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What Does It Mean That I Saw and Fought the Devil in a Dream?


This can be an extremely terrifying dream to have. If you saw and fought the devil in a dream, you can wake up trembling as fear courses through your body. Did you invite the devil into your life? Are you about to engage in some difficult, moral qualm? Are you going crazy?What does it mean that you saw and fought the devil in a dream? Should you be worried?

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What Does It Mean That I Saw and Fought the Devil in a Dream?

If you are religious, you may be afraid that you are about to have a battle with evil incarnate. Most likely, this is not the case. Your subconscious mind creates dreams from your thoughts, memories, fears and desires. In this case, the devil most likely represents the dark side of the world. He may represent a dangerous obstacle ahead of you or a morality problem that you are struggling to face. Since the devil can represent a number of things in your dream, it is up to you to interpret exactly what the dream means.

You Are Struggling for a Good Cause

Everyone has an inner voice that nudges them to do the right thing. Right now, you may in a struggle to do the right thing. You may even feel like you want to give in and take the easier way out. You had the dream that you saw and fought the devil because you are fighting the side of you that wants to give in and do the easy thing. To see if this is the true interpretation, think about everything that you are going through in life. Is there a situation where you might be doing the wrong thing because it is easier? If so, then you need to rethink your actions. Your conscience is obviously having problems with that choice, so you may want to revise your pans.

You Think That Your Soul Is Under Threat

This is a more common interpretation for people who are especially religious. There may be a negative influence in your life, or you may be falling prey to your vices. Either way, you may feel like your soul is under threat from the devil. Most likely, these impulses are coming from within yourself and not an outside force. If you want to overcome your struggle with the devil in your dreams, you have to overcome the fight with the devil within yourself.

You Fear Limitations

The devil may represent limitations or fears in your life. You have feelings of guilt about something you did. You could also be afraid of some obstacle or difficult in the path ahead of you. You are fighting because you want to overcome these limitations. When you learn how to conquer fears and limitations in your waking life, you will be able to defeat the devil in your dreams.

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You Are Tempted

This is one of the most common interpretations for this type of dream. It is normal to be tempted by things that you should not do. Whether it is drinking too many beers or having an affair, you may feel tempted to do something that is against all of your values. Because of this, you saw and fought the devil in a dream.

You Are Defeating Your Enemies

This is another interpretation for the devil in your dreams. The devil is one of the most notorious examples of an enemy or a villain. It only makes sense that your subconscious mind would choose the devil to represent your darkest, most difficult enemy. It is up to you whether you can actually defeat this enemy in your waking life.

You Feel Easily Influenced

We do a lot of things for our friends. When hey are sad, we comfort them. When they make a mistake, we may go along for the ride just to protect them. Unfortunately, this is also the case when our friends are doing something wrong. Even though we know that it is not the right thing, we may succumb to peer pressure. Your dreams about fighting the devil may be because you feel like a negative influence is getting to do things that you feel are immoral.

You aren’t just sitting back and getting defeated by the devil in your dreams though. Instead, you are fighting against him. This shows that you recognize that what you are doing is wrong in your waking life, and you want to fight against that side of yourself as much as possible.


Sometimes, a dream about the devil shows a negative aspect of your being. You may want to deny this part of yourself, so you give it to someone else—the devil—in your dreams. If you dream that you are possessed by the devil, it may mean that you feel like you have lost control. You do not want to take responsibility for the negative aspects of your character, so you gave these qualities to someone else in your dream.


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