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What Does It Mean If Your Best Friend Dies in Your Dreams?


When you dream about death, it can feel terrifying. It is hard enough to dream about a stranger dying. When a best friend or loved one dies, you can wake up with your heart pounding in fear. Are you dreaming about the future? Is your friend in danger? What does it really mean if your best friend dies in your dreams? We will cover some of the most common interpretations of this dream.

what does it mean to dream about the death of a friend

What Does It Mean If Your Best Friend Dies in Your Dreams?

While this dream can feel extremely traumatic, there are many reasons why it might happen. One of the biggest reasons that this person died in your dreams is actually because you are best friends. Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life. It is only natural that you would be afraid of losing him or her.

A Fear of Loss

This is the most obvious and common reason. If your best friend dies in your dreams, it is often because you are afraid of losing them. A best friend is someone who supports you in every situation. Even when life seems the hardest, he or she is always there to guide you. While it is natural to fear losing your friend, it is unlikely that this will happen in real life unless you have a real reason to be afraid.

Your Relationship Is Changing

Ideally, we will all get to be friends forever. Life will never change so much that we have to end a friendship. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are far too many times when a friend has to move away or go to college. When this happens, you have a very real reason to fear your friend’s loss. Even though you might stay in touch, your best friend may become too busy with work or school in another state to talk to you as much as they used to. If they move away, you will not get as much one-on-one time together.

Even if your friend is not moving away, it can still feel like you are losing a part of them. When people have children or make major life changes, their entire lifestyle changes. Perhaps you used to go clubbing with your friend. He or she decided to get married, so they stopped going out on the town. In some cases, your friend had a baby and you find it difficult to relate or be a part of their new life. Your dreams about your best friend dying may stem from these changes. It feels like a part of your relationship is gone, so your friendship has suffered a figurative death.

if your best friend died in your dream

You Feel Guilty

Sometimes, you are the reason why your relationship is changing. Something happened in your life, so you had to change your priorities. You may feel guilty that you do not have enough time to spend with your friend. Or, you feel guilty that you did not do enough in the past to help them.

This interpretation is especially true if you are watching your friend die in the dream and are unable to help them. If you caused the death in the dream, it could also be due to your feelings of guilt. Any time you dream that you are the cause or are unable to stop the death, it might be because you feel like you are at fault in your waking life.

Something Disturbs You in Your Waking Life

In other cases, your dream about your best friend dying might have nothing to do with your best friend. Sometimes, the death just shows that something is bothering or disturbing you in your waking life. When you are under constant stress, you can feel the emotional and psychological effects for a long time afterward. Often, stress or trauma can cause you to have scary, terrifying dreams. You may have had the dream about your best friend dying entirely because of the stress in your waking life.


Dreaming about a best friend dying is not always a bad thing. If your best friend dies in your dreams, it could be a sign of transformation. Death is just another step in life. It represents the ultimate transformation and change. You may be about to start a new job, have a baby or begin a new relationship. The transformation could also involve your relationship with your friend. Perhaps you are about to become roommates, or perhaps you are moving out of the shared apartment to live on your own. Either way, the dream could easily reflect some type of transformation in your current life.

The easiest way to figure out what your dream means is by analyzing it. Look at exactly what happens in the dream, who was present and how the death took place. By looking at the features of the dream, you can better interpret exactly what it meant.


  1. I just had a dream that my best friend died. I went to his funeral in disbelief bc I remembered I had just texted him last night and he died the day before I texted him and talked to him. I went to his funeral and when I looked for his parents, they weren’t there. Nobody was sad and crying but I was. He had been murdered by some girl named Josie and I don’t even know a girl named Josie. When I saw his body, it had a pink line where he had been cut across his neck. I’m still paranoid about it and I woke up crying. I couldn’t find any relatability and I’m starting to feel superstitious about it.

    • Death is often a manifestation of your knowledge of change. The woman in your dream could have been a reflection of various influences in your life. It is possible that you are concerned that you may lose your partner. Nourish your relationship with your partner by spending additional time with him in person. If you feel that there are changes that need to be made in your relationship, then speak with him about your thoughts and feelings. Give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well.

  2. I dreamt that my bestfriend killed herself when I was with her. I know she is somewhat depressed at the moment. She’s getting better. But in the dream, I was with her in her house, and her mom just went to get food. My bestfriend said she was gonna go take a shower but I was getting worried when an hour passed. I went to the bathroom, called her name a couple of times and knocked too. I broke the door handle and I just saw her in the bathtub with a knife and slit wrists. I was really freaked out and didn’t know what to do so I just held her. It felt like hours. Then I woke up crying.

    • In a way, it makes sense that you would have a dream like this since you know your friend is depressed. Perhaps your subconscious picked up on body language that are making you think the depression is worse than your friend is letting on. If you are concerned, perhaps you could talk to your friend or spend more time with her so that she knows she has your support if she needs it.

  3. People are seeing their dreams to litterally. While sometimes the dream could derrive from direct concern to the person you are dreaming about it is more normal that what you dream is about you….. the characters that inhabit your dreams are not the same as the real life persons…. they are characteristic traits that you yourself share with the real life persons.
    As such… they could mean many things but only you know what it is.

    At the moment Im going through a break up with my girlfriend of 11 years, with whom I have two kids. We have finally decided to split and I will move out. At the same time I have started dating again ( with gfs knowledge…. )

    Then comes my dream about my best friend dying. Just sort of fell over and died. Like a heart attack or something. But the significance of this only make sense if you know how I feel about him… what he means to me.
    You see the dream wasnt about losing him, but about the change in my life. My relationship has been a safe haven in many ways…. it had given me a place to sleep, eat and love. To be heard and understood. Leaving this behind will be a big life changing step.

    Also death has to be interpreted for myself only. Ofcourse a best friend dying in real life would be devastating. But death in dreams is NOT always an omen…. it represents change.

    In short… given my life situation and my friends meaning to me, this dream means Im slowly coming to terms with my life being very different from here on…

    People should stop taking dreams at face value….. nor should they discount them as nonsense.
    Face value = superstitious / magical thinking
    Nonsense = failing to understand and accepting one self

  4. My best friend told me that he dreamt about me dying in a car crash and that he tried helping but he couldn’t move and a few daws later I had a similar dream. What does it mean? Is it because he moved or is it because we are going to start growing apart?

    • Dreams about death are often manifestations of change. It is possible that your best friend has noticed that your relationship has become distant in numerous ways. Make a decision about what you feel is appropriate for your future, and speak with him about your thoughts and feelings.

  5. My best friend told me that he dreamt about me dying in a car crash and that he tried helping but he couldn’t move and a few daws later I had a similar dream. What does it mean? Is it because he moved or is it because we are going to start growing apart?

    • Dreams about death are often manifestations of change. It is possible that your best friend has noticed that your relationship has become distant in numerous ways. Make a decision about what you feel is appropriate for your future, and speak with him about your thoughts and feelings.

  6. I dreamed about my bestfriend getting stabbed I couldn’t help cause I wasn’t there and then the people I think killed her replaced her with someone who looked similar to her. I think it’s because I’m moving to another state

    • You are probably right about the cause of your dream. Your subconscious mind may feel like your friend is being taken away from you, or it may be concerned that she will be harmed if you aren’t with her to keep her safe. Either way, the dream is most likely due to the fact that you are moving.

  7. Me and my best friend haven’t talked for the last 4 months. We basically ended the friendship but last night I woke up crying because of a dream. I saw that my family and her family discovered a trunk with my best friend’s body in it. She was kidnapped and cut into pieces. I felt extremely bad about how badly I behaved with her when the last time we talked.
    I still can’t remove that image from my head. Is she in danger?

    • The dream most likely occurred because you feel so bad about how you behaved around her when you talked last. In addition, the death may represent the transformation and end of your relationship with each other. The dream only represents your own feelings, so it is unlikely your former friend is going to die or be harmed in real life. At the same time, the dream definitely seems to show that you feel bad about the end of the relationship, so it may be a good idea to think about making amends if you are ready for that yet.

  8. I dreamt my friend was incinerated in a building that I was supposed to be in and I felt so guilty and emotional. I remember crying to my other friends saying I was traumatized because I saw her die. Idk what this would mean

    • When you care about someone deeply, it only makes sense that you’d be afraid of losing them. Death can also symbolize transformation or change in a dream, so perhaps your friendship is going through some kind of change.

  9. I dreamed about learning that my best friend had died in a plane crash, and I did not witness it or experience anything. I dreamt that I woke up and later heard the news. What could this mean? There has been no major change in my life or our friendship.

    • You are aware of deaths associated with plane crashes. Death is an indication of change, though it seems that there has been nothing major. You may be interested in nourishing this relationship, so make a decision about what you feel is appropriate.

  10. I dreamt that I was walking down the street and I watched my friend get hit by a bus. I woke up and sobbed for thirty minutes not realizing that it was all a dream. Now I can’t get them to text me back

    • Your dream is a reflection of death, which is often a manifestation of change. It is possible that you are aware of a change in your relationship. You may want to attempt to visit this person, as this will help you nourish your relationship.

  11. i dreamt of ny best frnd cum brother died a week ago…none of us knew the fact..nd after a week when jst. trued to contact him his parents told us the thing…nd even asjed us to convey this to hid gf…i was hat. broken like hell…becouse he was the bestest of all…how we r gonna tell his gf about this…with whome already the marriage was fixed….i just woke up crying like hell….what does thus dream mean???

    • Death is often a sign of transformation in your dream, so it is possible that you just feel like the friend’s brother is going through some kind of change. This transformation could be in his schooling, career or personal life, so the dream could relate to a variety of different things.

  12. I dreamt about going on a trip with my friend everything was fine until we where leaving there were some opsticles and there was an old man who looked like he was holding a poison so when i was near by the opsticle i hurried fast while my bestfriend got infected and the person kept following her with his poison while i lost vission and couldnt help my bestfriend i cried and cried at the dream asking for help but when i got my vision back she just disappeared and some of my other friends said that she jumped off a cliff and died and that she is no longer to be found i was terrified and cried again but then i woke up my heart was poundinh i was sweating i even had tears in my eyes

    • Your dream seems to be a reflection of your thoughts regarding various influences in your life. It is possible that the media that you consume has influenced your dream as well. Death is often an indication of your knowledge change, which means that you may feel that the nature of your relationship has changed. Make a decision to strengthen your relationship by spending additional time together in person.

  13. I dreamt about my 3 best friends. I was at their funeral. Someone told me about their death. I was shocked and crying hardly nd thinking about why I’m alive now. I found myself in utterly depression. First I heard about my best friend’s death, I was trying to hold up myself then I heard about another best friend’s death ND next my another best friend. My dream end up when I was still in disbelief. What does it mean?

    • Death is often an indication of your knowledge of change. You may be aware that the nature of your relationships have changed. Make a decision about what you want for the future of these relationships. If you want to strengthen these connections, then ensure that you spend additional time together in person.

  14. I have been feeling anxious and frustated that my best friend will gone forever. That i will lose him. He distant himself from me recently because he have long distance girlfriend who is posessive and question him if he didn’t reply her message right away. His girlfriend is more important than me and they are getting married, he said it will be much less talking to me when they are married. He is one of the very few person i really trust in this life, he always listen to me, and help me. And everytime i feel bad i can always share it to him. i don’t have much people in my life that i really trust, now that i will lose one of the only one, i feel so sad. Last night i had a dream when i was wandering around the mall with high school classmate (not even close with me) i saw my bestfriend and when i greet him, he avoid me and he fall to a very deep deep lake. I was so panic i screamed his name few times so so loud and frustated i tried to put my hand inside the water to try to reach out to him but the lake is too deep. My highschool classmates trying to help me to call an ambulance and open donation, i don’t have money at all to call ambulance, my highschool classmates helped me sort out the money problems and thats when i woke up with a fast heartbeat.

    • You are aware that your best friend is maintaining a romantic relationship with someone, and you are aware that they are considering marriage. The relationship is long distance, so it is possible that it will not be successful. You should nourish your friendship by sharing your feeling with your best friend. However, it is important that you do not attempt to undermine the relationship that they are maintaining with each other.

  15. I had a dream where me and my best friend got this flyer about participating into this random thing so we did and as we got there it was dark the building looked abandoned.People I know were there but they just sat there staring.So I waited with my best friend and a guy with a hat covering him called my names up but not my best friends name.Soon I looked back at her and she was laying on the side of the wall.I ran to her she wasn’t breathing nor blinking.I started to cry and the unknown guy pulled me in to the building that was just dark.Next thing I wake up to find myself in a closet.I peeked through but it wasn’t mines And I didn’t know who’s house this was and I didn’t know these people.So I walked out of the closet to the kitchen to find a women on her phone looking at me.I said “Sorry” then I started to cry thinking about it and then she went up to me and pat me on the back and then I told her the story not until I woke up.

    • This dream seems to be a reflection of various aspects of your life. The building and people within your dream could be manifestations of concerns that you may have in your life. The presence of your friend may be a reflection of your social and emotional relationship with her. Death is often a manifestation of change, so it is possible that the nature of your relationship is altering at this time.

  16. I have precognitive dreams. In my dream, my stepmother, mother, brother, sister, best friend and I were all shot. I don’t know what to do.

    • You are aware of recent shootings and other violent events. Shootings are related to death, and you are also aware of the pandemic. This dream likely is not a reflection of the future, but rather a manifestation of your fears. Nourish your relationships with your family members by spending additional time with them in person.

  17. I have had the same dream for last few nights. I was in hospital and I was in the room of a stranger I didn’t have a clue who she was but I knew everything about her and there were 2 other people who did no her but she asked them to leave and kept me in the room.

    I stayed with her for 5 days each day is the same but her health is deteriorating with each dream and last night she said she only has 24 hours left. I’m actually sad because I’ve watched her body break down over the course of the last 5 nights. I asked her name and she said lexi I have a friend called lexi but she doesnt look anything like her. I know that tonight will be our final time together and I’m doing everything not to go to sleep cause I know it will be the final time that I see her…

    I am genuinely upset about all this I tear up when I think about it.

    • Death is often a symbol for change. This dream does not mean that your friend is in danger. There may be various reasons for the experiences within this dream. Nourish your connection by spending additional time together in person. If you feel that there is anything that the two of you need to discuss, then speak with her about your thoughts and feelings.

  18. Last night I had a dream that one of my best friends died, I didn’t know how he died but in my dream I got a phone call from another good friend telling me. Then we were at my best friends house with his family and all of our friends everyone was crying including myself. Then it just jumped to the funeral and I woke up crying. But nothing has changed in my life recently and i just saw him yesterday. We hang out all the time. And are friend groups relationship is stronger than ever. What could this mean?

    • Your dream seems to be a reflection of your various social and emotional influences that are in your life. You are aware of the current status of your relationship, and you seem confident that there has been no major change in your relationships. Consider strengthening your connection with your friend who died within your dream. You may find that you can nourish this connection through conversation and shared experiences.

  19. A few nights ago I had a dream where me and my best friend went bicycling and when we arrived at my house, a guy with a gun came up and shot her. After that I was at her funeral, holding hands with one of our other best friends and we cried. i think I had this dream because me and her have a long-distance friendship and i’m scared to lose her because she’s my everything.

    • Dreams about shootings are reflection of your knowledge of recent shootings and other violent events. Death is a reflection of change, though it doesn’t mean that your relationship is going to conclude. It is clear that you feel a strong connection with your friend, so you may want to reach out to her at this time. Speak with her about your thoughts and feelings. If possible, then you should attempt to visit her in person.

  20. I had a dream that my best friend from college died in a car crash. I lost a friend in high school in a car crash. She has also lost a friend in a car crash during high school as well, and the anniversary of the crash is tomorrow. what does this mean?

    • Your knowledge of the date of the care crash and the experience of your friend’s death was likely formative. The reason why this dream appeared may be related to other aspects of your life. Take this time to consider what you want for your future. You will find great benefit in sharing your kindness and compassion at all times. This will ensure that you honor the memory of your late friend.


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