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What Does It Mean If I’m Crying in My Dream?


Sometimes, you have amazing dreams where you are flying and feel on top of the world. In other dreams, you are dying or watching a loved one die. Dreams run the gamut of ecstasy to trauma. If you are crying in a dream, it generally reflects on your subconscious mind and how you feel in real life.

dreams about crying uncontrollably

When you experience crying in a dream, it often represents a need for cleansing. You may want to express your emotions more openly. Perhaps there is something bothering you in your current life that you have not spoken up about. You might be upset about someone else being promoted at work or feel like you never got to state your viewpoint in an argument. Either way, you may feel like you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your dream.

Some people believe that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Tears are especially symbolic since they wash across the windows of the soul to clean them. Once the dirt and film are washed away, you can see clearly. Water is also a representation of emotion. It makes sense that tears would represent one of our deepest emotions. We cry when we are extremely happy and extremely sad. Crying in a dream may show that you want to wash away the past emotions and move on to your future.


Crying in a dream often shows a sense of grief or mourning. People often have this kind of dream after a loved one dies. Sometimes, your grief is not related to a death at all. There are many moments in our life that can cause grief. Quitting a job, ending a relationship or dealing with a severe illness can all cause grief. Our lives are always transforming and moving forward. Sometimes, your grief is over the loss of the person you were for the life that you now have.

If you have tears of sadness in the dream, it may be connected to a sense of loss about a person, a relationship, your career or something else. Meanwhile, tears of joy are typically connected to the opposite type of change.

The strength of the tears and emotion in the dream directly correlates to how you feel about the problem in real life. If you are completely desolated in the dream, then it shows that you feel the loss greatly in real life. Sometimes, crying in a dream just shows that you are finally processing all of those emotions. You may not have given yourself a chance to really process those emotions in your real life, so your subconscious mind finally gave yourself the opportunity in the dream. The tears wash away the grief so that you can start transforming your future and move on from the past.

What Does It Mean If I’m Crying in My Dream,crying in dream meaning

Releasing Negative Emotions

In general, dreams about crying show that you are trying to release negative emotions. No one can carry around negative emotions forever. If you never gave yourself a way to release these frustration in your daily life, your subconscious mind finally gave you the opportunity in the dream. You may not even realize the depths of these emotions. Often, people repress or ignore their feelings so that they can keep focusing on their work, family or other responsibilities. Your psyche is not able to just suppress these feelings forever, so you had to release these emotions in your dream.

Watching Someone Else Crying

Sometimes, you are only crying in the dream because someone else is and you feel empathy. If someone else is crying in the dream, it could also be a projection of your own feelings. When you do not allow yourself to release these feelings in your waking life, your subconscious may choose someone else to express these feelings in your dream.

No One Hears You

If you are crying and wailing without anyone responding, it often shows frustration and helplessness. You may feel like you are trying to communicate with people in your waking life, but no one responds to how you feel. Even when you express yourself, you might not feel like anyone is really listening. This dream may mean that you should be more vocal about your wants and needs in real life so that people actually listen.

Waking Up Crying

If you actually wake up crying, then it shows that you may have suppressed a hurt or trauma in your life. Now, you are no longer able to suppress these feelings. Your subconscious needs to release them, and you need to deal with these feelings directly.


Tears in your dream are often a sign of healing. They may also represent things like spiritual cleansing or compassion. In some cases, they only represent the pain that you feel. If you see just a single teardrop, then it may mean that you have remembered or learned some wisdom.


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