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What Does It Mean If a Guy Won’t Talk About His Girlfriend in Front of You?


You have met the perfect guy. You know through other people that he is actually in a relationship. Instead of making a move, you are doing the right thing by just being friends and waiting until he is single again. There is one thing that confuses you though. While you know he has a girlfriend and he knows that you know, he never talks about his girlfriend in front of you. Even if someone else brings her up, he quickly changes the subject to something else.

There are a number of reasons why a guy won’t talk about his girlfriend in front of you. To figure out what the exact reason is, you have to look at the situation, your current relationship to each other and how he normally seems to act around you.

1. He Likes You

This is probably the reason you were hoping for, and it could certainly be the truth. He may be embarrassed that he likes you while he is a relationship. He does not want to talk about his girlfriend in front of you because he is afraid that it could push you away. While he is not willing to break up with his girlfriend now, a part of him is wondering what it would be like to date you someday. He avoids talking about another woman around you because he wants you to think that he is interested and wait for him.

It is not easy to like two people at once. In some cases, the guy already realizes that his current relationship is going to end and he has mentally checked out. He does not think that his interest is a bad thing because he does not think of himself as in a relationship anymore.

There are times when you have to worry though. If he seems to be lovey dovey around her and seems like a good boyfriend, then he should not be hitting on you. If he only avoids discussing his girlfriend around you, that is fine—he is obviously not acting on his feelings. If he also flirts with you, then you should be worried. This is a sign that he could be interested in cheating, which does not bode well on any future relationship that you two could have. If he also tries to follow through on these feelings, then you should definitely stay away from him. While someone who cheats once will not always cheat again, it is certainly more likely.

2. He Is Not in a Serious Relationship

While he is technically taken, the relationship might not be that serious. If this is the case, the flirting might be harmless and nothing to worry about. He wants to find the right person. After dating his girlfriend for a while, he has realized that she is not the one for him. Now, he is hoping that you could be the one. He avoids talking about his girlfriend around you because he does not want to scare you away.

3. He Likes Flirting

When someone knows that a crush is taken, they are less likely to flirt back. If he likes to flirt, then talking about his girlfriend is the last thing that he would do. He does not want you to think of him as someone else’s boyfriend because he would rather have fun talking to you and flirting with you. He might like you, but he also might just be interested in flirting.

4. He Doesn’t Like His Girlfriend

This seems strange. After all, someone would certainly like their girlfriend when they initially started dating. While this is often the case, it is not always true. Perhaps he started dating her as a sexual fling. When she wanted more, he did not have a reason to say no. He was not interested in anyone else, and being her boyfriend seemed like a good way to keep the sexual relationship going strong.

Now though, he is starting to regret that decision. He doesn’t really like his girlfriend, and he has no clue why he is still with her. Or, he did care about her, but his feelings are starting to fade. Whatever the reason, he is no longer interested in her as his girlfriend. While he is trying to figure out how to move on and break up with her, he ended up meeting you. The last thing he wants to do is make you think about his girlfriend. He wants you to see him as an option, and he has to solve the girlfriend problem on his own.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that he is taken. No matter what the reason, he is in a relationship right now. While he most likely has some level of interest in you, the only way you can act on his interest is if he is single in the future. Until then, you just have to hold off and be patient.


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