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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father?


When you dream about anyone who has passed on, it can be extremely disconcerting. You wonder if they are sending you a message from beyond or if it is just caused by your grief. When you dream about your dead father, this experience is even more true. While it is rarely a contact from beyond, this type of dream can bring you comfort during your grief.

what does it mean to see your dead father in the dream

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father?

This type of dream typically symbolizes your sense of loss. Your subconscious creates dreams about the loved ones who have passed on as a way to help you process your grief. Even if your father died years ago, you can still have dreams about him from time to time. You naturally miss him, so your subconscious is trying to provide you with solace during your grief.

Once your father dies, you are no longer able to talk to him or get his support. It is only natural that your subconscious mind would try to provide you with the same support. Your dream about your dead father is most likely caused by your desire to get the advice, guidance, support and comfort of your father.

Fathers in Your Dreams

On a more basic level, the role of a father in your dreams can interpret certain things. Dream interpreters typically believe that a father represents your conscience in a dream. He shows your ability to choose between right and wrong. Often, a father represents a decision that you have just made or are about to make. They may appear in your dreams to try to show you the right path to take in the coming months.

In some cases, a dream about a father can also symbolize the feelings you have about him. In a dream about your dead father, the feelings may be your love for him or unresolved feelings. You may feel guilty about not telling him how you felt during your waking life, or you may just wish that he was there to guide you. How you felt about him when he was alive will often return in your dream.

If your father is upset, sad or angry in the dream, it may show that you are frustrated or disappointed with a situation in your life. You may feel like you have made the wrong choice, so your father appeared in your dream because you are upset with yourself. It is also possible that the anger in your dreams may be about yourself or your father because of past issues in your relationship.

If your father dies in the dream, it may represent two different things. The first option is moral decay. You may feel like you have lost your capability of standing up for what is right or are making the wrong choices. The second option is just because of real life. If your father died in real life, your mind may recreate his death to help you come to terms with your loss. Even if you consciously know that your father has moved on, a part of you may be unwilling to accept that fact. Your subconscious mind may be giving you this dream as a reminder that he has moved on and that you have to gradually accept this.

I dreamt I saw my dead father

The Meaning of Death in Your Dreams

If you dream about your dead father, it can obviously represent his own death. The subconscious mind makes dreams out of our memories and feelings. Often, it chooses the strongest memories to recreate in our dreams. When it comes to strong memories, few things have a more lasting impact than the death of a loved one.

It is also possible that your father represents a part of your psyche that you have closed off. He may symbolize a feeling or talent that you desperately need in your waking life. In some cases, he may also be representing the choice you have to make ahead of you. You may feel like you need extra guidance, so your father appeared in your dream to show you the way.

In many cases, a dream about your dead father shows your unresolved feelings. Dealing with a loss is never easy, so your subconscious is trying to give you a way to resolve those feelings. If you need to make amends, this is the time to do so. You may wish to set something right, resolve a problem or tie up loose ends. Whether you need to forgive your father or apologize to him, your subconscious is trying to give you a way to do so now that he has passed on. If this is the case, use these dreams as an opportunity to make things right and start a new path in life that your father would approve of.


  1. Please i need the meaning if this dream. Im a male, and my best friend is a female. i asked her out but it was an excuse. we are so closed but she’s far away cause of school education, she in another state in same country.

    Before asking her, i dream about someone telling me not to delete her contact. it was a voice which i dont know who it is. as at that time her father was still alive.

    the Second dream i dreamt about her was that, we are both inside bathroom and she was bathing me with sponge and soap.

    her father passed away 6 month ago. her father did not know me physically neither do I. i only see her father pictures. when he was alive.

    4 months After the death of her father, She invited me to his fathers house. she introduced me to her sibling and his step mom. we had a nice time and i left her place at night.

    That same night I saw is dad in a dream asking me if im ready to marry her daughter, he told me some cultural thing about their family. this was the first dream. i didn’t take it serious caused it was the fight time.

    the second time i dream about is father was when we had a fight which last for almost a month. is father appear to me dream that i should forget about the fight that he will talk to her daughter. few days after the dream she message me. and we ended the fight.

    the 3rd dream i dream about her father was, I saw is father asking me what happen to her daughter in the dream. i was so scared which i have to wake up during that night i check my whatsapp if i have any message from her. nothing so i check her status. so i see that she just posted the 6 month remembrance of her father death.

    why im i seeing her father in dream.

    I will like and explanation about this please.

    i want to work away from this lady so many times but anytime i remember all this i keep calm. walking away doesnt mean he did something bad, but since we are not dating its better i move on.

    • It seems that the presence of her late father in your dream is an indication of the strength of your shared connection. You seem to be aware that the two of you are not about to nourish a romantic relationship, and it seems that you are uncertain about your current relationship. If she reaches out to you in the future, then share your kindness and compassion with her. To honor the memory of her father, you should share your kindness and compassion at all times.

  2. I had a dream about my dead father wanted to marry another woman but not my mother, so my uncle’s and aunty and his friends where inside the house supporting him then I said to them my mother is not happy about this and my father heard me and he chase me and I run away. What’s the meaning of this dream?

    • This dream could be a reflection of a wide variety of influences in your life. This doesn’t mean that your father didn’t care for your mother. It is possible that you are aware of disagreements that they may have had during his life. Take this time to nourish your relationship with your mother, if possible. Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will help you honor the memory of your father.

  3. okay so i need advice on what a dream i had last night means . i’m 15 and my dad passed away when i was around 11 due to alcohol poisoning . in my dream i knew he wasn’t alive anymore , and he randomly appeared and said he came back to life back in January and basically he was just trying to spend time with me and catch up on everything that’s happened over the past 4 years that he was dead . i’ve had a few dreams where he literally came back to life and that he knew he came back to life and i’m not sure what they mean .

    • This dream is a manifestation of your emotional relationship with your late father. His appearance in your dream as a friend could be a sign of how you may have viewed your relationship with him. Catching up with him may be a sign of your desire to speak with him. Share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will ensure that you honor his memory.

  4. Both my mom and Nana had the exact dream of my grandpa (which is my nanas dad) in a truck and then falling out. They individually tried to reach for him to pull him back in but he was gone. They both had this dream. Do you know what this means?

    • Their mutual dreams may indicate their shared connection with your grandfather. It is possible that their experiences with him colored this dream. It may indicate that this was his way of communicating with them. They will honor his memory by sharing their kindness and compassion at all times.

  5. Hi. I had a dream that I would like interpretation please. I dreamt of my dead father. He actually died in my dream and we were all making arrangements for his funeral when he woke up and kind of transformed into a younger person. I actually saw him get up from where he was laying. It didn’t look like him when he was younger but he was younger, strong and fit. And separately my cousin brought to show me a recently born. I mean just out of the womb baby and when he took away th baby I had a wedding ring on my finger.

    Hope you can help.


    • Your dream is a manifestation of your emotional relationship with your late father. Within the dream, the concepts of death and birth were apparent. Both of these things are indications of change. The wedding ring could be a sign of your thoughts regarding your romantic relationships. Take this opportunity to make a decision about what you want for your future.

  6. Hey I would really love to know the meaning of this dream. I’m 21 and my DAD died a little over two years ago.
    I have this same Dream often about my late Father
    He comes back to life in my dream and in my dream I always say “how could you leave and just come back, everyone thinks your dead” and I’m mad that he could leave and come back and act like it’s all fine,
    but I’m also very happy he’s back again, but also frustrated because he let everyone think he died.
    And in the dream it feels like he left for only a couple months.
    But then I start to become aware that in reality he died over two years ago.
    And in the dream he’s always acting like nothing ever happened.
    I wonder what this means, how am I aware that he died two years ago in my dream?
    But in my dream it feels like he left for only a couple

    • The dream represents your chance to talk to your father and to understand why he would just leave you in life. You are happy to see him because you want to have him in your life, but the frustration is present because a part of you knows that this dream cannot become a reality. The dream is just a kind of wish fulfillment because you wish that you could be around your father again.

  7. Hi , I need some clarification on my recurring dreams. I often see my late father, my late mother, my late eldest brother, my late brother in law, my late eldest uncle, my late eldest Aunt and most of my late relatives in my dreams. Sometimes all are together with some living relatives in my home and there’s a celebration type of occasion. While sometime I see them sad. I feel like they really want to say something to me but I’m unable to remember all the details of my dreams. Please help me find those hidden meaning or messages .

    • Your dreams are reflections of your emotional relationships with your late family members. There may be various reasons for this dreams occurring. It is likely that something in your life caused these dreams to manifest. Ensure that your dreams guide you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will help you honor their memories.

  8. I need an explanation. The dream I had last night consisted of going back in time, and seeing my dead father again. I was aware that I went back in time. I’m 14 and my dad died a few weeks ago. I was in my grandparents’ house. My dad was in the living room and I was packing up to go home. When we went home, we stopped at a supermarket. My dad saw a bunch of guys doing drugs, and he instantly wanted in, no thought or anything, it was instant. He bought some from them and started doing drugs with them. We left and he wanted more. He called them and they said that they wanted something in return, no idea what it is. When we arrived home I somehow find myself to have arrived by myself. I open my bedroom door and find all the guys and my father doing drugs. I tell my father that if he wanted to start doing drugs, to disown me. Exactly like that. To disown me. He told me to shut up and get out of here, I got out, went to look for my shoes, and my cousin came to me with the time machine we used to go back in time, and he asked me where I wanted to go and when, I told him where, he asked me what I had with me when I went there, he needed a new item, so they could track where I first took it and they would send me there. I tell him the item, I remember saying gibberish and he understanding it, I have no idea what the item was, or where I was going. He fires up the machine, and I wake up.

    • This dream seems to be related to your knowledge of your father’s behaviors during his past. Of course, it is possible that other influences in your life may have caused to this dream to manifest. The presence of your cousin may be a reflection of other aspects of your life. Take this time to determine what you want for your future. By sharing your kindness and compassion at all times, you will honor the memory of your father.

  9. I dreamt that my father died, in my dream I was involved in a car accident it seems like that I was a racer and got into an accident. Before it I have a conversation with my father saying if we can postpone our trip going to a relative because I have an activity in my school (though I am already working, I graduated last year) he said they can wait for me until I am done. Then after that I woke up in the hospital looking for my father saying that he is dead and I was out for 2 days. Also in my dream he said to me the location where he will meet his death. After that I met my cousin telling me my father is dead, we were walking to the location of my father”s wake on the way I met my grandma (mother of my dad) I asked her if my father died in an accident but she said no it’s because his child from another woman killed him and I was like maybe my father has his reasons. It seems that it was a suspicion on how my dad met his death. Then we arrived to his funeral where I found my mom I also asked her how dad died but she said it is still under investigation and then I shout cursing the police apparently there were police but they didn’t heard me and then I cried but I don’t have tears while crying then realization hits me, why my tears doesn’t fall and then I woke up. May I ask what is your interpretation about it? Thank you very much.

    • Your dream is a manifestation of your emotional relationship with your late father. Your concerns about the death of your father within the dream may be related to unanswered questions that you may have had about his life. Of course, those questions may simply be due to dramatic media that you may have consumed in your past. Honor the memory of your father by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  10. My dad died 21 years ago.In his last days he had started drinking a lot , he was probably depressed. I loved him a lot and shared a great father daughter relationship. It took me 7 years to finally accept his death. Last night I saw him in my dream sitting in a meeting with my previous employers executive team. As I was about to enter the room, I noticed that he is drunk( even though he was quiet). I couldn’t go inside and left the place feeling embarrassed.What does it mean? Any unresolved feelings? Or anything abt my current emotional state?

    • You seem to have a healthy understanding of your dream. If you were embarrassed within the dream, then you may have had previous feelings about your father’s drinking. Similarly, your current emotional state absolutely influenced this dream. Regardless, you have a great relationship, so you should allow this dream to influence you to share your kindness and compassion at all times. This will ensure that you honor his memory.

  11. I want to find out my dad die in 2015.
    I dream about my dad we where in a place drinking cofee then he went and a wile after that i reseve a text saying my dad die
    And i whent to his place and its like i can talk to him in my dreams
    I say i stil remember him in ways someone say someting
    And them he say il always remember him in was he did but it dont mean that it iscl he

    • This dream is a reflection of your emotional connection with your late father. The interactions that you had with him during your dream may be a manifestation of various aspects of your relationship with him. It is clear that you care about him. Ensure that you share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will help you honor his memory.

  12. Hello. I had a dream last night that my late father came to visit me. I was afraid at first and my mother told me to calm down. It’s as if he did not know he was dead. He was asking us what happened to him and we told him. He began to cry. After that we were talking and laughing, catching up basically. I went to get him a drink and when J came back he was not there. I cried. I awoke from my dream. When J went back to bed I dreamt of my father as a boy playing with his father and in that same dream my grandmother died. What could this dream mean?

    • Your dream is a manifestation of your emotional relationship with your late father. You are also aware of his interactions with his parents. Ensure that this dream guides you in a positive direction. You will honor his memory by sharing your kindness and compassion with everyone in your life. This will also bring you many benefits in the future.


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