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What Does It Mean If I Dream About a Girl I Don’t Know?


When you see a beautiful woman in your dreams, the worst thing is not knowing if she actually exists. Perhaps you just talk to a pretty girl in the dream. In some cases, you may even be on a date or you may bring the woman back to your house. Whatever the case, you are left thinking about the girl for hours after your dream. The only problem is that you are not sure if she is actually alive or not.

There are many ways to look at this type of dream. Some dream interpreters and psychics believe that dreams predict the future and show what will happen in your real life. This is unlikely, but not completely impossible. Other dream researchers believe that your dreams reflect the underlying state of your subconscious mind, your desires, fears, dreams and memories. There are a number of reasons why you might dream about a girl you don’t know, and we will go through several of the potential reasons.

dream about a girl i never met before

There is a common myth about these types of dreams. Some people believe that dreaming about a girl you don’t know means that you will one day meet and be soulmates. This is highly unlikely. Unless you have actually met the girl in real life or seen her on television, she might not even exist. If you wait around forever for your “soulmate” to appear in real life, you could be single for the rest of your life.

Your subconscious mind creates dreams from your thoughts, memories and desires. If you have ever seen something in real life, that image could be pulled into your dream. Even if you do not consciously remember seeing the girl, she may have been standing behind you in line or been on the other side of the subway. You may not have consciously seen her, but a part of your subconscious mind remembers the image.

What It Really Means

Since this type of dream is a reflection of your subconscious, it is important to look at what happens in your dream and how it relates to your waking life. What happens with the girl in your dream? Are you attracted to her? Do you fall in love? Is she giving you advice or a warning?

You need to examine the exact circumstances in the dream to figure out what it means. If you are dating or sleeping with the girl in your dreams, it generally shows a desire to have romance or a sexual fling in your real life. If you are currently in a relationship, your subconscious mind may just be trying to spice things up. It is also possible that your subconscious mind is trying to show you the qualities you desire in a mate and the type of person that you should look for.

If you are in a relationship and had a romantic dream, there is good news. Your dream does not mean that you want to cheat on your partner. This is a question that we are asked a lot, and the general answer is “no.” You cannot control your subconscious mind, and your mind has memories of being with other people or liking other people. It makes sense that you would occasionally have dreams about other people. Your subconscious may be trying to spice things up romantically. If you have been arguing with your partner, your subconscious mind may also be trying to give you a more relaxed, peaceful relationship to enjoy while you sleep. Whatever the case, your dream does not explicitly mean that you want to cheat.

Other Dream Interpretations

In ancient times, seeing a woman in your dreams was a sign of good luck. It was thought to be a messenger of good luck, and getting a kiss from the woman signified a momentary benefit. If the girl was young and beautiful, it was said to signify prosperity, good fortune and joy. If she was well-dressed and well-educated, then it signified chastity and goodness.

In more recent times, Sigmund Freud spoke about why this phenomenon happens. He believed that seeing a woman in your dreams was a sign of your repressed sexual desires. Freud thought that these dreams were a way for the dreamer to fulfill their sexual wishes. Other people believe that seeing a motherly figure in your dreams is a sign of healing or that the angels are watching over you.

Seeing an unknown woman in your dream does not have a single interpretation. It all depends on what happens in your dream, what the woman represents to you and your own state of mind. By carefully analyzing all of the events and situations in your dreams, you can begin to figure out what the true meaning behind it is.


  1. Today I saw a dream of a young girl…I don’t knw her neither saw ever.. She will be 3/4 years younger.. There were a group of 3 girl… she was in the middle.. They were walking before me… And on my back side my father and younger brother was thr.. We all were walking on road and going to see a river side..then She looked me back and remained looking and her 2 friends were talking.. Her left sided friend was quiet in nature and introvert type..and right sided one were talkative and was teasing her and stimulating her to talked with me…it seemed…at first I didn’t notice I had my phone and earphone..I thought may be they were seeing some other guy behind Me but behind me I saw none except us… She then laughed at me,her smile was simple and formed a dimple on her cheeks, her eyes were just fixed on my eyes and she didn’t take off her eyes not even for a single moment..from my back my father and brother were bugging me relating with her… She was very beautiful and well furnished but very simplicity in nature..She would be perfect for me… Then we came to a circle of cross road …suddenly a Rickshaw came and their group separated she just suddenly came off in front of me and I was behind her…like at first rickshaw behind that she and behind her me. That time thr was only some gap between us.. Then she eagerly one stepped back toward me to minimise the gap I could strongly feel that…then my thought got blocked and didn’t understand what to do… I just stepped back from her..Then she again stepped back toward me..Then I did so in same time ….But I was feeling it seemed we were reflection of each other….after that I woke up…what’s the meaning

    • This person in your dream may be a reflection of various people who are in your life. This dream is a sign that you may be interested in developing a new social or emotional relationship. The relationship that the two of you shared in your dream may be a sign of the strength of this potential relationship. Allow this dream to guide you to share your kindness and compassion with the world, as this will help bring positive people into your life. Have a great day, Hasib!

  2. I just woke up from a dream about this girl. So basically what happened is that this girl I’ve never met knocked on the door of my house and asked for help. It wasn’t frantic help but it just like a favor help. We went to her house and grabbed something (I don’t know what she grabbed though) we went to a forest behind her house and we were looking for something (the details are kinda fuzzy) and then we forgot about what we were looking for and we just started talking. (Keep in mind that when we started talking I was quiet to whole time) then her mom called us for something important. That’s when I found out what we were looking for the whole time. Her father had been killed and she needed me. I asked why she needed me and she said “because you are special” then I asked how then she said “look” and handed me a broken pot, then the second I touched it the pot got fixed. She needed my help to hopefully be able to help her father. We were running to the forest to his location then I woke up confused. (Sorry if this was longer than usual)

    • Your dream is a reflection of your positive energy. Allow this dream to support you in your actions. The person in your dream may be a reflection of your desire to establish a social or emotional relationship. It is clear that you find joy in helping people. Share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life, as you will find that this will bring positive people and energy toward you. Have a great day, Johan!

  3. I had this dream it didn’t start of about a girl but ended with it.
    So the story starts it’s me and 5 other friends 2 guys 3 girls ( am the 3rd guy ) I didn’t know any off the people but I knew they was friends we was just getting along so well and we was at this hotel outside was a beach and clubs down the beach, the place was not furmiler to me at all. We was partying that night all off us we had a laugh we had a great night. It then moved to evening next day his time we was at the hotel resuturant but just then a group of guys up to 9 of them but not strangers they was my old group of lads I use to hang around with I say lads more off an old gang I use to hang around with it has been 2 years since I ever met them but when we met it was not awkward it was more like brothers reuniting again. We all started having dinner together my old friends and my new stranger friends. During the meal they invited us all to go clubbing that night I declined because I know how night outs with the old gang was like and as soon as I did my 5 new friends seen my face and went along they was clearly disappointed the girls not going with them. It then fast forwarded we was all in the hotel room it was a big room big enough for 6 people and we was going to settle for the night so we did and went to sleep. I woke up secound a later with banging on the window which was stranger because I was sure our room was top floor but it was at the bottom at this point for some reason I opened the window and one of the girl who was with our group of 6 was there scared but dressed like she just come from the club she begging me to pull her in to the room so I did she started hugging me and crying I looked around the room it was empty non of the other friends not even a bed the room looked small just one single bed that I got up from.I looked back at the girl she looked up at me and just then there was some kind of earth quake and building started fall on top of us and I woke up. I always found this dream weird because the girl was not the first time I seen her but she has been in other dreams and they always been me and her having a great time but at the end it’s me trying to protect her just befor we both died in each other’s arms.

    • This dream is a reflection of your various social and emotional relationships. The death in your dream may be a sign that you are experiencing a change in your life. Your actions in your dream is a reflection of your positive energy. Share your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will draw positive people and energy into your life. Have a great day, Yunus!

  4. My father told me about this dream tho.in the dream i was standing with a girl and her younger sister beside her by a lonlely road that is not tared, with grass around.Then a pickup was coming slowly towards me,a landrover pickup to b precise.It wanted to hit me and i was still standing and my dad was standing at another end wondering what is wrong with this foolish boy. So he ran towards me with a stick in his hand.when he got to were i was he discoverd the girl i was standing with had put a brick on my chest that prevented me from moving,so my dad broke the brick with the stick he was holding. Please what does dis mean? Ps.my dad said he has seen dat pickup in a dream b4 jst parked sumwer hanging.

    • This dream of your father’s is a reflection of various influences and concerns in his life. He wants you to feel secure and happy. He may be concerned about the influenced of other people. He may be concerned about your well being. The brick and the stick are signs of his desire to help you. Have a great day, Major!

  5. So I had this dream where at first I was with my cousins and uncles and I was checking out this red Van. Where the girl who wore a red dress, makeup, and had black hair go looked younger than me, About 14 Maybe. Anyways, she thought I was gonna consider stealing the van but I told her that I was just checking out my uncles van and she said something that i don’t recall. Later the scene changed to my backyard back home where we talked and stuff. Later her Dad arrives in a red SUV calling for her. She ran and I ran with her where we ran up the steps leading to the back door where she kissed my cheek and I kissed hers. The last thing she told me was, “ My dad would kill me if he saw me with you” and left. Later I received a text that was from her that said “Charm” with hearts or “Friends”

    • This dream is a reflection of your social and emotional connections and desires. You may feel as though you want to develop a new social relationship. The presence of each of your family member’s may be a sign that you should ensure that your relationship is approved of by your family. This will ensure the success of your future relationships. Have a great day, Estevan!