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What Does It Mean If You Commit Suicide in a Dream?


When you have a dream about committing suicide, it can feel terrifying. You may wonder if this is how you feel in real life, or if you have just given up the will to live. You may think that this relates to how you feel about yourself or something you failed at in your life. Suicide is a very profound, traumatic dream to experience. Any time someone dies in a dream, it can leave a lasting impression on your psyche.

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If you commit suicide in a dream, it may relate to how you feel about yourself. You may feel depressed about how you are currently living your life. In some cases, it may also represent how you feel about certain attributes of your personality or life.

1. Wanting a Fresh Start

Death is the ultimate transformation. While dreaming about death can feel terrifying, it is not always something that you should worry about. In some cases, dreaming about death can even be a good thing. You may have dreamed that you are committing suicide in a dream because you want a certain stage of your life to end. You may feel like it is time to get rid of your old patterns of existence so that you have space for new people, habits and lifestyles. Think about your current life. Are you about to undergo a major change? Is there a new goal or project that you want to work on?

Even if the dream felt traumatic, this does not mean that it is a bad thing. Even a positive, fresh start can feel extremely traumatic at the time. Any time you are changing yourself or your way of life, it can feel difficult. You are breaking free of the past and moving on to your future, but a part of you may still long for your former self. Because of this, you may feel the same trauma in the dream when you commit suicide.

2. You Are Going Through a Break Up

This is another common reason to have a dream about suicide. When you have a break up in your real life, the relationship is literally dying. If you have been together for a long time, this type of break up is especially difficult. You were used to thinking of yourself as an “us,” but you now have to rethink your entire life as an “I” instead. Your dream is just a reflection of this change and the trauma you feel.

3. You Actually Want to Die

While there are often other reasons for a dream like this, it is possible that you had the dream because you want to end your life. Your dream is just serving as a wish fulfillment space. If you have been feeling depressed and hate your life, don’t act on the dream. Find a counselor or someone you trust to turn to. Change is possible, but you need to get help and solve the problems in your life that are causing these feelings.

4. You Want to Change a Habit or Personality Trait

Sometimes, the death in the dream is figurative. Perhaps you have a habit of pushing people away from yourself, drinking too much or being overly negative. Whatever the habit or personality trait is, you might have reached a point in your life where you want to change it. The suicide that happens in the dream might not actually reflect yourself dying, but an aspect of yourself going away.

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5. You Feel Like You Are Losing Yourself

There are many times in life where we lose touch of who we are or what we want. Sometimes, people feel this way when hey start a relationship or a new job. Their old sense of identity has been replaced, so they can feel distressed or lost. In other cases, you just don’t recognize who you are anymore. You may have started hanging out with new friends or started different habits that are completely out of line with your former self. Either way, you may dream that you have committed suicide because you feel like an aspect of your old self is dying or lost.

What to Do

A dream is only a reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, fears and desires. It should never be a sign of what you should do in life because you are ultimately the person responsible for charting your destiny. In cases of suicide dreams, you should take a moment to think about how you felt in the dream and what happened. See if any aspects of the dream could be a metaphor for your current life. Often, the dream’s meaning is metaphorical about something that you want to change or have changed. Once you know what your subconscious is trying to tell you, you can make life changes that support your continued growth and happiness.


    • Your dreams are indications of your previous emotional relationship with your ex. You will find great benefit in focusing your emotional energy elsewhere.


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