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What Does It Mean If My Ex-Boyfriend Dies in My Dream?


When you dream that someones dies, it is always traumatic. You wake up with your heart pounding as a cold sweat creeps over your forehead. When the person who dies in the dream is your ex-boyfriend, it feels traumatic, but it is also confusing. You should no longer care about the relationship, but you still wake up feeling afraid that something terrible will happen.

dream ex husband died

There are a few different meanings behind this dream. To figure out what it really means, you have to look at what happened in the dream, what is going on in your present life and how you currently feel about your ex-boyfriend.

1. You Are Finally Moving On

Often, a dream about death is metaphorical instead of literal. You are not having this dream because you wish he would die, but because he is metaphorically dying from your life. Immediately after a break up, you may have this traumatic dream because it feels like he is dying. You may feel unhappy and depressed in the dream because you are not quite ready to move on from the relationship.

After you have had time to heal, you may have this type of dream for a different reason. Instead of showing a fear about moving on and having him leave your life, the dream shows that you are finally ready to be single. He has “died” from your current life, and you are finally ready to accept that. You may still sad in the dream, but it is less traumatic or difficult than it was before.

2. You Want the Feelings to Stop

After a break up, your mind actually looks like it has gone crazy. When they do MRI studies of people undergoing a break up, the scans actually look similar to people who suffer from mental disorders. A break up of any type is one of the more traumatic experiences that you can ever face in life. You became used to being a part of a couple, and it became a part of your identity. Now, that part of your identity has been removed and you have to remake your life as a single person.

You may be having this dream because of all of the traumatic, difficult feelings that you are undergoing because of your ex-boyfriend. Your ex-boyfriend dies in your dream because you want the feelings to stop. You know that you have to move on, so you just want the memories of the past and the love you once shared to go away. Because of this, you dreamed that your ex-boyfriend and all the feelings that he represented were gone.

3. You Want Him to Go Away

Sometimes, you break up with a person and they are gone for good. In other cases, the ex-boyfriend hangs around like a bad hangover. He might be obsessive as he messages you again and again to get back together. In other cases, it is not even his fault that he is still in your life. He may be a part of your circle of friends or a friend of your brother’s. Because he is always around, you find it difficult to just move on and forget about him. You may have dreamed that he died because you wish that he would just go away and leave you in peace.

i had a dream my ex died

Look at How You Feel

The best way to figure out what this dream means is to look at how you feel in the dream. Are you happy and relieved or upset? Is there some longing or sadness in the dream? Does it feel like you are undergoing a major trauma?

If the dream is traumatic and you wake up feeling devastated, then you are most likely having problems moving on. Your subconscious understands that the relationship is over, which is why he died in the dream. You still felt filled with grief because that is how you feel in real life. You have to break free of your old identity and forget about the past, but it is too difficult to do so.

If there is a sense of relief or acceptance in the dream, then it shows that you are finally moving on. You know that the relationship is over with, and your subconscious mind has come to terms with your loss. You may still feel a sense of longing for the good times in your relationship, but you know that you cannot just turn back the clock.

The fact that he dies in the dream reflects that you are coming to terms with the relationship’s end. Whether you still feel unhappy about it or have started to heal, your subconscious mind has learned that the relationship is truly over. Before long, he will be just a distant memory as you focus on rebuilding your new life without him.


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