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What Does It Mean If A Guy Calls You By Your Full First Name?


When we are born, our parents give us first names, our last name is usually the same as our father’s last name, but not always. Sometimes we get a middle name. Boys can be Jr, or the third as well. Those first names are then part of who we are, and we use that name to identify ourselves and for our friends to have something to call us – instead of ‘hey you!’

Many of us have full names and nicknames that go along with the full name, for example, a girl named Kathryn could go by Katie or Kat. For a guy, Michael may go by Mike. Some people decide that they would rather go by their middle names (which may be confusing at times)! Most of the time, using the full name (including the middle name) of a child means they are in big, big trouble! It is also more formal and something you can use on formal documents, like your driver’s license or your diploma and wedding certificate.

Remembering people’s names is not easy for anyone

So, if you know someone and they never use your name, don’t be insulted (at first) they may just have a hard time remembering it! Eventually, you hope they use your name when they talk to you! Using someone’s name is more personal and gives you a stronger connection. It does feel nice to have that personal connection and to be able to call your friend by their name. You may also come up with nicknames for loved ones like Babe, Honey, or Sweetie.

If you meet a guy and he starts calling you by your name, that is a good sign! You don’t take the time to learn someone’s name for no reason. Sure, it may just be that he is good with names, but it could also mean he is interested. Maybe in just being friends, but we can always use a new friend!

What if the guy you are dating or a guy you know calls you by your full name – not your nickname?

For some people, that may seem very formal and awkward. Particularly in social situations. Your other friends may wonder what is going on if some random guy is using your full name! Some people were raised to show respect and will use your full name unless you tell them otherwise. Some cultures only use full names, like Asians, not nicknames when they address other people.

Other people may think using your full name is a sign of affection. Or even a sign of respect. But, it could also be rather creepy. What if all your friends use your nickname and he is the only person that uses your full name (other than your mom when you are in deep trouble)? It would make some people uncomfortable to be addressed by their full name if they prefer their nickname. He may be trying to be funny, and it is coming out all wrong! But, you have to give him at least some credit for remembering your name!

What is in a name?

Well, a lot! It is part of you and your identity. If a guy is using your full name and you tell him to call you something else, and he doesn’t – well, he is probably just being a pain in the a** and isn’t’ worth your time! It is up to you what people call you. If you like that a guy calls you by your full name, not your nickname – awesome! It can be cute coming from a guy you are attracted to – right?!


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