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What does IMO stand for?


IMO while texting

The acronym IMO stands for “In my opinion.” And it is one of the most commonly used while texting. It means that the information following the “IMO” is not facts, but instead, is the individual sharing the opinion. Simple enough, it will be used while texting, chats, or any other textual conversation.

This acronym will only have one meaning, unlike any other acronyms adopted by people which hold more meanings. Depending on the relationship you have with the person, it will be easy to determine the exact meaning of other acronyms, but IMO will always mean the same thing. It is not a subject to play with, and will only disclose information that refers to its nature. The shortened version of the phrase “in my opinion” will tell the receiver that the writer is about to express or to disclose just an opinion and that they can continue with the main conversation. In order to save time, people will shorten the word based on their pronunciation to communicate the message quicker.

Feel free to use IMO every time you want to let know that you are about to lend an opinion while texting in any mobile device.


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