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What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean?


When you are dreaming about alligators every night, you can feel terrified or in danger. You may wonder why you are having these dreams and if they are a sign of something bad. The good news is that this type of dream generally has a positive meaning. While dreaming about alligators may feel scary, it is often the sign of positive changes in your life.

Alligator Dream Interpretation and MeaningWhat Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean?

When you keep dreaming about alligators, it is often a sign of a new beginning. A wild crocodile or alligator in your dreams typically shows that positive changes are coming in your life. Some people also think that an alligator in your dream shows a potential danger.

In other cases, dream interpreters believe that alligators represent your spiritual insights. It may show your inner intuition and the steps you need to take in your spiritual life.

When the alligator has a negative meaning, it may show a danger or someone who is about to betray you. If the alligator in your dream represents a specific person, it may indicate that you should be especially wary of them in your waking life.

If you kill an alligator in your dream, it is actually a good thing. It shows that your problems and worries are over. If you try to kill an alligator and fail, it shows that you should be cautious in the coming future. There can still be a positive resolution, but you should be careful as you move forward.

If the crocodile or alligator opens its jaws in the dreams, it is said to mean that you feel stuck in your real life. You may feel like you are jammed up and unable to move forward with something. Meanwhile, getting chased by an alligator can mean that you are afraid of something in your real life and you feel like that situation is going to overwhelm you.

What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean

Different Interpretations of Alligators in Dreams

The exact meaning of dreaming about alligators can vary depending on what happens in the dream. Did you kill the alligator or did it try to attack you? Did the alligator chase you? By looking at what happened in the dream, you can figure out how it directly relates to your waking life.

Swimming With Alligators

Dreams about Crocodile or Alligator

For some people, swimming with alligators is a sign of faith. It is considered an indication of hope because the alligator is supposed to represent feminine wisdom. Because of this connection, the alligator may represent the great mother, fertility or emotions. It shows a connection to our most basic physical and emotional needs.

Shooting Alligators

According to older dream dictionaries, the alligator can represent the soul, power and intelligence. Shooting an alligator in the dream may show that you are about to be intellectually tested. You have the power and ability to move forward, but you must first overcome the obstacles ahead of you. Another interpretation of shooting dreams is about business opportunities. It is said to be a sign that you will uncover potential business opportunities in the coming days. For these opportunities to work out though, you will obviously have to be smart enough to take them and willing to work at your goals to bring your dreams into fruition.

Killing Alligators

When you dream that you killed the alligator, it shows that there are feelings of anger pent up inside of you. Those angry feelings are eating away at you and making your normal life difficult. Another interpretation is that killing a crocodile or an alligator shows great luck. It shows that your persistence effort will pay off. If you keep working hard, your projects and goals will become a success. Killing alligators in your dreams is said to show that you are completely committed to your goals in life. You are ready to do what you have to to become a success. As long as you stay true to your goals and your inner nature, you will get what you want out of life.

Alligators and Zoos

When you see an alligator in the zoo or in some type of cage, it shows that you have unique characteristics that set you apart from other people. There may also be an imbalance between your masculine and feminine energy, so you have to learn how to balance these two aspects of yourself if you want to live in harmony and achieve your goals. Until you release the other side of your nature from the “cage,” you will not be accomplish everything that you want to in life. It is time to develop a greater awareness, balance the dual aspects of your soul and find answers to the hard questions in your life.


When you see an alligator in its natural jungle state, it has a different meaning. In this case, the dream typically shows that there is a new opportunity or fresh start approaching. You value your independence and right now is the time to take it back. If you dream about tamed alligators instead of wild ones, it shows that you have gained added power and influence in your waking life. If you see the alligator on a lake and it seems peaceful, it is said to represent a new love or future love in your life.

Getting Bitten

If you are bitten by an alligator in your dream, it is not an entirely terrible sign. This is said to mean that you have to stop worrying so much about things. You can only control certain factors of your life. If you have done everything that you can to ensure that your dreams and hopes work out, you have to stop worrying and let your work speak for itself.

On the negative side, this dream can also mean that there is someone acting with deceit. There may be a family member or friend who is close to you who is trying to trick you or is not acting correctly. You will soon recognize that this person is not truly your friend, even though he or she is trying to trick you.

Small Crocodiles

If the crocodile or alligator in your dream is quite small, it may show a sense of guilt. Dream researchers say that this kind of dream shows that you feel guilty about how you have acted toward someone in your waking life. You may have avoided forgiving them, and you are starting to feel guilty about not doing so. Luckily, a small crocodile tends to mean that it is a minor problem. As long as you take steps to forgive and forget, the guilt will go away. Otherwise, you will continue to live a life that is over-shadowed by guilt and bitterness.

Multiple Crocodiles

Dreams about Crocodile or Alligator

When you see multiple crocodiles in your dream, it can feel extremely scary. Unfortunately, this type of dream generally does not have a positive interpretation. It is aid to be a sign that you see many threats approaching on your horizon. You want to break free of the threats and be independent, but you are desperate and unable to find a way out. If the crocodiles are all circling around you in this dream, the meaning is especially true. There are a threats around you that you feel unable to escape from. If you are actually attacked by all of the crocodiles or alligators, it is a sign that you are unwilling to give up and should keep fighting to change the situation.

Baby Alligators

baby alligator dream meaning

When you see a baby alligator in your dream, it often reflects the side of the alligator that is connected to the great mother. This type of dream shows that you want to protect the people around you and your children. This kind of dream is especially common for parents of young children.

On a negative side, this dream may show that someone around you is extremely immature. You may also feel like you are not getting the support or nurturing that you need to really succeed. In some cases, this dream also shows that a family member or friend needs your support.

How Psychologists Interpret Dreaming About Alligators

According to some psychologists, the alligator is an archetype. Jungian psychology believed that the alligator represented a dark power. This shadow cast itself as the heroic martyr of dark forces, enemies and conspiracies. It can also represent the shadow within our souls.

According to Sigmund Freud, an alligator in a dream can represent a warning. It is a connection to how your subconscious mind feels about the world around you. Having this type of dream may mean that you are dealing with troubles and worries in your daily life. Even though you try to allay your worries and solve the problems, it may feel like you are getting nowhere with them.

Spiritually, the alligator is connected to the mysteries of life. It may show that you yearn for self-expression or want to achieve material success. It may also represent the talent, compassion and independence that you want to achieve in your waking world.


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