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What Does It Mean If Your Best Friend Dies in Your Dreams?


When you dream about death, it can feel terrifying. It is hard enough to dream about a stranger dying. When a best friend or loved one dies, you can wake up with your heart pounding in fear. Are you dreaming about the future? Is your friend in danger? What does it really mean if your best friend dies in your dreams? We will cover some of the most common interpretations of this dream.

what does it mean to dream about the death of a friend

What Does It Mean If Your Best Friend Dies in Your Dreams?

While this dream can feel extremely traumatic, there are many reasons why it might happen. One of the biggest reasons that this person died in your dreams is actually because you are best friends. Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life. It is only natural that you would be afraid of losing him or her.

A Fear of Loss

This is the most obvious and common reason. If your best friend dies in your dreams, it is often because you are afraid of losing them. A best friend is someone who supports you in every situation. Even when life seems the hardest, he or she is always there to guide you. While it is natural to fear losing your friend, it is unlikely that this will happen in real life unless you have a real reason to be afraid.

Your Relationship Is Changing

Ideally, we will all get to be friends forever. Life will never change so much that we have to end a friendship. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are far too many times when a friend has to move away or go to college. When this happens, you have a very real reason to fear your friend’s loss. Even though you might stay in touch, your best friend may become too busy with work or school in another state to talk to you as much as they used to. If they move away, you will not get as much one-on-one time together.

Even if your friend is not moving away, it can still feel like you are losing a part of them. When people have children or make major life changes, their entire lifestyle changes. Perhaps you used to go clubbing with your friend. He or she decided to get married, so they stopped going out on the town. In some cases, your friend had a baby and you find it difficult to relate or be a part of their new life. Your dreams about your best friend dying may stem from these changes. It feels like a part of your relationship is gone, so your friendship has suffered a figurative death.

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You Feel Guilty

Sometimes, you are the reason why your relationship is changing. Something happened in your life, so you had to change your priorities. You may feel guilty that you do not have enough time to spend with your friend. Or, you feel guilty that you did not do enough in the past to help them.

This interpretation is especially true if you are watching your friend die in the dream and are unable to help them. If you caused the death in the dream, it could also be due to your feelings of guilt. Any time you dream that you are the cause or are unable to stop the death, it might be because you feel like you are at fault in your waking life.

Something Disturbs You in Your Waking Life

In other cases, your dream about your best friend dying might have nothing to do with your best friend. Sometimes, the death just shows that something is bothering or disturbing you in your waking life. When you are under constant stress, you can feel the emotional and psychological effects for a long time afterward. Often, stress or trauma can cause you to have scary, terrifying dreams. You may have had the dream about your best friend dying entirely because of the stress in your waking life.


Dreaming about a best friend dying is not always a bad thing. If your best friend dies in your dreams, it could be a sign of transformation. Death is just another step in life. It represents the ultimate transformation and change. You may be about to start a new job, have a baby or begin a new relationship. The transformation could also involve your relationship with your friend. Perhaps you are about to become roommates, or perhaps you are moving out of the shared apartment to live on your own. Either way, the dream could easily reflect some type of transformation in your current life.

The easiest way to figure out what your dream means is by analyzing it. Look at exactly what happens in the dream, who was present and how the death took place. By looking at the features of the dream, you can better interpret exactly what it meant.


  1. This wasn’t helping me in my situation. My best friend is going through a verbal and emotional abusive relationship. He won’t tell anyone whats going on, and I’m so worried about the dream I had. It involved a dark spirit telling him he’s worthless, then he walked into a busy street. Honestly if anyone can help him or help me to help him, I’d take that offer.

    • Your best friend is in an abusive relationship. Nourish your friendship with him by spending additional time with him in person. If possible, give him a safe place to stay while he ends this relationship. If he continues to remain in this relationship, then it is possible that he will find himself draw deeper into sadness. Speak with him about your thoughts and feelings, and give him an opportunity to share himself with you as well. Have a great day, Friend!


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