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What does HMU mean?


HMU while texting

You have been texting with someone and suddenly they wrote the initials “HMU.” Hurry! It stands for the words “Hit Me Up!” when someone uses this letters in order as HMU while texting, the writer is telling the reader that they are able to meet up via telephone. Probably the requester is not in the same social platform as the reader is, so the HMU requests the reader to find a way (via mobile) to contact him/her.

While texting there are similar words like BRB (be right back) or WYD (what you doing) mostly used among teenagers trying to save time while communicating using the mobile devices; meaning that if the individual wants to ask the other person that they can be reached, they would use “HMU.” It is commonly known and used as “hit me up.”

As an example we encounter the sentence:

“I’m bored, HMU.”

The sender is asking for an immediate message, call or invitation to do something. So to please the person you have to act as quick as you can.  If the sender uses an “emoji” can be referring to something specific. Then, depending on the relationship people holds with someone else, they can start playing with it.


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