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What Does It Mean If You Have a Baby in a Dream?


Whether you want to have a baby or would rather never have children, it can be surprising to have a baby in a dream. While these kinds of dreams are especially common, their meaning can vary depending on the circumstances. To find the answer to what it means if you have a baby in a dream, read on.

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What Does It Mean If You Have a Baby in a Dream?

On a basic level, having a baby in a dream could just mean that you want to have a family. This could be an immediate goal, or it could be something that you want in the future. You could also have this type of dream if your mind is currently exploring the possibilities. If one of your close friends just had a baby, your subconscious mind may be wondering exactly what that would feel like.

Sometimes, dreaming about having a baby is a representation of an immature side to your nature. Babies are naturally starting to develop and become new people, so they are a good representation of this ideal. Perhaps you are working on nurturing a new skill or are trying to become a different kind of person. Either way, the baby could represent this developing side of yourself.

A dream about a baby could also represent someone in your life who is naive or acting like a baby. If you have been frustrated lately with a co-worker or sibling who acts years younger than their age, then this dream may just represent that frustration.

If you have been going through a difficult time in your current life, then dreaming about a baby may reflect a desire for a simpler life. This is especially true if the baby was peaceful or sleeping in the dream. You may want a state of harmony in your current world, but you are unable to achieve it on your own. Because of this, your subconscious tried to create a situation of peaceful, familial harmony.

At a base level, if you have a baby in a dream, it represents some type of transformation in your waking life. You may be about to start a new job or a new relationship. You may be planning on making a major life change. Whatever the reason, this dream may be caused by a current transformation or a desire for change in your waking world.

Different Interpretations of Babies in Dreams

Depending on what happens in your dream, the meaning can vary. We will cover some of the most common baby dreams and what they mean.

1. Dreams About Holding a Baby

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When you are holding a baby in your dream, it is typically a sign that you want to be loved and nurtured in your real life. You want to be loved like you love the baby in your dream, and you may feel like you are not able to get that love and nurturing at the moment.

2. A Baby Smiling

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A baby’s smile is a precious thing. When you dream that there is a baby smiling at you in a dream, it shows joy and happiness. You may be extremely happy about a sudden change in your life, so you dreamed of the same happiness in your dream.

3. A Crying Baby

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Dreaming about a crying baby may show that there is some type of problem or difficulty in your current life. It can also be a sign that you want to be nurtured. You may be going through a difficult time where you need to be nurtured and supported. Because of this, you dreamed that there was a crying baby that needed to be comforted in your dream.

4. Dream About Nursing

Nursing is a powerful experience. In that moment, your milk and body are nurturing a baby. This dream can be symbolic for someone who needs help in your waking life. You may be nurturing someone and helping them achieve their own dreams in life. Because of this experience in your waking life, you had a dream that you were nursing a baby.

Am I Going to Have a Baby?

Unfortunately, dreaming about having a baby does not mean that you will actually have a baby in the near future. If you are currently trying for a baby, it is always possible. There are many superstitions that say that dreaming of being pregnant or having a baby means that you will soon. While this is nice to think about, it is just a superstition.

If you are currently trying for a baby, then this may be the entire reason for the dream. You are focusing on and preparing for a child in your real life, so these thoughts hold an out-sized influence in your subconscious. With any luck, your preparation and dreams will pay off before long.