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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father?


When you dream about anyone who has passed on, it can be extremely disconcerting. You wonder if they are sending you a message from beyond or if it is just caused by your grief. When you dream about your dead father, this experience is even more true. While it is rarely a contact from beyond, this type of dream can bring you comfort during your grief.

what does it mean to see your dead father in the dream

What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father?

This type of dream typically symbolizes your sense of loss. Your subconscious creates dreams about the loved ones who have passed on as a way to help you process your grief. Even if your father died years ago, you can still have dreams about him from time to time. You naturally miss him, so your subconscious is trying to provide you with solace during your grief.

Once your father dies, you are no longer able to talk to him or get his support. It is only natural that your subconscious mind would try to provide you with the same support. Your dream about your dead father is most likely caused by your desire to get the advice, guidance, support and comfort of your father.

Fathers in Your Dreams

On a more basic level, the role of a father in your dreams can interpret certain things. Dream interpreters typically believe that a father represents your conscience in a dream. He shows your ability to choose between right and wrong. Often, a father represents a decision that you have just made or are about to make. They may appear in your dreams to try to show you the right path to take in the coming months.

In some cases, a dream about a father can also symbolize the feelings you have about him. In a dream about your dead father, the feelings may be your love for him or unresolved feelings. You may feel guilty about not telling him how you felt during your waking life, or you may just wish that he was there to guide you. How you felt about him when he was alive will often return in your dream.

If your father is upset, sad or angry in the dream, it may show that you are frustrated or disappointed with a situation in your life. You may feel like you have made the wrong choice, so your father appeared in your dream because you are upset with yourself. It is also possible that the anger in your dreams may be about yourself or your father because of past issues in your relationship.

If your father dies in the dream, it may represent two different things. The first option is moral decay. You may feel like you have lost your capability of standing up for what is right or are making the wrong choices. The second option is just because of real life. If your father died in real life, your mind may recreate his death to help you come to terms with your loss. Even if you consciously know that your father has moved on, a part of you may be unwilling to accept that fact. Your subconscious mind may be giving you this dream as a reminder that he has moved on and that you have to gradually accept this.

I dreamt I saw my dead father

The Meaning of Death in Your Dreams

If you dream about your dead father, it can obviously represent his own death. The subconscious mind makes dreams out of our memories and feelings. Often, it chooses the strongest memories to recreate in our dreams. When it comes to strong memories, few things have a more lasting impact than the death of a loved one.

It is also possible that your father represents a part of your psyche that you have closed off. He may symbolize a feeling or talent that you desperately need in your waking life. In some cases, he may also be representing the choice you have to make ahead of you. You may feel like you need extra guidance, so your father appeared in your dream to show you the way.

In many cases, a dream about your dead father shows your unresolved feelings. Dealing with a loss is never easy, so your subconscious is trying to give you a way to resolve those feelings. If you need to make amends, this is the time to do so. You may wish to set something right, resolve a problem or tie up loose ends. Whether you need to forgive your father or apologize to him, your subconscious is trying to give you a way to do so now that he has passed on. If this is the case, use these dreams as an opportunity to make things right and start a new path in life that your father would approve of.


  1. I had a dream about my dad twice. It’s been four years since his died. I dream about him three times. First dream was he’s in front of me waving at me while smiling and I’m stood there screaming at him don’t go. I was scared, trembling and sad at the same time. The second dream is I was in my house doing my routine and then I heard a knock on the door I open it and saw my dad. He seems exhausted. He enter the house and sits on his couch while I’m look at him shook. He looks at me, smiles and then tell me how was my day, how was school, I tell everything at him… I feel weird cause he’s dead and why is he here?? I feel so confused. The third dream I had is he standing in front of me smile and…. I smile at him… He suddenly disappears…. I miss him a lot…hes a great father..

    • The presence of your late father is an indication of your strong emotional connection with him. The numerous interactions are indications of this relationship. Honor his memory by sharing your positive energy with the world.

  2. I lost my dad just shy of a year ago. He had suffered injuries from a workplace accident & had spanks surgery. It was 6 years laster since he had his accident that he passed away suddenly. I had a dream that he came back from the dead, mum and My brothers were looking outside & in next doors driveway there he was. In his work wear, happy, how I remember him before his accident. In my dream we all ran out, crying but really happy that he was back. Then I woke up, so I have no idea what it’s meant to mean. Needless to say, it’s upset me & ive been pretty emotional since.

    • The dream shows your desire for what you would like to happen, but it only reflects the feelings and desires in your subconscious mind. Even if it was only for a few minutes, at least you got to feel like you were close to your father again!

  3. I have had a few dreams about my deceased father, all of which seem to be me finding him but he doesn’t really know anything. He recognizes my face and smiles even smiled to my mom on a FaceTime call, but no real recollection of where he’s been or why he has been there (I always find him at my grandmothers house, his moms and he’s in the basement rummaging through things). I always wake up with a really intense feeling of emptiness, fear, and concern.

    • The dream shows your desire to be around your father. Perhaps your subconscious is unable to adjust to the idea that he has passed, so it created the idea that he must have lost his memory, which is why he is away. Your sense of fear and emptiness is only natural after a loved one passes on.

  4. My father died 18 months ago, I dreamt about him last night for the first time. He was angry at me, I don’t know why but he was shouting at me and he started to jump on my bed, something which he would have been incapable of when alive, I was aware this shouldn’t happen whilst in the dream. In the dream I was happy to see him and expected him to be nice and kind to me and I was so upset that he was angry. Myself and my mother left the house at the same time as my father, all heading for the same place but me and my mother avoided my dad by taking another route. I kept looking to see if I could spot my dad but I couldn’t. Then I woke up.

    • This dream may be an indication of negative experiences that you had with your late father. It is also possible that your worries or concerns may have caused this dream to manifest.

  5. Today is my late father’s death anniversary and last night I had a dream about him. I went to bed with my husband and fell asleep on his chest and cuddling like always. I heard banging at the front door and I froze and kept my eyes closed. The banging was getting louder but I kept my eyes closed and held my husband tighter. I then heard the door swing open but I still kept my eyes closed and thought “this is how I’m going to die.” All of a sudden I feel someone grab my shoulder and yell “BAM!” I open my eyes and I see my dad smiling and laughing so hard saying “I still got you” (my dad loved to play jokes on all of the family) I hug him so tight and I feel how warm he is and he’s still laughing. I know that he’s passed away so I ask him “how are you here?” And he just tells me “I’m so happy. I can eat all the candy and sweets I want with no worries” (he was diabetic) but then says “I’m okay now but I can’t stay” I ask him “why?” And all of a sudden the ground starts shaking, things falling off the shelves. I ask “what’s going on? An earthquake? Why can’t you stay?” Then it starts raining hard that the house starts flooding. He said “I need to go” and then I ask why again but then the water was getting higher with big waves. A tsunami? And it’s harder to stay above water but my dad looked like he was floating almost like he was standing on the water and he says again “I can’t stay. I have to go or it’s going to be like this” I yell “why?!” And I get hit on my back and I start sinking in the water. I wake up gasping for air.
    What does this dream mean?

    • Your dream is a powerful relationship of your emotional relationship with your late father. It seems that your spiritual beliefs may have manifested in this dream as well. It is clear that the two of you shared a strong, positive connection. The earthquake and rain could be an indication of your anxious thoughts regarding death. Ensure that this dream guides you to share your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will honor the memory of your father.

  6. My father died two months ago.he coming on my dream alive and telling me he cheated death. This same dreams coming 3 days consistently…. what that it mean. Im so happy to see him on my dream. But when after awake I feel very sad. Cant share this anyone….

    • The statements of your father are likely indications of your desire to nourish your emotional relationship with your late father. Share your positive energy to honor his memory.

  7. I keep having dreams about my father moving in with us. He passed 6+ years ago. In my dream, he was younger. There would have been no reason for him to come live with us. I have had a dream 3 out of 5 days this last week about him coming to live with us. I find this strange and unsettling. Any idea’s what it means or why?

    • His attempt to move in with you could be a sign that you may have unresolved questions in relations to your late father. You may feel that there is a change in your life that you are navigating.

  8. I dreamed of my dead dad and he was on a party with our relatives and they were all happy. He was even doing what he usually does and they are enjoying it but me, my mom and my siblings were not even on that party. It was like I was watching a movie of them him and all of our relatives partying.

    • It seems that your dream is a manifestation of your emotional relationship with your late father. This may have been a memory of your experience with your father.

  9. Had a strange dream. Dad used to work away from home for weeks at a time before he had to stop working due to bad health. So in the dream he came home like he used to, all healthy and cleaned up. But the setting of the dream is in the present not in the past. He stopped working twenty years ago and passed away about two months ago in waking life. In the dream we are all happy to see him but confused because we know when and how he died as we were all with him in his last moments. I don’t remember conversation from the dream because all I could do was hug him for a long time and then I left because I hate crying in front of people. And I was crying cause I knew there’s no way the dream was real. Yeah obviously I miss the old grouch more than I want to admit, but can’t shake the feeling that the dream was a kind of warning. Any thoughts?

    • The dream may just represent how much you love your father and miss him. Often, the subconscious mind returns to favorite memories or common situations (like working) after the loved one passes, so this is fairly common. Even though you were only able to be around his dream form for a bit, at least you got to feel like you were close to your father again.

  10. Hi
    My father passed away 2 months ago and I delivered baby girl on same day in abroad. I didn’t see him on his last day. I came home after a month. Myself and my brother seeing him in our dreams. I am seeing him as if he is talking to me or just sitting on his chair and smiling. But in my brother dream he is sad and crying. Please I interpret this seems.

    • The dream reflects your subconscious mind’s journey toward closure and healing. Your subconscious is trying to come to terms with your loss, which is much harder since you were not able to actually say good-bye to your father before he passed. Healing takes time, but it will happen.

  11. I dreamed my father was dancing with me in a dream. We were dancing and he was spinning me around. I hugged him and he took my hand and was showing me off to on lookers.
    My dad died 8 years ago.
    What does this mean!

    • The dream most likely reflects a desire to be near your father again. Since the dream sounds an awful lot like a father-daughter dance at a wedding, it is also possible your subconscious mind is wishing your father could be there to see everything you have accomplished in life.

  12. My father passed away 4 months ago and I dreamt of a different version of his death. He died of a stroke in real life but in my dream he had survived the first stroke and was having a second, I knew exactly what to do. Unlike in real life where I panicked. In the dream I got into the ambulance with him and rode side by side with him. In real life he got flown by a helicopter. I wasn’t with him I drove up. In the dream I was with him as he died. In real life I chose not to be there when he died, it was too hard for me. I visited him but less when it got worse. What do you think this dream version represents?

    • The dream seems to recreate some of the things that happened in real life. Some aspects of the dream may have occurred because you are conflicted about your decision not to be there when he died, and you naturally miss your father, which makes this dream more likely to happen. It only shows what is going on in your subconscious mind, so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

  13. My father disappeared 23 years ago and we believe he is dead. Today I had a dream where my dad 2 brothers drove by but they seem dead as I looked out the window, there was another woman in the house that I don’t know and a dog that bites me on my right hand 3 times as I’m trying to go out side to check on my uncles. When I get out side I see my father hugging my uncles out side the car standing up on a stairs. I’m trying to get to my father since I haven’t seen him in 23yrs but on the way out my husband ask me about my hand and tells me is nothing to go wash it off, I tell him no that I have to go to the hospital then I don’t see my father anymore or my uncles and I wake up. While all this is happening I’m crying in the dream because I see my father and so when I wake up I’m crying in real life as well. Saddest dream I ever had can you tell me what could this mean, I’ve always wanted to dream about my father to see him one more time since his disappearance 23 yrs ago.

    • This dream is a manifestation of your emotional relationship with your father. Your uncertain about his disappearance has certainly influenced your life and this dream. Take this time to nourish your relationship with your partner by spending additional time together in person.

  14. Hi, my dad committed suicide when I was 12. I am now 24. I had my first dream of him this week. In my dream he had just got out of prison and we reconnected. Although it seemed to be a happy dream, I also felt like something was wrong, like something was pulling him away and he just disappeared. I also lost someone that was very dear to me on New Year’s Day.

    • Your dream is a reflection of your emotional relationship with your late father and your knowledge of his experiences. Honor the memory of your father by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  15. I had a dream that my deceased Father who died ten years ago called me on the wrong phone and left a voice mail and said I have been trying to get you, have you been getting my messages? He said am I calling the wrong number? Then he said “you don’t even know where I am”. This has been very disturbing to me and I have had constant nightmares since this dream two weeks ago.

    • The dream occurred because you miss your father and wish that he could be here in your life. Your subconscious mind may be trying to explain why you can’t talk to him by sending you these dreams, even though it sounds like they are doing more harm than good.

  16. I dreamed that my Dad (was healthy when he passed) who has been gone for 5yrs now was walking with me, my sister, my mother (who has dementia) and a baby stroller in New York. While crossing an intersection my dad is behaving as if he has dementia and veers off in a different direction. I start calling to him that he’s going the wrong way and asking my sister to go an get him. she starts arguing with me and I ask my mom to watch the stroller while I go to get him. As I am heading towards the direction he took, I find some barriers that I have to climb over and my sister approaches me and says, don’t go the Police are there. I find him at the bottom of some steps, alive, but laying with blood around his head and the Police keeping people away from the area.

    • This dream may be related to the passing of your late father. There may have been something in your life that reminded you of him. Honor his memory by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  17. My dad been gone 30 years. I’m 42. He came to my dream last night. This is some wierd stuff. In life… My marriage is struggling… Kids out of control, and my life feels meaningless…

    • You are dealing with many stresses in your life. Because of this, you may find that this dream appeared due to your emotional relationship with your late father. You will find benefit by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times, as this will bring you many benefits in the future and honor the memory of your father.

  18. I had actually 3dreams and one night about my deceased father the first one was I was walking down stairs in our old apartment and I saw breakfast and then I saw him he went to the bathroom and said I needed to make a third choice the second dream showed my daughters and I was telling him how concerned I was and he said that they were going to be okay the third dream was I walked back up the stairs saw my dad again and he just was laying down and I looked in the mirror and woke up .

    • It sounds like the dreams happened because you need extra solace and reassurance in your waking life, so your subconscious sent you a dream that allowed you to get that support from your father.

  19. I just had a 3-4 minute dream about my father. We were walking towards a baseball game and the purest light was shining on us. The sum was almost blinding. He said something and being so happy to see this game with me. We were both laughing. I woke up feeling good. I know I was missing him yesterday.

    • The dream probably occurred because you were missing him, although it is also quite common to dream about our loved ones for years after they pass on. He was an important person in your love and someone you cared deeply for, so it makes sense that you’d continue to dream about him sometimes.

  20. I dreamt about my deceased mum, dad and uncle appearing in the same dream together. In the dream my dad was having mental problem after he got up from his sleep. He woke up and took an axe and try to attack us. But we managed to coax him to put down the axe (my uncle, mum n me). My dad seems to not recognize anyone. He is like in his own world. My mum looks worried. My uncle told me he has called his friends over to help. In the next scene (same dream), my dad came out from the bedroom wearing a general uniform and feeling proud. In real life, my dad was not in the army. I woke up after this.

    • The dream may represent the conflicting feelings you have about your dad, as well as the fact that you miss your loved ones who passed away. As your mind processes your grief over the months and years, these kinds of dreams may keep happening.

  21. I had a dream about my dad last night. He committed suicide when I was 11 years old. I’m 17 now. I found out a year or two after his passing about it.i had a dream about him coming to my school and telling me he was alive and all the students at school.i was upset in my dream because I didn’t want him there, I don’t remember much else but it really hurt because I wouldn’t deny him being alive, it’s all I’d wish for…

    • The dream occurred because you wish for that to happen so much. Unfortunately, there is no way to make someone come back to life. After a suicide, it is normal to have these kinds of dreams because your heart knows that the person didn’t have to die. It can take years to heal after such a traumatic event, so your dreams are entirely natural.

  22. My dad has been gone for about a year now. He was a month and change from turning 90, and his mind and body deteriorated very quickly, roughly in a one-year’s span.
    I’ve been having this recurring dream lately: he is a good two or three decades younger and sharp-minded. I’m witnessing him and his friends moving out of our old apartment of my childhood. He chats lucidly, but not directly to me. I feel like his son in a “dependent” kind of way during the whole dream. I don’t need to help him and his friends move stuff. I just watch and enjoy his youthful strength and focus with the task. No bad vibes at all between the two of us.

    • The dream most likely is your subconscious mind replaying your memories of your father, especially of how you wish you could remember him. Even though years pass by, we still have memories of our loved ones, so it only makes sense that these memories would lead to dreams sometimes.

  23. My father passed away about 20 years ago. We did not have a great relationship. My mother was a single parent. I was very upset when he died as I still had so much that I wanted to tell him. Years ago I dreamt that he took me for the most beautiful dance together….never dreamt of him again until recently. I’ve had three dreams of him in one month. The last – he came to visit our family home…Seemingly he was coming from work. I was at home, expecting a friend to arrive and didn’t really want my father there. However, it looks like it was 11h00 in the morning and I had just gotten up from bed…I opened the curtains to let the light in, offered my father something to drink and a cheese sandwich (which I sid he could make himself) and was hoping that my friend would not arrive while he was there. I’m surprised and a little concerned about all my sudden dreams about him.

    • It is normal to have dreams about loved ones who passed on at pivotal moments in your life. For example, many people have dreams of a deceased parent when they get married and are doing well in their lives. They want their loved one to see how much they have accomplished and where they are in life, which is why these dreams happen. It is also quite natural for your mind to return to the past after you go through a major milestone. Your dream may have happened for similar reasons.

  24. My father died in July 2012. I have been seeing my father in dreams lately and I don’t like it. Because for me he is dead so why appear to me in dreams. Last night, I saw in the dream that in the coffin he was laid someone poured grounded dry pepper and my father got up and removed them. They he was taken to be buried near a market and l was worried that the noise that will be coming from the market will be disturbing his sleep. Last three weeks in the drean, I was worried that I don’t know whether my late father has eaten food. To be honest I don’t like those dreams. Why will I be showing care and concern to a dead person.

    • Perhaps you still show care and concern in your dream reflects that your subconscious mind feels like you still care for him, miss him and are concerned for him. Your subconscious may be confused by this fact, which is why your subconscious mind is trying to work through those feelings in your dream.

  25. I dream about my dad today…and he leave me a message saying dont get married becoz theres a secret that will come out! I am in a relation now with someone who is devorce..and we are staying together now..he is a diplomat…i want to know whats the meaning of my fathers message for me.

    • Before a wedding, it is quite normal to have pre-wedding jitters. Even if you don’t currently plan on getting married, the wedding in the dream probably represents a commitment to your relationship. Your father’s presence is probably due to the fact that you would like to have his opinion on the relationship. The dream only represents what is going on in your subconscious mind, so you can look at it from that angle.

  26. Hi,
    My dad passed away 2 weeks ago from a stroke. I’ve had 2 dreams of my dad. First dream was my dad came across my dream with the biggest smile from ear to ear that I have ever seen a couple minutes before I received a call from my brother that dad just passed.
    My second dream did not give me comfort. I dreamt that he came back to life and we were so excited that he was alive and then my dad guided us home. When we arrived home dad was upset and angry and dig holes in the ground to put his family member’s in to bury them alive as he was angry that we gave up on him during his recovery. It felt more like a nightmare. What could this be? I’m shaken by this latest dream that I had.

    • The first dream most likely occurred because your subconscious misses your father and is trying to let you know how he is doing now. The second dream just shows that your subconscious mind is still trying to come to terms with your loss, which is entirely natural after you lose someone so important to you.

  27. I had a dream my father came to visit me and he was closer to my sibling than me which when he was alive, he was closer to me. It shook me and I felt he was disappointed in me. I felt like I needed to get his approval. This dream has been bothering me a lot. He passed about three years ago and I miss him dearly.

    • This dream is a reflection of your emotional connection with your late father. The disapproval within the dream could be an indication of your feelings regarding your behaviors. It is possible that you feel that he may have wanted you to make a different decision that you have made. Honor the memroy of your father by sharing your kindness and compassion at all times.

  28. I saw my father in my dream,and I was crying cos I felt so sad,so he held my hands and prayed for me,he also touched my legs and prayed on them…I felt happy after his prayers,then I woke up

    • It is normal to dream about a loved one who has passed on. In this case, the dream may just reflect the fact that you miss him and are sad that he isn’t there to support you. The prayers may represent your desire to have him love and support you in your waking life.

  29. My dad passed away 2 years ago due to brain stroke and I saw him in my dream he was about to talk to me and I started crying loudly that my flatmates even heard that. I don’t know but from last few days I shout and cry in my sleep loudly. I don’t know what is happening and one more thing from few days my mom is not talking to me due to some reason.

    • Even though it has been two years since he passed on, you still have memories of the trauma. In addition, the grief of losing a close family member like a parent can take years or decades of healing. This dream most likely occurred because of the ongoing pain and trauma surrounding his death.

  30. I had a dream about my dead father been alive but seriously sick,I cried so bitterly that I got choked by saliva.the second time I had a dream about him,he was seriously sick along side my elder sister.they were all suffering from the same sickness.i paid a visit to them,hug them n I started to ask them questions which they answered.but I started crying when my dad showed me his drugs.i loved my dad alot deep inside

    • The dream seems to show just how much you miss your father and wish that he was still around. The second dream seems to indicate that your subconscious mind realizes he can’t actually be in your life right now. Even though your subconscious made him come to life in your dream, it still had him seem sick because a part of you already understands that your father has passed on, even if you don’t really want to accept it.


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