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What Does It Mean If You Dream of Your Husband Dying?


Few dreams are more traumatic than a dream of your husband dying. When you marry someone, your goal is to spend your entire life together. It is extremely traumatic to even think about your spouse dying, much less to actually experience it. When psychologists rank the most traumatic experiences, the only things that come close to a death are a job loss or a divorce.

dream of dead husband

The meaning behind this dream depends greatly on what actually happens in your dream and how you feel in your waking life. If you feel like your husband died and it is your fault, it may reflect a sense of guilt over something in your relationship. If you dreamed that you were suddenly told of his death in a horrible accident, it may just represent a fear of all the things that could happen that could hurt your happiness together.

Does It Mean That You Wish Your Husband Would Die?

This is an extremely common question. Luckily, it is rarely the case. Even though you dreamed of your husband dying, you probably do not want him to die. Unless you were celebrating and happy in the dream, the dream is not a sign of what you want.

It is also important to say that the dream is not a sign of what will happen. A dream like this is just a reflection of your subconscious thoughts, fears and desires. It does not show what will happen. While everyone ultimately has to die, it is highly unlikely that your dream is predicting a death in the near future.

A Dream of Your Husband Dying

Once you have looked at exactly what happens in your dream, you can start to consider the different interpretations of the death.

1. You Are Afraid of His Death

This is the most common reason for ad ream of your husband dying. When you love someone greatly, it is only natural to fear losing them. As humans, the fear of death is one of the most strong, primal instincts. We fear losing our loved ones, being alone in the world and having to move on without them.

This is an especially common interpretation if your husband happens to be ill or injured. If he was just in a car accident or is undergoing a major surgery, it will naturally bring up all of there terrible “what-ifs” in your mind. While it is natural to fear the worst in these situations, your dream does not mean that the worst will actually happen.


2. You Are Upset

Sometimes, these dreams are caused by an argument. Most couples have had at least one argument where they wished that they were single again—or, at least, wondered what life would have been like if they stayed single. When you are angry at someone, your mind creates dreams of dying to give you a taste of what life would be like alone. This does not mean that you actually want him to die or that you actually want to leave him. Most likely, it just reflects your anger and displeasure with him in the present moment.

death of husband in dream

3. You Fear Losing Yourself

When you are in a committed relationship, it changes your personal identity. You do not think of yourself as just an individual anymore. Instead, you have also gained the new role of being a wife and soulmate as well. While this is a happy change, it can also be traumatic. Anytime your sense of self is threatened, it can cause negative dreams. You may have dreamed that your husband died because you are afraid of losing your personal identity and who you are. A part of you may wish that you could regain the former person that you were before the relationship.

4. You Are Preparing for a Break Up

While many people enjoy happy, long-lasting relationships, about half of marriages ultimately end in divorce. You may be having arguments right now that are making you consider a divorce. It is also possible that you are sensing negativity from your husband about your relationship. If you have dreams that your husband is dying, it could be because your subconscious is trying to prepare you for a break up. It is helping you experience what life would be like if you were single as you try to move on.

A dream of your husband dying can feel traumatic, but it does not always represent anything bad. In many cases, it is just a sign that you are afraid of losing him. Because that fear is so strong in your subconscious mind, you have dreams that he is dying. It does not mean that he will die or that you hope that he dies. Instead, it is just a reflection of your innermost feelings and fears.


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