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What Does Fire on Water Mean in a Dream?


In dreams, fire typically symbolizes something new or exciting in your life. It can mean passion, aggression, enlightenment, desire, purification or destruction. Meanwhile, water often symbolizes the opposite mental state. It shows knowledge, spirituality or healing. When the two symbols are combined in your dream, it often reflects a state of confusion. It may mean that you are pulled in two different ways and are unsure which direction to go to.

 At a basic level, it may represent a conflict between your desire for knowledge and spirituality and your passions and desires. You may feel like your quest for a deeper meaning in life is constantly in conflict with your animalistic desires.

Both water and fire are power elements in nature. They can nourish you through heating your food, providing warmth or giving you sustenance. At the same time, both elements could destroy you as well. Water can flood your home or arrive in a tsunami to destroy you. Fire can burn down yourself, your life or the fields that you use to grow your food.

These elements have been immortalized in many cultures. The ancient Greeks considered air, earth, water and fire to be the four basic elements of existence. While they were elements of the world, they also symbolized other things. Typically, air symbolized the ability to communicate your ideas. Earth represented practical issues and stability. While water symbolizes your emotions, fire was thought to symbolize passion.

The Meaning of Fire in Your Dream

The circumstances in your dream is extremely important in determining its meaning. Fire may represent anger, passion, destruction or purification. Often, it shows that something new is arriving in your life while something old is leaving. When placed on water, it could mean that you have to undergo healing or gain knowledge (through water) before you can attain something new in your life (fire). If the fire is difficult to reach on the fire, then it shows that you are unable to achieve this yet.

There are also a number of other meanings given to fire in different cultures. We will cover some of the most common interpretations.

Individuals: In some cases, the fire in the dream is a metaphor for a fiery personality in your life. You may be trying to grow closer to this person, but you are unable to breach some barrier like the water in the dream.

Risk: The phrase “playing with fire” exists for a reason. In a dream, fire can indicate a warning to avoid dangerous activities. Avoid taking risks at this time.

Symbolic Meanings: Sometimes, fire is symbolic for your creative energy, drive or motivation.

Contained Fires: A contained fire in your dream may mean that an inner transformation is taking place or your internal fire is burning brightly.

Houses on Fire: If your house is on fire in the dream, it shows that you may not be ready for a great change. It may also mean that you are resisting the changes that are ongoing in your life. In some cases, a house on fire shows an intense love and passion for the people around you.

Burned by Fire: If you are burned by fire in your dream, it indicates that you are letting your temper get the best of you.

Putting Out a Fire: If you are putting out a fire in a dream, it shows that you are able to work hard to overcome any obstacle in your life. In comparison, setting a fire shows distress. You may feel desperate or want to destroy some aspect of yourself.

The Meaning of Water in Your Dream

Like fire, water symbolizes your emotional state of mind. It is the living essence of life and the psyche. As such, it represents healing, spirituality, refreshment and knowledge. We will cover some of the most common interpretations of water in a dream.

Calm Water: Calm water shows that you are in tune with your own spirituality. It often shows peace of mind, tranquility and rejuvenation.

Boiling Water: Boiling water in your dream shows that you are in a state of emotional turmoil. Deep, unconscious feelings are bubbling up to the surface, and you need to find a way to release that energy.

Dirty Water: Dirty or muddy water shows that your mind is clouded by negative emotions. If you are completely immersed in dirty water, it shows that you are completely overwhelmed by your emotions.

Walking on Water: If you are walking on water in your dream, it is extremely auspicious. It means that you have control over your emotions and have faith in yourself.

Running Water: The sound of running water in your dream shows a deep state of reflection and meditation. You may be in the process of reflecting on how you think and feel about the world around you.


  1. I had a dream where I was in a group of people, and Police was beating and chacing us. I tried to escape but there was some mistic creatures in some places, so the only way was to climb the walls. I did that transforming myself in fire and air. When i was on air suddenly apeared a guy transformed in water element. I throu him fire and he responded with storm and Rain. Than, i used a air blow with heat and he made and ice cream and cooled himself. We both kissed in lips, in a very passionate way. That’s when he says that he found another girl and moved on in life. I woke up. What that means? I’m single and never had a relationship, only some night stands. And I am a guy.

    • Your dream is a reflection of various influences in your life. The elements within your dream are indications of your thoughts regarding power and nature. It is possible that the shows that you watch have caused this dream to manifest. It seems that you may be interested in maintaining a new social or emotional relationship. Make a decision about what you want for your future. You will draw positive people and energy into your life, as this will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Peter!

  2. I had a dream where water just out from a spring inside the house and children where sleeping, l had to run to close the tape. Same dream fire again started and children where sleeping and l managed to put it out. All this was happening through a setup. What does this mean???

    • The dream shows a fear about all of the forces that you cannot control in life. It seems to show a concern about how much power you have to stop the unstoppable forces of nature and protect the innocent or vulnerable.

  3. In my dream first I have seen the water in beach but when next time I have gone with my mother I have seen fire like lava in beach instead of water what does it mean?

    • Both water and fire is reflections of change, though each has a different attribute. There may be something important in your life that has recently changed and may be changing again in the future. These changes may be related to your mother in some way.

  4. I dreamt that there was a sea of people walking in the same direction. In the dream, my ex-husband was there. He followed me in the crowd wanting to be sure that I was not lost but I didnt want him to follow me and I lost him in the crowd. I followed the flow of people down the stairs and soon we ended up in a house. There were many people roaming in the house and some were loitering outside the house, aimlessly. Then there was a woman, who i feel was the owner of the house. People then started to bring out boards of statues, who looked like real people tied to the boards. I turned the board around and saw ropes violently tied around this dead lady, around the head and the feet. The lady was in a bikini, had a perfect shape and no bruises and looked like a statue. Then the ceiling of the house went on fire, then there was water flooding the house, people started to panic and didn’t know what to do. Then came the bugs (the ones that look like from the movie “The Mummy” – those flesh eating bugs) I saw a lady getting her hands eaten by the bugs. and then I woke up.

    • It is certain that various media influences have caused this dream to manifest. You will find great benefit in introspection at this time, as this will help you navigate your future.

  5. My husband had a dream where we are in a ship and it suddenly was on fire and I let him get out of the ship and he saw me burned while he was leaving. The water in the ocean was calm as he stated.

    I wonder what his dream meant.

    • Fire and water are often manifestations of thoughts regarding change. You may find that your relationship is at a point where the two of you are looking to the future.

  6. My husband had a dream where we are in a ship and it suddenly was on fire and I let him get out of the ship and he saw me burned while he was leaving. The water in the ocean was calm as he stated.

    I wonder what his dream meant.

    • Fire and water are often manifestations of thoughts regarding change. You may find that your relationship is at a point where the two of you are looking to the future.

  7. Had a dream where I was in a house over the water that was on fire and I had to either burn to death or jump into the water and drown as I cannot swim. I woke up before I decided which to do.

    • Death, water, and fire are all aspects of change. It is possible that you are navigating concerns in your life, and you need to make a decision about what you want for your future.

  8. I was in a dream where I was standing besides a river with running muddy water then up the river I saw a big wave of water form then suddenly I saw fire on top of the waves and tongues of fire broke from the big fire. I could see them flow down the river being on top of the water, on the other side of the river bank there was my uncles farm and fire spilt from the water and set the farm on flames

    • You are aware of climactic changes and the recent fires throughout the world. It is possible that you are navigating these concerns at this time.

  9. I saw a swimming pool in my home… But the water level was too low. So my papa and Bhaiya had to go to the river for bathing . But before going I saw both of them go inside the pool and sprayed water onto them from a mug , then I saw my brother swimming in that less water swimming pool and suddenly he had blood in his legs and he was still . So I rescued him by pulling him by my arms . After that I didn’t remember . And then I dreamt about me seeing fire set in the hearth and my grandma sitting beside . And then I trying to pull some fire . After that someone asking for fire from me ,at first I denied and then I setting fire for them .
    What does this dream convey

    • Water is often a manifestation of change, while fire may be an indication of a concern in your life. Spend additional time with your family members to nourish your relationships.

    • The dream may show that you have developed the capacity of controlling your emotions. Even when fiery tempers or intense passions want to burst out of you, you have developed the strength to control your feelings so that you direct your actions, not your feelings.

  10. I dreamt about water slowly flowed from kitchen island and eventually flood deep enough to submerge the stove. Feeling shocked at first, and then subconsciously I remembered my stove was dirty and became worried to be in the same dirty water.

    • Water is often an indication of change, and it seems that there may be something important that you are dealing with in your life. The stove may be a reflection of your knowledge that you need to clean, or it could be an indication of something else.

    • Water is often an indication of change, and it seems that there may be something important that you are dealing with in your life. The stove may be a reflection of your knowledge that you need to clean, or it could be an indication of something else.

  11. I have this dream 2 o more times is about a faucet with water pouring in the kitchen sink and in the and laundry and fire coming out like electric fire out the faucet at my mother’s house, and I try to warn my mother but I can not screen because ( right now in my life I just had vocal cord surgery) and I Know it will hurt but at the same time, on my dream I don’t see my mother but I feel like she still alive and she is been dead for 7 years.
    I wake up on the desperation of trying to figure out how to turn off. In my dream that house look the way it was when I was very young and I live there.

    • The dream may just be a representation of how voiceless you feel right now and unable to communicate. It is also possible that you feel concern about your mother, and you don’t feel like you can actually help her out in the way she needs help right now.

  12. I had a dream, I was at my school it was raining very hard with strong winds and I was walking deeper into the school and found fire in this dark cave

    • The dream may show that you feel capable of overcoming obstacles and things that hold you back like the strong winds in your dream. The cave may represent the hidden recesses of your heart or spirit. You managed to complete your journey of self-discovery in the dream and arrive at a warm, protected place.

  13. Hi ,I had a Dream that where first I see water around followed by a person warning if you see fire next then you should run then I saw a truck burning coming towards me ,i tried to run and from dream i waked up.

    • It seems like your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you should avoid dangerous situations. Even if you notice an obstacle in your path or potential danger, there is a solution (like the water) nearby if you only think to look for it.

  14. I have a dream that me and my uncle were in the swimming pool with fire. It’s very confusing, because we drink it like a vodka its wierd

    • This dream may be a reflection of your emotional relationship with your uncle. Both water and fire are indications of your knowledge of change. You may find that aspects of your relationship have altered. Make a decision about what you feel is appropriate about the future of your relationship.

  15. I had a dream in which I saw a palace in East direction on sky and fire was burning from all corners and sides of the palace den suddenly earthen pot were spreading lighting nd making some structures like rangoli of diya’s I felt like diwali kind feeling after this I saw calm water outside my balcony for some time den it has gone

    • The palace may represent the goal you want in life or a dream of riches. Meanwhile, the fire and lightning aspects may mean you feel like there needs to be some kind of purification or trial by fire before you can reach your goal. The water near your balcony may indicate you feel like you are in a safe, peaceful location now, but you would have to leave this location in order to achieve your dreams in life.

  16. I dreamt I was in a park then fire started, however, it seemed like fire is flowing through an underground line until the fire surrounded the whole park. I was scared and tried running until I saw two women trying to put off the fire, then I tried (but thought many times) to come back to help them. Then they turn on all the water yard fountains to put off the fire and I have never felt so relieved. The feeling was amazing as if there was rain.

    • Judging by the dream, it sounds like you want to help other people, but you don’t always feel like you are able to. Since the other people were able to put out the fire, it seems like you feel confident that other people will be able to actually put out those “fires” in your waking life. No matter what happens and what obstacles you encounter, things will turn out alright because of the people you surround yourself with.

  17. I dreamed my husband and I bought a house and there was a big pond outside the house. The fire started around the pond but never got to the water. After I went to see the fire it went out and I dropped my phone in the water. It never went under just from one side of the pond to the other before it flew out at me. My husband had chased it to the other side of the pond screaming to me “I’m not buying you a new phone!” When I got it it was working but water damage. What could this mean?

    • Perhaps the fire represents a transformation coming your way like the story of the phoenix bursting into flames. The fact that the water is present may mean you aren’t sure your life will actually change, and your husband’s screams seem to indicate that you aren’t sure that he wants these changes to happen as well.

    • Water can represent peace and tranquility. The fact that it was burned by fire may mean you feel like your own peace and tranquility are being burned away to make way for new developments in your life that could be good or bad.

  18. In my dream, there was 2 gas stove on fire and I was using water from a barrel to throw on the 2 stove but the fire wasn’t outing

    • This dream could be a reflection of a concern or worry that you may have in your life. You may or may not be aware that there are different ways to extinguish different types of fires. Take this time to learn about how to put out various types of fires, as this may save your life in the future.

  19. In my dream I saw fire infront of a hut and I put water on fire but after few minutes that fire was again in same condition burning again I put water on it and this repeat again and again.. at last I pour all the water in the fire to stop. What might be the reason?

    • Fire is often a reflection of considerations of the heart, while water is often a manifestation of reasoning. Both are symbols of change, so it is possible that you are managing your questions through logical consideration. This is a beneficial and positive way for you to navigate your life.

  20. Today 29,mar,20,due to lockdown;my routine daily, morning walk, meeting, friends,purchasing news paper.Iwas asleep : till 0915hrs.First time.in morning hours,I dreamt:and sitting in toilet seat; review the sequence of dream.I was moving upward,somewhere in green hills and valleys.water flowing from hilltop,valley: and I am wading, walking up the hill.ssw some high power supply lines,lightening strike on such power towers.fire lightening all lines gradually.Some place nearby,: saw some fewpeople celebration.There also fire on the electric poles, lightening strike.Saw some people, putting,connecting: electric conductors.. fire was subdued…
    .. Little bit confused.

    • Your dream seems to be a reflection of various influences in your life. You may want to consider what lightning and electricity means to you. Fire on water may be better understood by reading this article. Take this time to look inward, as this will certainly help you understand the purpose of your dream.

  21. I had a dream to where I was water and my soulmate was fire and we were helping out with a wedding and me and my soulmate were running up a river to the wedding spot . the wedding was ruined because my soulmate(fire) was out of control so then they redid the wedding. And when we were about to leave to the wedding by skipping up the river(btw we were skipping on the water) until someone said that they must contain my soulmate so his fire doesn’t spread and we didn’t get to skip up the river together and I remember feeling alone and sad cause of that, do you think you can help me out to try and figure out if this has a meaning or not

    • This dream seems to be related to the concept of balance. Since the two of you were related due to your elements, it is possible that the two of you are good partners for each other. If aspects of this dream are related to your waking life and relationship, then you should consider what the future of your relationship holds. If the two of you need to discuss something, then speak with him about your thoughts and feelings.

  22. I had two dreams in one night the first one. I was sitting in a house on my phone then my children room was on fire.. I ran poured a bucket on the fire but nothing I proceeded to break into the window to save them then woke up. Later on the same night I had a dream I was on a boat/cruise and I went to the room and noticed water was coming in and covering the floor not at a alarming rate. Just there covering the floor. And the boat was moving crazy and I panicked saying the boat has a whole we shouldn’t be on here I was alone.

    • This dream seemed to be a manifestation of your desire to help those in need. You are aware that there are many potentially deadly issues in the world, and your positive behaviors within the dream may be reflections of how you many handle those emergencies. Take this time to consider how you can behave in the future. Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will bring positive people and energy into your life.

  23. I had a dream a while ago but one particular ‘event?’ caught my attention. I think there was a party in a school-type area and when I wanted to be alone, I went to a room. But the thing is some parts of the room’s walls and floor was on fire. I wasn’t panicking though. I went in the middle of the fire and sat down where there wasn’t any fire. I remember seeing the fire(on the floor) was burning on water. The floor was wasn’t covered with water but like, it’s just the base of the fire? Like it came with it. I tried blowing it and touching it to make the fire stop, but it just kept burning. And if I spread the water, it just makes the fire have the ability to expand, but still on water.

    What does this mean?

    • The specific meaning of fire on water may be found within this dream. It is possible that you feel that there is a worry that you are dealing with in your life, but you may be uncertain about what course of action that you should take. Introspection will allow you to understand the purpose of this dream, and you may find personal insights into how your behaviors in your waking life can support you. Be certain to share your kindness and compassion at all times.


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