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What Does It Mean If the Guy Who Ghosted You Is Now “Liking” Your Social Media Posts?


It seemed like your relationship was perfect. You thought that you were headed toward a long-term relationship, and then . . . nothing. Over night, he suddenly vanished into thin air. He blocked you online and completely disappeared. If his friends didn’t tell you that he was alive, you would have no clue that he wasn’t kidnapped.

he won t text me but likes my posts

Ghosting is odd enough, but now the guy is liking your social media posts and pictures. Even when you posted that odd picture of your dog, he suddenly liked him. Now, you want to know what is going on. What does it mean if the guy who ghosted you is now liking your social media posts? Why is he suddenly reaching out slightly to you again? Each situation is different, so we will cover a few of the most common reasons why this could happen.

1. He Wants to See If You Moved on

The human ego is an amazing thing. Even though he decided you were not worth his time, he doesn’t want you with someone else. He wants to see that you are stuck on him and unable to move on. He might be on your Facebook profile to see if you are dating someone else or if you are out partying. While he does not want to be with you, he does not want anyone else to be with you. Plus, he may hope that he could get with you sexually again some day if he needs a backup option.

he likes my pictures but doesn't talk to me

2. He Wants You to Think That He Likes You

Some guys want to have a backup option. They want to know that they can get back together with you whenever they want to. This ego-driven guy may be trying to make sure that you are still open to being with him.

3. He Has No Clue How Awkward He Is

A number of people are socially awkward. He could just text you, explain the ghosting and see how you are doing. Instead of doing that, he just clicks “like” from behind his computer screen.

4. He Wants Attention

As you may have guessed, most of these reasons have to do with his ego. He might want to get attention and know that you still like him. In his mind, each like means that you will keep thinking of him and talking about him with your friends.

5. He Feels Guilty

When he decided to go radio silent, it was out of cowardice. He didn’t want to tell you that he was using you or that he did not want a serious relationship. Instead, he just disappeared. Now, he might be liking your social media posts because he feels guilty. He knows that he should have just explained himself, but he did the wrong thing instead. His likes might just be an attempt to make up for being so awful to you.

What Does It Mean If the Guy Who Ghosted You Is Now “Liking” Your Social Media Posts

6. He Wants to Stay in Touch

Again, he might not want to be with you now. He wants to keep his options open. Messaging you is too much work, and you might read too much into it or ask an awkward question. Instead, he is just trying to stay in touch with “likes” in the hopes that he could date you if he decides to in the future.

7. He Is Feeling a Little Nostalgic

After a break up, it is fairly normal for people to stalk their ex’s Facebook profile. While he was looking at your Facebook or Instagram page, he noticed that you seemed really happy. It made him think of those moments when you were so happy as a couple together. He might not want to actually be with you or get another shot, but he is feeling nostalgic about the past. Because of this, he is liking some of your posts.

8. He Is Lazy

He ghosted because he was too lazy or inconsiderate to just tell you how he feels. Now, he wants to catch your eye without having to put in a lot of effort again.

9. He Hopes That You Will Be Open to Sex

The ghosting and likes could be a part of a more obvious play for manipulation. You wanted a relationship before, but he was too lazy, inconsiderate or slutty to settle down the first time around. He ghosted you because he did not want to just tell you that he never planned on a serious, exclusive relationship. Now, he sees your gorgeous pictures and you look happy. He either a) just wants to leave the door open for sex or b) renegotiate the relationship so that you are friends with benefits. He is liking your photos so that you are more open to being his booty call now or in the future.


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