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What Does It Mean If You Dream of Fighting?


A dream of fighting can be unsettling, and it can have a number of different meanings. The interpretation can vary based on who you are fighting, where you are fighting and how successful you are in the fight. To figure out what your dream means, read on.

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What Does It Mean If You Dream of Fighting?

On a basic level, this type of dream typically means that you are fighting with a part of yourself. You may be struggling to make a decision and cannot decide between two options. Whether you are punching, slapping or kicking someone else, these violent actions typically show that you need to make some type of decision.

You Are Upset With Someone

Another interpretation of your dream is more obvious. If you are fighting a specific person in the dream, you may be angry with them or harboring resentment towards them. This person may also symbolize a situation or feeling that you are trying to fight against.

If you dream that you are fighting someone in an alleyway, it shows that you are struggling to overcome stress. You are worrying about things that have not happened yet, and this stress is taking a toll on your mental state.

What Does It Mean If You Dream of Fighting

You Are Struggling to Express Yourself

It is not always easy to speak your mind. You may be afraid that other people will be hurt if you tell them how you feel, or you may be afraid that they will argue against your ideas. A dream of fighting often shows that you are having problems expressing yourself. You may have problems being yourself because you feel like society will not accept you for who you are.

You Are Facing a Threat

This is another common interpretation for fighting in a dream. Sometimes, you face a threat in your waking life that you struggle to resolve. It feels like you are fighting an uphill battle to deal with an aggressive person, a major problem or an inner conflict. Your subconscious created the fighting dream to represent how you feel and your need to resolve the situation.

It is very common to have this type of dream when you are angry at someone. You may be angry at the person that you are fighting in the dream, or your subconscious may have just chosen them at random to be your opponent. Either way, the dream may show that you are upset with someone, something or some situation.

A Conflict Within Yourself

Sometimes, the opponent in the dream is just chosen at random. Your subconscious is just trying to show you that you are facing an inner conflict within your soul. You may be getting pulled in one direction in life, but your beliefs and goals tell you to go another way. It feels like you are struggling to do the right thing because the easy option is not the one that you genuinely want.

dream about fighting with best friend

Additional Interpretations

While some fighting dreams are just you fighting someone else, there are other types of dreams that can happen. The following are some of the most common fighting dreams and their interpretations.

Boxing: If you dream that you are actually boxing, it typically shows that you are experiencing an internal conflict. You may be locking up your emotions and limiting your potential in life.

Other People Fighting: If other people are fighting and you are just watching, it indicates that you are unwilling to recognize your own issues. You do not want to take responsibility and actually resolve these issues in your waking life.

Unable to Fight: If you are trying to fight and cannot lift your arms, it shows that you are lacking confidence or self-esteem in your waking life. You know that you have to do something, but you are not sure what to do and are struggling to take action.

A Fight to the Death: A fight to the death in your dream shows that you are refusing to recognize inner conflicts and turmoil. You are not willing to change your habits and attitudes, which is why you are held back in your waking life. Until you can recognize the turmoil and your old patterns, you will not be able to change them and move forward in life.


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