent, sentient beings that are not a part of our physical reality. While we cannot truly understand these realms, we can sense their presence through orbs in your pictures and other signs.

orbs in pics

Why Are Some People So Skeptical?

There are many, many people who argue against the existence of orbs. They, like many people, believe only in the things that they can touch or see. Interestingly, these same people are fine with accepting ideas like relativity or quantum mechanics, even though they cannot touch or physically experience these things.

Skeptics say that the orbs are just some type of airborne particle that is close to the camera lens. Since orbs can be photographed in completely clean rooms, it would be impossible for this reason to be completely true. Even when an airborne particle is the cause, it is caused by beings shifting their location in a meaningful, unexplained way.

pictures of spirit orbs

How Orbs Show Themselves

Orbs show up in photographs because they create minute energy from their realm and transform it into physical energy that we can see when we take a photograph. The amazing thing is that orbs in your pictures appear. It does not matter how large, small or bright they are. Their very existence gives a deeper meaning and mysticism to normal, every day life. Each time an orb appears, it reminds us that we are not alone in this life.


  1. how about seeing an orb in real time… LIVE….is that something that happens…. I was kind of raising my voice to “GOD” while looking up at the sky , before I could get all the words out the “ORB” appeared 40 – 50 feet in front of me…. it moved across the sky in a PERFECT straight line for at least 4-5 seconds …….. whatever it was it wanted me to know of its presence ……… PRETTY KOOL !!!!!

    • Your experiences are related to your religious beliefs. It is likely that this orb is a manifestation of your thoughts in regards to your conversation with god. Ensure that you allow this dream to guide you in a positive direction. Share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life, as this will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, AJ!

  2. I have been cleaning an abandoned cemetery established in 1756… Many have been buried there, from Missionaries, to Union Soldiers to local residents of the now extinct town of Calabasas Arizona… I know for a fact that there is some kind of energy there… I’ve captured video evidence, experienced touching, as well as heard and seen things with my own eyes… Recently, a few photos have shown various orbs surrounding me… I’m sure these spirits have been surrounding me with love… I can feel it.

    • That is a very interesting experience–I am sure our other readers will enjoy getting to hear about it. Thanks for sharing!


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